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New Toyota Crown Family of Vehicles: Flagship Hybrid!

 The 16th generation Crown was introduced by Toyota on Friday. It will make its American debut as a 2023 model and mark its nameplate’s return to such shores following a break that extends back to the 1970s. However, the high-riding sedan Crown that will sell in the US is only one of four body designs envisioned for the most recent Toyota Crown Family.. The other three see as concept art at the new Crown’s unveiling. They consist of a high-riding wagon, a high-riding hatchback, and a low-slung sedan.

The new body styles’ release date was not specified. However, the first is anticipated for the following year. Toyota hasn’t stated whether or not we’ll see any in the US, even though both the hatchback and wagon body types would well here, mainly if marketed as crossovers.

Technical information is likewise lacking, though powertrains will probably connect with the January 2023 first-second week Crown, unveiled on Friday. There were two announced powertrains, both hybrids having rear-wheel-drive systems powered by an electric motor across the road. Internal combustion is handled by a 2.5-liter inline-4 in the base powerplant, while a 2.4-liter inline-4 turbocharger is used in the more powerful version. The latter will have a combined peak power output of 340 horsepower.

Plug-in Hybrid Engine

There have been rumors that the new Crown will also include a plug-in hybrid engine. In the future, an electric powertrain also is possible.

In 1955, Toyota unveiled the Crown nameplate on its first fully Japanese-developed and produced passenger automobile. The annual sales of the Crown peaked in 1990 at over 200,000 units, but in the significant market of Japan, Toyota only moved 21,000 units of a final Crown sedan that year. Introducing additional body types and needs should help guarantee that the Crown nameplate endures for many years.

The Crown Crossover is the first sibling.

The Crown Crossover is the first sibling.

The Toyota Crown Family Crossover combines features of an SUV with those of a high-riding sedan and is the first of the Crown siblings to arrive at dealerships. It rides on bigger wheels and has sweeping curves that give it a sedan-like appearance. Press materials and images from now on present it in enticing metallic tones.

Two different powerplant options will be available for the Toyota Crown Crossover. The most expensive variant might be a brand-new, 2.4-liter, 340-horsepower Turbo Hybrid System with three brand-new features: the inline 4-cylinder turbo engine, an eAxle electric powertrain, and a brand-new bipolar nickel-hydrogen battery.

Its 2.5-liter Series Parallel Hybrid System is the second powertrain and uses a novel bi-polar nickel-hydrogen battery.

Through the KINTO auto subscription, the Crossover could buy or “leased” for three years in Japan. Although the price for Japan discloses, the US price of a Toyota Crown Crossover is still unknown.

The last three Toyota Crown family members

The last three Toyota Crown family members

A more straightforward entrance and exit combine the features of a sedan or an SUV. The Crossover is already public knowledge and will take the place of the Toyota Avalon in the US. It’s easier to maneuver because it sits higher than a sedan, or the new hybrid systems also advance Toyota’s superiority in hybrid technology.

Let’s introduce the siblings who won’t be visiting the US right now. A sporty SUV with more compact dimensions than a typical full-size SUV, the Crown Sport provides an enjoyable driving experience. The youth may be the ideal target market for this.

The traditional sedan is the more mature sister and provides all the smoothness and comfort you seek from an environmentally friendly vehicle. This is ideal for folks who enjoy riding in the backseat of automobiles and would rather have a chauffeur.

The Crown Estate, the most prominent member of the family and a traditional SUV, comes in last. It has lots of comfort, power, and agility, but like many SUVs, the back seats can fold flat to expand the storage space for even more convenience.

This Crossover will be the first model to go on sale, with the remaining models following over 18 months.

TNGA Platform & Additional Safety Features

Toyota Crown Family: New Platform & Additional Safety Features

All Toyota Crown Family models would create on the new TNGA platform, emphasizing a light, balanced, and rigid body. For improved stability and comfort when driving, all siblings have multi-link suspensions in the back, and McPherson struts up front. Toyota guarantees that all Crowns will have the minor vibration possible for the smoothest ride. Additionally, safety, driver assistance, and other amenities are excellent and can keep up with, if not beyond, the competition. All variants of the Crown come standard with Toyota Safety Sense. This Toyota describes as its most comprehensive safety package to date.

Enhanced Drive, Advanced Park, and other advanced safety and driver-assist features are part of the Toyota Teammate portfolio of driver-assistance technologies. Toyota anticipates annual sales of 200,000 units for the Toyota Crown in about 40 different countries.

Only the Crossover powertrain, with its top grade producing 340 horsepower & 405 lb-ft of torque, is now available. Toyota is doing its utmost to maintain interest by keeping details of the remaining siblings’ models under wraps. “Customers from across the world will now have the opportunity to drive a historic Japanese marque… created out of passion, pride, and advancement,” says Toyota President Toyoda.


The Toyota Crown Family made its debut in Japan in 1955, but three Toyota delegates introduced it to the US market as the 1958 model at a PR event. This Crown was a tough cookie at the time, designed for jagged, gravel Japanese roads. It was made well when it arrived in America but was too heavy to move. America appreciated its toughness but was slow in traffic and on fast highways, failing in a nation where the desire for speed was rising.

The Toyopet Crown was the Toyota Crown in America, which made it sound odd and unappealing to people who used automobiles such as Edsel, Rocket, Thunderbird, or later, the Barracuda, Mustang, and many more. This was the Toyota Crown’s second problem.

Toyota attempted to resuscitate the Crown between 1960 and 1962 when exports were suspended, and the horsepower wars began, but the Crown could not compete. In the USA, Japan substituted the Crown with Cressida by 1973, while the Crown persisted strongly within Japan.

On July 15, 2022, the world premiere of the 16th generation of a Toyota Crown sees on the company’s YouTube channel. The great news is that one of the four brand-new Toyota Crown siblings will be available in the US. So how is the family?

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