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Moon Knight 2- What’s the future of our Egyptian hero?

Moon Knight 2
Moon Knight 2

Moon Knight is a series from the very famous franchise known as Marvel. It was a beloved series this year, and the fans eagerly await his second season, Moon Knight season 2. However, it has yet to be officially confirmed. So, we have yet to learn about the future of our Egyptian superhero. But if the demand remains constant, we can expect Marvel to develop a new idea. Moreover, if you have yet to see the first series, watch it now. The Moon Knight is only available on Disney+.

In the first season, there were many plots from which the story got interesting. The main protagonist has different personalities; the main protagonist is a different personality of another personality; he is an avatar of an Egyptian god named Konshu, and even more. Let’s see.

Moon Knight ending explain

Moon Knight ending explain

The story starts with a guy named Steven. He has a Dissociative identity disorder, so he ties his legs with a collar, spreads some sand around his bed, and seals his door with multiple locks and some cellotape. He doesn’t know he has a different person named “Marc Spector” in his body. They both are opposite from each other. Marc is a fighter with rage and hate in his heart, with which he confronts all the enemies in front of him. On the other hand, Steven grant is an employee at a mannered gift shop, and his behaviour is innocent, jumpy, and merciful.

Last episode:

In the last episode, we can see that steven grant and Laila are on an adventure and chasing Arthur Harrow, Mark Harrow and his teammate are very close to Ammit, and they are in a cave. Afterward, Steven and Laila go through a maze, which steven solves. After the maze, the next obstacle came in front of them, an Egyptian dog or jackal. He harshly cut and removed parts of the search team.

By some means, Steven was lucky and got out of that chamber safely. But that jackal was chasing Laila, but after some time, Laila defeated him and continued their adventure. Steven found the stone idol of Ammit, but at the same time, the search team also arrived at the same time. They shooted Marc/Steven, and as the konshu was captured, they died and found themselves in a sanitarium. Marc and Steven get separated from one body, and after some time, a goddess of Egypt comes into the scene who must retrieve souls and drop them at their respective places.

They both got revived, and Laila freed konshu. Marc/Steven and konshu reunited and went for an ultimate battle with God Ammit and her avatar. Arthur Harrow. They both fought an intense battle, and also, there came one more superhero, The Scarlet Scarab. Layla has become an avatar of Goddess Taweret and became Scarlet Scarab. They won against them and captured Ammit in Arthur Harrow’s body after an intense battle.

Moreover, in the post-credit scene, we see the most relentless and stone-hearted person, Jake, the third personality. He takes Arthur harrow (A character played by Ethan Hawke) from the asylum and kills him in his cab. And then, we learned that he is an avatar of the Egyptian God Konshu.

The behaviour of Moon knight’s Avatar

The behaviour of Moon knight's Avatar

The Egyptian God Konshu has an avatar with Dissociative identity disorder. Yes, he has 3 different personalities within his body. The first is Steven grant, a mild British boy working in a museum’s gift shop. He is kind, innocent, and a little bit of a coward. He has an interest in history and Egyptian gods.

However, the second personality, Marc Spector, is very opposite in behaviour. He is a mercenary killer filled with rage and hatred. He is an excellent fighter and has accepted the deal with the Egyptian God, Konshu. And the last alter, Jake Lockley, we don’t know much about him, but as per the comics, he is the most relentless of the three of them. 

Why are we expecting season 2?

Why are we expecting season 2?

In the post-credit scene of Moon Knight, marvel shows that Arthur Harrow is in an asylum getting treatment, and a person comes by and takes him to his cab. In the cab, Konshu was sitting in a white coat and introduced his new friend, the third personality of Moon Knight. It confirms the Moon Knight season 2.

And also, a certain video goes viral on TikTok featuring Director Mohamed Diab and Oscar Isaac. A teammate or a fan asked the director about Moon Knight season 2. The director replied, ‘ I don’t know’, and when she turned the camera at Oscar Isaac, he said, ‘Why else would we be in Cairo?’ and Isaac revealed some expectations. From this, the loveable crowd went crazy and commented many things like “OMG, do it faster”, “When it is coming”, and all that. 

But the thing is, a recent interview regarding the return of season 2 with Oscar Isaac revealed that, at the moment, there is no official word from MCU regarding season 2. In other words, there are no specific conversations between Isaac and Marvel Studios for the future of Moon Knight season. But Isaac has officially accepted that he wants to be a part of Marvel and continue his journey as a Moon Knight. We are not saying there is no possibility of a moon knight return. But as soon as MCU starts the conversation, the news will rapidly spread.

Where can we watch Moon Knight?

Moon Knight is available at Disney+, but to see the series, you have to purchase a premium first, and the plans from Disney Bundle: Disney Bundle Duo Basic for $9.99/month. This bundle includes Disney+ (With Ads) and Hulu.  Disney offers the Disney Bundle Trio Basic for $12.99 per month, including Disney+ (with ads), Hulu, and ESPN+.

Will Moon Knight ever get a second season?

Before Disney released the second season of Moon Knight, many fans anticipated that Steven Grant, Marc Spector, or Jake Lockley would drop Blade or Black Knight a visit. However, the much-awaited relaunch has been put off until 2024 due to director Bassam Tariq’s departure.

Why is Moon Knight’s personality different?

With dissociative identity disorder, the main character has several distinct personas. The character of Steven Grant, portrayed by Isaac, in “Moon Knight” is an example of this. In the first episode, he finds he has a second persona, also portrayed by Isaac, who he soon learns is called Marc Spector.

What number of personas does Moon Knight possess?

He primarily adopts three other identities, including his costumed alter persona, to gather information from various social circles: rich businessman Steven Grant, cab driver Jake Lockley, and a suit-wearing investigator and police advisor Mr. Knight.


There are only two possible outcomes in this situation. 1) Our dream will remain a dream 2) We get Moon Knight season 2. The thing is, there are no official words from marvel regarding season 2, and on the other hand, we have a clip of Oscar Isaac and director Mohamed Diab in Cairo. But the fans want season 2 to be out soon; now the decision is in the hand of Marvel. Marvel has never disappointed their fans, so we can hope for the return of Moon Knight, portrayed by Oscar Isaac in Moon Knight season 2. But as soon as the news of Moon Knight season 2 comes, the fans will go berserk.

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