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What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner’s guide to understanding Alexa and its functions.


Alexa made its introduction in 2014 on Amazon‘s Echo speaker. Notwithstanding Amazon‘s lineup of devices, it’s likewise accessible on a lot of products from third-party manufacturers. Alexa is a voice-controlled assistant, like Apple’s Siri. She can play sound, control your smart home, answer questions and draw in your number one services to keep you coordinated, educated, protected, associated and engaged. Situated in the cloud, Alexa is gotten to through a developing number of brilliant speakers and other Alexa-enabled devices. Let us here in this Amazon Alexa guide, uncover directly more about this.

What actually is Amazon Alexa?

What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions.

Amazon Alexa additionally referred to just as Alexa, is a virtual assistant AI innovation created by Amazo. It was first utilized in the Amazon Echo smart speaker and the Echo Dot, Echo Studio and Amazon Tap speakers invented and made by Amazon Lab126.

It is good for voice connection, music playback, making day by day plans, setting alerts, streaming digital recordings, playing book recordings, and giving environment, traffic, sports, and other ceaseless information, similar to the news.

Alexa can likewise control a few smart devices utilizing itself as a home automation system. Users can broaden their Alexa abilities by introducing “skills”. Skills are extra usefulness created by third-party sellers, in different settings all the more generally called apps, for example, climate programs and sound highlights. It utilizes NLU (natural language understanding), speech recognition and other frail AI to play out these undertakings.

In January 2019, Amazon‘s devices group declared that they had sold more than 100 million Alexa-enabled devices.

Most devices with Alexa permit users to activate the gadget utilizing a wake-word like Alexa or Amazon. Different devices, for example, the Amazon portable app on iOS or Android require the user to click a button to actuate Alexa’s listening mode. Although a few phones additionally permit users to say an order, for example, “Alexa” or “Alexa wake”. Alexa is available in languages such as :

  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Spanish,
  • Portuguese,
  • Japanese
  • Hindi.

What does Alexa do ?

Alexa can play out various preset functions like set timers, share the current weather, make records, access articles, and a lot more things. Users say an assigned word like essentially “Alexa” to activate an Alexa-enabled device of the following function command. Alexa tunes in for the command and plays out the fitting function, or skill, to respond to an inquiry or command. At the point when inquiries are posed, Alexa changes over strong waves into text which permits it to assemble data from different sources. In the background, the information accumulated is then here and there passed to an assortment of sources. Alexa-upheld devices can stream music from the proprietor’s Amazon Music accounts and have inherent help for Pandora and Spotify accounts. Alexa can play music on your favourite streaming services like Apple Music and Google Play Music.

Also, Alexa can play music, give data, convey news and sports scores, reveal to you the weather, control your savvy home and even permit Prime members to arrange items from Amazon.

Alexa sits in the cloud, expanding the data offered ceaselessly and refining the reactions to give you more careful data.

. Regardless of the Alexa device you ask for, all can return such replies, be that on your soundbar or in your vehicle.

The popularity of Amazon Echo speakers is making many individuals get on board with that fad.

What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions.
What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions. 9

And afterwards inquire, “What can Alexa really do?”.

The magnificence of those first weeks is giving things a shot, and being charmingly shocked. In any case, there are many activities to do with your Alexa speaker.

Alexa can play music, give data, convey news and sports scores, disclose to you the climate, control your smart home and even permit Prime individuals to arrange items from Amazon. Regardless of what Alexa gadget your request, all can return such replies, be that on your soundbar or in your vehicle.

One of the centre functions is playing music. Amazon Music is upheld, obviously, yet past that, there’s help for some, more services like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, TuneIn just as apps from singular suppliers, similar to the BBC.

Smart Home control with Alexa

What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions.
What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions. 10

Smart home control has arisen into perhaps the main spaces of Alexa’s impact. It’s presently not just about requesting the weather and playing music with extravagant voice control. It’s likewise about associating with and controlling different devices in your home.

You can see your Ring Video Doorbell on your Echo Show, for instance, as you can with Arlo cameras. You are allowed to connect Alexa to your Philips Hue or different lightbulbs, for example, Ikea, to turn them on or off with voice. Or link to your heating controls so you can check and adjust the temperature in your home.

In this sense, Alexa is an incredible smart home controller – and once linked to Alexa, can be gotten to through anything that upholds Alexa voice commands.

One can provide voice commands to the Echo the speaker that gives wanted results. For example, you can request that Alexa play music, give sports scores, check the weather or news refreshes, speak with friends and family, read emails, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Things to ask to Alexa

What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions.
What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions. 11

There are a lot of things you can request that Alexa do. Skills in the Alexa app enable you to alter your Echo gadget with capacities to suit your inclinations.

There are a few skills in the skills categories in the Skills part of the app. These include Connected Car, Food and Drink, Travel and Transportation, Music and Audio, Smart Home, and bounty more. To begin, you simply need to tap Enable Skill when you’ve discovered one that is fit to you – or you can request that Alexa enable abilities through voice.

Some will expect you to link to an existing account or separate membership to utilize. For instance, to utilize Uber with Alexa, you’ll need to have signed into your Uber account inside the Skills segment of the Alexa app.Alexa can be just given something to do by providing it with the order.

The Echo gadget utilizes speech recognition to play out the undertakings or commands given by the user.

amazon alexa

Different commands that you can provide for Alexa are referenced beneath:

  • Play various melodies
  • Portray a Kindle book
  • Discover close by eateries and
  • order food on the web
  • Check film show times or sports plans
  • Track your Amazon tracks
  • Get news refreshes
  • Have Alexa perused you your emails
  • Play radio broadcasts
  • Stream music from Spotify, Apple Music , etc
  • Play podcasts
  • Set clocks and alerts
  • Get customized news reports
  • Ask electronic inquiries
  • Control smart home devices with your voice
  • Gather smart home devices to cooperate utilizing single commands
  • Make calls
  • Intercom between Echo speakers in your home
  • Play games
  • Play rest music or surrounding sounds.
  • Permit you to control a TV/AV system with your voice
  • Add additional layers to your smart security framework
amazon alexa
What is Amazon Alexa? Beginner's guide to understanding Alexa and its functions. 12

How to use Amazon Alexa?

Utilizing Amazon Alexa on a brilliant speaker is a breeze. Most Alexa-fueled gadgets are continually tuning in, and you can stand out enough to be noticed by utilizing a wake expression of decision: Alexa, Echo, Amazon, or Computer. The default wake word is “Alexa”, yet you can change the wake word inside the Alexa app by going to More > Settings > Device settings, choosing your gadget from the rundown, and tapping the Wake Word choice.

To utilize Alexa on a brilliant speaker, say the wake word, afterwards following it with a command. An illustration of this would be, “Alexa, mention to me what the climate is like” Some older gadgets like the Amazon Tap expected you to press a button to awaken them, so they weren’t totally hands-free.

amazon alexa app

Utilizing Amazon Alexa on cell phones isn’t exactly just about as great as on savvy speakers. The cell phone app upholds wake words, however just when the Alexa app is open and running.

Moreover, you need to turn the feature on in the Settings.

  • Simply open the Alexa app and go to More > Settings > Device Settings> Alexa on this Phone .
  • and switch Enable Alexa Hands-Free on.
  • Else, you should open the app and tap on the Alexa button to utilize voice commands

Utilizing Alexa on some other device like a camera or media streaming gadget works precisely something very similar. You either need to utilize a wake word or press a devoted button to stand out enough to be noticed and afterwards manage it around with different commands. Remember that only one out of every odd gadget upholds all highlights.

Amazon Alexa Skills

You can get Skills in the Alexa app by going to Menu > Skills and Games. There are more than 100,000 of them accessible and they’re all free, however, some offer premium highlights. We’ve ordered a rundown of a couple of extraordinary Alexa abilities, which you can look at beneath.


  • Coinbase — Check continuous and real time Bitcoin and Ethereum costs.
  • PayPal — Check your balace. Send and receive payments.
  • YNAB — Check category balance . And make new transactions


  • Best Buy — Research items, check the deal of the day, and discover a store close to you.
  • Macy’s Orders — Track your order.
  • Woot — Check different day by day deals.

Health and fitness:

  • Headspace — Start your day by day meditation.
  • Five Minute Workout: Core and Cardio — Start your day by day five-minute exercise.
  • 30 Day Pushup Challenge — Start your day by day pushup challenge.


  • — Add things to your plan for the day.
  • UPS — Track your orders, discover a UPS area, and get a delivery quote.
  • Adding machine — Make estimations

Amazon Alexa Features

amazon alexa
  • Smart home – Simplify your life via computerizing and protecting your home with shrewd gadgets.
  • Efficiency – Alarms, clocks, schedules, email Alexa assists with the details so you can remain on track.
  • Shopping–Use your voice to deal with your shopping list, reorder family things, and track orders.
  • Amusement -Listen to music, radio, podcasts, and book recordings or watch films, TV, and recordings.
  • Care Hub – This free element in the Alexa app gives you better approaches to monitor friends and family.
  • Interchanges – Communicate with loved ones with voice or video calling, Drop-In and Announcements.
  • News – Alexa can give you news when you need it from your number one suppliers.
  • Schedules -Set up custom easy routes and get numerous things going simultaneously.
  • Games – Download new Alexa game abilities to play without anyone else or with loved ones.
  • Multi-room sound – See how Alexa can carry music and diversion to your whole home.
  • Children and Family – Enable parental controls and find directions that assist kids with learning and develop.
  • Knowledge – Ask Alexa questions, get language interpretations, general information and then some.
  • Kitchen–Cook alongside plans, get unit transformations, set clocks, and perform multiple tasks easily.
  • Room -Alexa assists you with breathing a sigh of relief and consistently awaken on the right half of the bed.
  • Photos– Showcase your best photos, share top choices with your Alexa contacts, and even take pictures.

Skills and Features ? Difference?

A Feature is something Alexa can do from the second you turn on your Alexa-enabled gadget. For instance, Alexa can address questions, give you the climate estimate, make quips, and thus considerably more. A few Features—like smart home control and voice/video calls—actually require other compatible gadgets. A Skill, then again, is something you select from the Skills Store and enable on your gadget, very much like adding apps to your phone or tablet.

Amazon Alexa : Paid or Free?

No, there is no month to month fee for utilizing Alexa. All you need to have is internet connectivity. Nonetheless, if that you have an AmazonPrime account membership, it very well may be more beneficial as you can get free music. A truly significant thing to know about is that you don’t have to pay to utilize Alexa. Regardless of whether you need to set up an account and utilize the app, download Skills or connect with different gadgets, there’s no sort of month to month charge joined to the Amazon system. The lone thing you should know about, concerning payments, is that connected subscription services (like Spotify Premium) will in any case expect you to pay for full help, and you can likewise utilize your Echo speaker.


Alexa is Amazon‘s advanced voice collaborator and is turning into a consistently present AI partner in our homes, telephones and even vehicles.

The essential reason for Amazon‘s voice assistant is basic – you pose inquiries, provide orders and get reactions. But however, there’s an astonishing measure of profundity to its capacities.

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