Deadpool 3 Trailer: Amazing Easter Eggs to invoke joy!


February had it all, Taylor Swift announced a new album, King Charles III revealed he had cancer, and of course the start of the Kate Middleton conspiracy. Things in the entertainment section were also buzzing. Trailers for Squid Game Season 2 and Wicked have also been revealed to the public! And in between these masters, came the grandmaster of blockbusters. The Deadpool 3 Trailer literally broke the internet, as the kids like to say.

From the costume of the Merc with a mouth to the new companion he is flaunting on his side, people were clamoring for even a still of the movie. Now, we know that the Deadpool 3 trailer came a while back. But as the film is releasing in July, we thought we would refresh our readers’ minds with the Deadpool 3 trailer breakdown. So buckle your seatbelts, ’cause we are in for the ride of a lifetime!

Deadpool 3 Trailer

Time Variance Authority

In the Deadpool 3 Trailer, we see the birthday party of Wade get crashed by the Timekeepers. We first meet these officers in Loki the series. The timekeepers whisk Wade away from his friends to the TVA headquarters, where he encounters a guy named Paradox. He thinks that Deadpool should team up with Avengers like Hulk and Iron Man.

Wade, the 4th wall-breaking lunatic, is pretty into the idea: “I smell what you’re stepping in, sensei. Your little cinematic universe is about to change forever. I’m the messiah. I’m… Marvel Jesus!”

Some fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have also noticed a dark creepy smoke in the trailer at the 1:44 mark. They have set their minds on it being Alioth, a crazy time creature we first meet in Loki. You know, the big ugly creature guarding the big, fancy castle at the end of the time. 

Best Friends Forever!

As we mentioned, we see Wade’s birthday party in the Deadpool 3 Trailer. He is celebrating with his girlfriend Vanessa, and the entire crew of characters that we are familiar with. Among them, is Deadpool’s psychopathic buddy Dopinder, the taxi driver. Scene stealer Peter from Deadpool 2, and the superpowered team members Shatterstar, Teenage Negasonic Warhead, Colossus, and Yukio. And of course, who can forget the evergreen Blind Al, Wade’s former landlady?

But are we not forgetting something? Some of these characters died at the end of Deadpool 2! So how are they alive right now? Voodoo? Necromancy? Time Travel! Remember, Wade was given a repaired Time Travel divide belonging to Cable. Using it, he used to go on mini-multiversal adventures. 

On the way, he saves Vanessa and Peter from dying and destroys the alternate version of himself from 2009’s maligned X-Men: Origins- Wolverine movie. So, it is not a stretch to believe that he also saved Shatterstar from being bumped off. 

What is with the Wig?

Deadpool has some unresolved fetish with wigs, we believe. This is the third time we have seen him in a wig. The first was when he wore a Bob Ross-inspired wig in the promotional material for Deadpool 2. He also wore a blond wig in a strip club for a scene in the second movie. And now, we see him in a wig in the Deadpool 3 trailer. Is he overcompensating for not having hair? Listen to us, Wade. You look hot even without not having a single hair on your body. It’s like looking at a chicken. Sexy Chicken, but still a Chicken. 

Deadpool’s favorite number!

We all have a favorite number, so why can’t Deadpool too? In the Deadpool 3 trailer, we see that he lives in apartment 17. So, as we are sleep-deprived and pumped up with caffeine, we did a little digging. From the holy grail that is the Deadpool comics, here is what we found. 

Deadpool #17 (1997) is when he used goggles to see into the distant worlds. He also has a teleporter. Should we squint? Is there an easter egg in there? We don’t know.

Cable & Deadpool #17 (2005) is part of the House of M storyline, where Deadpool finds out Cable is alive and kicking with a baby.

Deadpool #17 (2009) is when the Merc with a Mouth joins the X-Men. 

Okay, confession time. We are not sure how this all joins together. Maybe Deadpool is finally joining the X-men. We don’t know. But we had to spend time researching it, so now you all are going to spend your time reading it. Thank you. 

Baldy Cassandra Nova

Bald villains are not a new thing, and the Deadpool 3 trailer confirms that. While it is very hard to recognize someone from the back of their head, people in the fandom are nothing but Sherlock Holmes on steroids regarding it. From Nick Fury to Professor X, all names have been spoken.

If you want our opinion, we are partial to the theory of it being Cassandra Nova, you know the evil, telepathic twin sister of the latter from Marvel Comics. It also backs the information of us not knowing the role of Emma Corrin. And given the fact that we saw them having a buzzcut around the time that Deadpool 3 started filming, it kind of adds up that it was her in the trailer.

Patch the Adamantium in

We always knew that Ryan Renolds likes to delight us, and the Deadpool 3 trailer is no different. Based on the video, we can now confirm the rumor regarding a beloved character returning to the Silver Screen. At around the 1:20 mark, we see Wolverine seated on a table in a white suit. He is easily recognizable from his signature seagull winged hairstyle.

Well, it is actually Patch, one of Wolverine’s many aliases. In recent comics, we see Wolverine start sporting a white tuxedo and eyepatch, and also residing on the Island of Madripoor, which is a safe haven for Mutant Kind. Coincidently, we actually have seen Madripoor lively and populated in multiple MCU projects in Phase 4. From Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, and even Echo. 

This will be the first time we see Madripoor in a Marvel Movie if Deadpool visits the island to meet up with Patch. We are really excited to see Jackman play a different version of Wolverine before he takes up his iconic mantle of the X-Men character property in the movie.

Goodbye Fox

At least 25% of the appeal of the Deadpool movies is the Fourth-wall breaking antics, and the Deadpool 3 trailer seems to allude to it too. At around 1:38 mark, we see Deadpool reloading his pistols in a cool fashion, with a destroyed version of 20th Century Fox’s logo in the background.

Remember, Disney acquired the studio a few years back, even going as far as to rename it 20th Century Studios. If we are going by the Deadpool 3 trailer, it seems Marvel is appearing to make fun of Fox’s former X-Men Cinematic Universe.

Hi Pyro!~

As we mention again and again and again, there are plenty of X-Men references in the Deadpool Threequel, but as is the custom, Marvel saved the best for the last. We are not counting the appearance of Wolverine, as he was given for a movie titled Deadpool & Wolverine. (So don’t come at us in the comments… Shhhhhh)


Just 30 seconds before the trailer ends, we see the unexpected return of Pyro, the troublesome X-Men from the Fox movies. The fire-wielding Mutant can be seen saying “God, I love this part.” Oh, and we forgot to mention, he is being played by Aaron Stanford, the same actor who played Pyro in the previous films. Talk about a lovely surprise. 

Secret Wars- Here it comes!

As the Deadpool 3 trailer comes to an end, we believe that your eyes were stuck on the movie’s co-leads preparing to fight it out. But, it takes your attention away from the biggest Easter Egg in it. 

If you look at the 2:01 mark, you will see a comic book lying parallel to Deadpool’s right-hand side. As we zoom in, we see that the issue is none other than a Secret Wars comic book. Theories suggest that it’s Secret Wars #5 (2015). If that is true, it teases the arrival of the Fantastic Four’s iconic villain- Doctor Doom!

Marvel fired Kang actor Jonathan Major back in 2022 after he was found guilty of domestic abuse. There have been rumors going around that the studios might have replaced the Multiverse Saga’s villain from Kang to Doom, who is a huge orchestrator in the Secret Wars.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Deadpool 3 hitting the theaters?
After the Deadpool 3 trailer was dropped, Marvel has finally revealed the release date. Get ready to shit your pants, because Deadpool & Wolverine is arriving at your nearest theaters on July 26, 2024!
Is there going to be another Deadpool 3 trailer before the release of the film?
So technically, we actually haven’t gotten even a first trailer of Deadpool 3. The footage revealed at Super Bowl 58 was promoted as a teaser. So the story trailer of Deadpool 3 is still left. If going by the pattern of Marvel Studios, we would get at least two new trailers before the release of the film, with the next dropping any day now!


So there you have it folks! This was our breakdown of the Deadpool 3 trailer, from easter eggs to callbacks. If you are as excited as we are on the adventure of Merc with a mouth in the hands of Disney, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Until then, “You’re still here? It’s over. Go home! Oh, you’re expecting a new teaser for Deadpool 3. Well, we don’t have that kind of money. What are you expecting? Is Sam Jackson showing up in an eyepatch and a saucy little leather number? Go!”

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