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Review on smallest and lightest earbuds: Sony LinkBuds S!


A Sony LinkBuds S doesn’t have the same aesthetically arresting qualities as the original Sony LinkBuds. Sony made it to allow outside sound to pass across a loop through the ear canal. Unusual but cool. Though, but didn’t even reach inside your ear.
Link buds have the excellent build quality, good battery life, and well-implemented control choices. In addition to being exceptionally comfy, the LinkBuds S also has superior environmental credentials to the bulk of its competitors. They are so prepared to rule, at least on paper.

Specs at a glance:

  • Integrated Processor V1.
  • Advanced Voice Signal Processing
  • Up to 6 hours of battery life and up to 20 hours with a charging case.
  • Quick charging gives up to 60 minutes of playback with a 5-minute charge.
  • IPX4 water-resistant protects against sweat and splashes.
  • Intuitive touch control settings
  • Voice pickup technology and Speak-to-Chat
  • With instant pause/instant play, the music automatically pauses when headphones are taken off and starts again when they are put back on.
  • Alexa enabled voice access to music, and information.
  • Silicone earbud tips
  • With Auto Play, LinkBuds S can automatically play music
  • Noise Cancelling
  • Advanced Voice Signal Processing
  • Speak to Chat, High Resolution Audio, Touch Panel, Auto Play


Sony LinkBuds S

Although the LinkBuds S is small, its specifications are extensive. If these Sony genuine wireless in-ears lack a function, it’s usually not worth having, apart from multi-point pairing.

Bluetooth 5.2 is used for wireless connectivity, and it supports SBC, AAC, and LDAC codecs but lacks aptX capabilities as is customary for Sony products. Still, the LinkBuds S is a comfortable pair of high-resolution headphones if you have a smartphone that supports LDAC.

In the “Headphones” control software, you can also change the EQ, choose between Bluetooth’s “sound quality” and “connection reliability, and many other features. The app is the same one that Sony’s high-end earphones use, and it works and is stable everywhere.

Price and release date

The current cost of a Sony LinkBud S wireless headphones at the end of May 2022 is $199 or $349.
There are plenty of international markets at this price point, not the least of which is Sony. Also, WF-1000XM4 is for around $229 / £199 or thereabouts.

Sound quality

The Sony LinkBuds S can reveal a lot about their approach to music reproduction. Such as a quick listen to an MQA-enabled TIDAL Masters broadcast of Gabriels’ Fear and Love in a Different Time. These earphones are straightforward about their respective strengths and shortcomings right away. As a result, there are no performance secrets to be dropped out of them.

The LinkBuds S gives a lot of information in between, which is helpful for all types of singers. Vocalists can take centre stage while still being seamlessly integrated into the performance as a whole on Sony’s soundstage. And even from that position, they can communicate effectively. The LinkBuds S will draw attention to any character in a singer’s delivery.

Overall harmony and rhythmic expressiveness are both excellent, and Sony successfully brought all the components of a recording together.


Sony LinkBuds S

When an earphone is this thin and compact, there isn’t more that can make in terms of “design.”

The Sony LinkBuds S is intended to provide a proper fit; however, the creation is a complete success in this aspect. Regarding genuinely wireless designs, 4.8g per earphone is nothing, and when combined with the four pairs of ear tips in various sizes, they’re easy to set safely and comfortably.
As a result, the LinkBuds S have been flawlessly constructed and polished in the same textured recycled plastic and stone that the business uses to make their top-of-the-line headphones. Select from “ecru,” “white,” or black finishes. That final shade makes the Sony appear somewhat artificial.
They’ll remain that way for hours, too—at least until they need charging—and they have an utterly understated appearance when present.

Battery Life & Charging 

With ANC on, Sony claims that the earbuds have six-hour battery life. While the case, if complete, has 14-hour battery life. Twenty hours overall, especially with noise cancellation turned on, is respectable; also, you may get earbuds with more excellent battery life.
And you’ll want to, given that the LinkBuds S failed to live up to Sony’s claims. Most of the time, they dropped from complete to 41% on a two-hour train ride into London with ANC.


The LinkBuds S appears to have been condensed when you take into account the quality of construction and finishing used. The earphones’ impeccable polish gives off the idea that they were made to endure a lifetime. The charging case concludes with a quick and comforting “snap,” which is also accurate.

The LinkBuds S is a fantastic example of how Sony has recently improved the environmental effect of its products. The earphones and charging device are constructed from a material that combines stone and plastic resin from auto parts. Also, they come packaged in unbleached, unprinted, and plastic-free materials. The product can be regenerated on its own when its useful life is over.

Noise-cancelling and intelligent features

Sony LinkBuds S

Although many users may find Sony’s active noise cancellation sufficient, this feature only scratches the surface. Additionally, it features adaptive sound control, a feature exclusive to the company’s high-end XM series. It will modify your noise-cancelling profile based on the locations you visit or the activities you engage in.
For instance, when I boarded a train, it was already in transport mode with maximum noise cancellation. You may change the app’s settings if you want to.

Purchase them if

  • You prefer some discreet earbuds.
  • It will be difficult to find wireless earphones that are more, lighter, or more comfortable to wear for durations than these.

Balance and detail in the audio are crucial.
The Sony LinkBuds S provides unbiased, incredibly detailed audio that keeps you well-informed at all hours and in all situations.

You prioritize politeness in the way you reproduce sounds.
The sound here is unquestionably a bit on the mild side due to Sony’s unwillingness to indeed attack a recording.

Don’t purchase them if

You want music to energize you.
Essentially the opposite is what we just said. The Sony LinkBuds S are hesitant to get their teeth into a record. Therefore, they don’t make for the most engaging listeners.
You desire a multiple-point connection.
The only noteworthy feature Sony lacks is the ability to attach to two Bluetooth streams simultaneously.


Sony LinkBuds S seems to be a great all-around, affordable product for a pair of wireless earphones.
In being lightweight and comfy, they also come in three different colours. Also, it offers nearly all of the features of the WF-1000XM4 earbuds. Additionally, including advanced noise cancellation featuring Adaptive Sound Control, wear detectors, Speak-to-Chat, LDAC, and many more.
The LinkBuds S is tricky because the XM4s seem to be older. Though, those may deliver comparable sound quality and noise-cancelling performance at lower costs. It is undoubtedly more than what competitors provide.

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