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Fitbit charge 5: The best fitness tracker for most people!


One of the best fitness trackers on the market is the Fitbit Charge 5. It’s Fitbit’s most robust tracker ever, with capabilities generally reserved for more pricey models. It’s not inexpensive, but if you’re using an older tracker, you’ll clearly notice the difference. The Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch costs $29.95 more than the Fitbit Charge 4 did when it was first released. Fitbit has incorporated a bright, always-on color touch screen, and electrodermal activity sensor (EDA), an electrocardiogram sensor (ECG), and a new statistic dubbed “Daily Readiness Score” to the Charge 4 to help wearers work out more effortlessly. 

Even in direct sunshine, the bright display is simple to read. It looks beautiful and is comfortable to wear, and it is one of the best fitness trackers on the market. But it’s not bringing anything new to the table right now. It simply looks and feels nicer.

Price and release date of Fitbit charge 5

Fitbit charge 5: The best fitness tracker for most people!

Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch costs $179.95 and comes with a six-month Fitbit Premium subscription. It comes in three different colors: Steel Blue/Platinum, Black/Graphite, and Lunar White/Gold. Those who buy the Charge 5 will also receive a free six-month Fitbit Premium membership. This will allow them to access extra services.

These include a Health Metrics dashboard, guided video, and audio workouts, and sleep and mindfulness tools. The Fitbit Charge 5 was released on September 27, 2021, and is currently available for purchase.

Design of Fitbit charge 5

Design of Fitbit charge 5

The most noticeable aesthetic difference between the Fitbit Charge 5 and the Fitbit Charge 4 is the color OLED screen. This is twice as bright as the Fitbit Charge 4. Even in direct sunlight, it’s simple to read, and Fitbit has now made the AMOLED display a touchscreen. To navigate the tracker, swipe to the right from the home screen; to return to the home screen at any time, double-tap. Aside from the two side panels that house the EDA and ECG sensors, all of the tracker’s operations are handled via the touch screen display.

You can browse your Smartphone notifications by scrolling right from the home screen, starting an activity, setting timers and alarms, and doing an EDA scan. Fitbit’s Charge 5 is the company’s first tracker to contain an EDA sensor. It assesses the body’s response to stress via changes in sweat glands on the skin. Fitbit claims this is in reaction to studies indicating that 40% of adults would feel a lot of stress in 2020. Fitbit originally introduced EDA with the Fitbit Since last autumn. So it’s interesting to see it spreading to their more cheap products.

The Charge 5 is quite pleasant to wear. The Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch is 10% slimmer than the Charge 4 and unlike the Charge 4. Which gaped at the corners where the Fitbit linked to the strap on smaller wrists, it fits perfectly. A small and a big band are included in the box. This is useful if you’re not sure which size to get.

Users of the Charge 4 will be upset to learn that they will not be able to use the same wrist strap or charger with the Charge 5 since Fitbit has modified the charging port once again.

Daily performance of Fitbit charge 5

Fitbit charge 5: The best fitness tracker for most people!

Fitbit has very well perfected the technique of wearing a fitness tracker every day. It allows you to build up a full picture of your health, sleep, and activity habits. The Charge 5 is not only more comfortable and stylish than the Charge 4. But it is also more practical, offering you lots of reasons to put it on every morning.

Smartphone alerts are now much simpler to see thanks to the higher resolution color display. Whenever users receive an SMS, WhatsApp message, or other alerts, you’ll see a little fragment of text that you may touch to read, open on your phone, or ignore. With a short tap of the screen, you may also accept or refuse incoming calls-the interface is simple.

Monthly cycle monitoring is also easily accessible rather than stashed away under a multitude of sub-menus, which we liked.

The Charge 5 supports contactless payments with Fitbit Pay, much like the Charge 4. This is popular in the United States, as it works with dozens of banks, but less so elsewhere. Google and Apple’s payment systems, for example, are the two biggest participants in the UK.

However, unlike the Charge 4, the Charge 5 does not have any music features. We didn’t anticipate a gadget this small to have the capacity for offline music listening, but the Charge 4 let you manage your Spotify playlist from your wrist, which was a wonderful feature for workouts.

We would have wanted to be able to manage our phone’s default music player, stopping and jumping between tracks, as is possible with devices such as the Garmin Lily.

With regular use and sleep monitoring, we found that the Charge 5 lasted around six days between charges. However, battery life will be significantly reduced if you utilize the screen’s always-on mode or make considerable use of GPS.

Features of Fitbit charge 5

Features of  Fitbit charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch seems like the Swiss Army Knife of fitness trackers, and certain functions are sure to be more useful than others.

Not only does the Charge 5 have basic features like heart rate tracking and step counting, but it will also track your activity using built-in GPS, which is impressive given its compact size.

But that’s not all. The Charge 5 comes with an ECG app as well as a new electrodermal activity (EDA) tracker. The ECG tracker will detect atrial fibrillation (an abnormal heartbeat), whereas the EDA test will detect sweat secretion, which might be a sign of stress.

There’s also a library of mindfulness sessions to assist you to reduce stress, with various duration exercises to fit into your day.

Concerning Fitbit Premium, the Charge 5 comes with a six-month membership to the service. While your mileage may differ, the additional features you can expect for that time period include guided programs that include food, sleep, and fitness; a series of additional workouts, and a more in-depth look at your personal information than non-premium users.

Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score is a new approach for the firm to personalize workouts and activities to your wellness. Your Fitbit generates a basic score based on your activity, sleep, heart rate, and other factors. It’s not a Charge 5 exclusive function, but it’s a nice method to ensure that you won’t be pushed into further exercises after a bad night’s sleep.


If you’re searching for an excellent first fitness tracker, go no further than the Fitbit Charge 5 smartwatch. There’s a lot packed into such a little gadget, especially at this price range, whether it’s tracking your workouts, sleep, stress levels, or doing an ECG.

Aside from the music playback setback, it’s a solid upgrade to the Charge 4, with a brighter, more colourful display and more sensors than you’ll ever need.

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