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Fitbit vs Apple Watch: Similarities, Difference and what aspects to consider before buying?


Apple Watch vs Fitbit? Are you also one of those who is always confused between the two? Try not to be tricked. Both two alternatives are acceptable bits of innovation. In any case, they additionally have a couple of various components that might cause you to lean toward one over the other. While Fitbits and Apple Watches share numerous comparative components, including daily activity and heart rate tracking, there are likewise bunches of key contrasts that you should think about while picking between the two. Knowing the likenesses and contrasts between these smartwatches will help thin down your alternatives. Furthermore, it will help you in your dynamic interaction.

Realizing where to begin can be overwhelming, and upgrading can likewise hurl heap prospects that make it intense to pick which is the right watch for you. With that, here’s some assistance for Apple Watch vs Fitbit, picking the right smartwatch for you.



Both the Apple Watch and the Fitbit have an assortment of colours to look over. You can buy either alternative in gold, dark, or dim.

Apple watches arrive in a couple of more colour alternatives. Yet, generally, both watches have a considerable measure of shadings to look over.

Band options :

The watch faces on these smartwatches are customizable also. You can browse many clock styles and backgrounds. The two items additionally have many band alternatives to browse. They can be any place from interlaced to metal. The choices are perpetual.

Health options:

Apple Watch and Fitbits both keep up with your calories, monitor your heart rate. Also, they help manage your stress, walking steps, and sleep the same way. The two of them show this information on the home screen of the watch, and they will advise you when you meet individual or exercise goals. Swimming with either watch is plausible also. These are waterproof up to 50 meters as well.

Voice assistant:

You can likewise get to a voice assistant on either smartwatch. Apple Watches accompany a SIRI assistant, and Fitbit has an Alexa assistant. Both will address any inquiries you might have and send instant message answers.


Music apps and some food apps, like Starbucks, are handily downloaded onto both watches and can be utilized while working or feasting out.

Generally, both watches meet similar essential necessities. This is the thing that makes it so difficult for Apple watch vs Fitbit, to pick between the two. Yet, when you see the distinctions. Things will be a ton more clear for you.



One of the primary differences between these two items is that one is made to pair to any phone while the difference was made to oblige only one. Apple Watches were planned explicitly for an iPhone. Along these lines, you can access your iPhone’s contacts, photos, and alarms a lot simpler. Everything syncs together.

If that a non-Apple phone was to attempt to connect to one of these watches, it wouldn’t. It is inconceivable. This can be an issue for the individuals who might switch phone brands while possessing the watch or as of now don’t have an iPhone.A Fitbit, then again, was intended for all phones. They work brilliantly on any brand of phone, including iPhones, and are not difficult to pair. Simply download the app.


Another distinction is the price. Apple Watches are normally more costly than Fitbits. The price hole isn’t enormous, however, it is sufficient to consider prior to putting resources into one of these watches. For the most part, Fitbits are around 100 dollars less expensive than Apple Watches.

Layout and Dial:

Apple Watches does have a smoother layout than Fitbits. They have the exemplary apple plan and an apps page that can be accessed by turning the dial on the watch. Fitbits don’t have a dial by any means, making it marginally harder to access apps.

If that you don’t have an iPhone or are searching for a watch that is somewhat more compatible. You might need to consider a Fitbit. In any case, assuming you need a watch that is somewhat more accessible. An Apple Watch might be the item for you.

Apple Watch

Apple watch vs Fitbit

It’s been a long time since the principal Apple Watch was delivered, and from that point forward it’s seen a course correction from a focus on apps for the device, to focusing fundamentally on your health.

At present, there are three models accessible straightforwardly from Apple:

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • The Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Series 6

Operating System

Each of the three utilize Apple’s most recent operating system for wearables, WatchOS 7, which presented new watch faces, and a lot quicker animations, so everything feels snappier, alongside sleep-tracking and even hand-washing detection.


Your Apple Watch’s battery life basically relies upon how frequently you will utilize the fitness highlights for the duration of the day, yet when you put it in at 8 am and afterwards return to watch Youtube at 7 pm, you will typically be left with 40% charge remaining. This will be additionally reached out on the Series 3 and SE because of them not having the consistently on-screen of the Series 6.

Fitbit vs Apple Watch: Similarities, Difference and what aspects to consider before buying?

Fitness highlights

There are a ton of components that you can take into account your requirements, including a heap of activity-tracking options, in addition to onboard GPS so you can leave your phone alone, but still be able to record your runs, swims and rides. Alongside this, if that you are aware of other people who additionally have an Apple Watch, you can see their fitness goals for the duration of the day, and even contend with them over a multi-day time span. Even better, selective fitness goals show up during the month, to additional test you on the undertakings you typically participate in. From swimming to walking, and strength-goals, they’re all here.

Fitness detection

Another extraordinary component, which is elite to the Apple Watch SE and Series 6, is fitness detection. In case you’re 10 minutes into a stroll, for instance, the Watch will display a brief finding out if you need to follow it. Those initial 10 minutes will as of now be logged if that you pick ‘Yes’, which means your whole excursion will be followed. It’s an exceptionally handy component and implies that regardless of whether you’re simply getting things done and wouldn’t ordinarily think to enact tracking, it will in any case tally towards finishing your daily Rings.

Fitness Plus

Apple is additionally drawing out another assistance called Fitness Plus, which will allow you to manage workout sessions drove by professional mentors that you can clergyman to suit your requirements. The cost is $9.99/£9.99/AU$14.99 every month, except existing Apple Watch proprietors will get a month free, and new proprietors will get three months.

Apple watch vs Fitbit

On purchasing:

At the point when you buy an Apple Watch, it will accompany the band of your decision, a charging cable, and the actual watch.

It won’t accompany a power adapter. You will either need to utilize one of your own or buy one independently. If t that your band or charging cable breaks. You can buy another one effect on the Apple website or in certain stores.


Fitbit vs Apple Watch: Similarities, Difference and what aspects to consider before buying?

It’s difficult to accept that the first item Fitbit delivered back in quite a while was a clasp on a gadget that only estimated steps and sleep. Presently there are numerous assortments of Fitbit accessible to suit various gatherings of clients.

Fitbit is making smartwatches with fitness as a need, and it reached a crucial stage last year where Google declared it was purchasing Fitbit to support its wearable ordnance. They’re not only for Android, however; Fitbit gadgets likewise work with iOS, settling on them an extraordinary decision whichever handset you use.

From fundamental activity tracks for monitoring your pulse and step check to completely fledged smartwatches, there’s a Fitbit for everyone. As we’re discussing the Apple Watch here, the nearest items that rival it are the recently dispatched Fitbit Versa 3 and the Fitbit Sense.

Notwithstanding, that may soon change. Fitbit is presently claimed by Google, and the two organizations as of late declared that they’re right now dealing with a superior Fitbit powered by Google’s smartwatch operating system, Wear OS. But this is probably going to be significantly more of an immediate contender to Apple.

Apple watch vs Fitbit - Fitbit

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 is the more moderate of the two Fitbit smartwatches and is a superb option in contrast to the Apple Watch 3 or SE for Android gadget owners. You can react to notices from Facebook, messages and email, make contactless purchases with Fitbit Pay, control your Spotify playlist, track workouts and the sky is the limit from there, all from your wrist.

Close by the many watch faces that can be empowered on the gadget, there’s likewise an assortment of colours to browse: Black, Midnight. Soft Gold, Pink Clay.

Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense is the higher-end of Fitbit’s two new smartwatches, with a comparative plan however a further developed list of capabilities to screen your wellbeing and prosperity. Close by the components of the Versa, it has the first electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, which can distinguish indications of stress-dependent on changes in your skin’s conductivity. It can likewise distinguish the change in skin temperature, which can be an indication of an impending illness, in addition to your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). The tones to look over are Carbon / Graphite Stainless Steel. White / Soft Gold Stainless Steel.

Apple watch vs Fitbit - Fitbit
Fitbit vs Apple Watch: Similarities, Difference and what aspects to consider before buying? 7


Both the Fitbit Sense and the Versa 3 offer a six-day battery life (however the specific span will shift depending upon the elements you use), with at least a 12-minute charge to keep you going for the remainder of that day.


This is the place where Fitbit sparkles. Once the app is downloaded onto your phone, essentially sync your device and an abundance of health and fitness data will be accessible readily available all introduced clear and simple to decipher. In spite of the heart rate, sleep and activity measurements logged by your Fitbit device, you can likewise utilize the app to log your hydration. Also that you have put out weight objectives, log food, and track your menstrual cycle.

In case you’re generally keen on following your fitness, it’s significant the Sense and the Versa 3 aren’t your solitary choices. Fitbit likewise offers a wide scope of activity trackers that are more particular, yet additionally considerably more reasonable. If that you just need to follow workouts and heart rate, a device like the Fitbit Inspire 2 or a Charge 4 with a little screen for observing your imperative details could be great.

On Purchasing Fitbit:

If that you purchase a Fitbit, it will accompany two bands, one little and one enormous. It will likewise have a charging cable and the actual watch. Like the Apple Watch, it won’t have an adapter with it. It should be bought independently if that you don’t have one.

Bands can be repurchased online if necessary, or you can get them in certain stores. The charging cables are simpler to purchase online in light of the fact that they are not sold in many spots.

By and large, the two products accompany comparative accessories. The primary contrasts in Apple Watch vs Fitbit are in their compatibility with your phone.

Conclusion – Our Pick for Apple Watch vs Fitbit

In case you’re as yet not certain, the choice for Apple Watch vs Fitbit boils down to a couple of elements.

For iPhone owners – Apple watch

If that you utilize an iPhone, it bodes well to supplement it with an Apple Watch. You acquire highlights that are restrictive to the Watch, like Siri and profound joining with iOS.Right now, Apple is driving the way in the smartwatch market, and the current setup of Apple watches are incredible all-rounders that profit with a developed operating system, long haul support from Apple, and a wide scope of apps. In spite of the fact that they don’t zero in on health as much as Fitbit’s devices, their workout tracking provisions and Apple’s impending Fitness Plus subscription administration urges you to go that additional mile and think about the impacts of your way of life on your prosperity.

For Android owners – Fitbit

In case you’re utilizing an Android phone, a Fitbit device is the one to go for, particularly since the organization has been bought by Google, and a premium Fitbit smartwatch controlled by Google Wear OS is not far off. Fitbit’s legacy in workout tracking and health settles on its devices a decent decision in case you’re especially keen on observing your workouts and cardiovascular health. The Fitbit Versa 3 offers you a comparable list of capabilities to the Apple Watch SE, close by the SpO2 include that the SE model needs. Its lower cost may likewise be sufficient to entice iPhone users. In case you’re intrigued by rehearsing care, Sense’s stress tracking, mood logging and breathing activities could make it the best device for you, assisting you with dealing with the pressing factor of life now.

In general, the choice for Apple Watch vs Fitbit is yours; it simply relies upon the phone you have and how much tracking your wellness intends to you.

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