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How can one track Fortnite stats?

Fortnite stats
Fortnite stats

Tracking Fortnite stats is an excellent method to observe a player’s progression from novice to pro. Aside from their K/D ratio & victories, each player has a wealth of information. With so much information available, users require a method to sort, organize, and make sense of it. This is when the Fortnite tracker comes into play.

That will suffice for the vast majority of individuals. However, if you’re among the rising number of gamers who prefer to measure their progress using detailed analytics, Fortnite falls short. Fortunately, various third-party websites provide access to a variety of performance statistics. These websites let you measure your kill/death ratio, enhance your victory %, or simply observe how many kills you average every match.

What are actually Fortnite Stats?

Fortnite stats provide information about your performance in the game. They contain your victories, kill/death ratio, total matches played, top 10 & top 25 finishes, leaderboards, and other information.

How to view Fortnite stats online in the game?

If you don’t want to fiddle with third-party apps, you can always examine some basic Fortnite numbers while signing in. What you must do is as follows:

1. From the main menu, select the Career tab.

fortnite stats

2. Click on Profile to view the following statistics:

  • Eliminations
  • Top 10 finishes
  • Matches played
  • Top 25 finishes
  • Wins
fortnite stats

However, you’ll be able to keep track of all your valuable Victory Royales in one place.

How one can view Fortnite Stats on Mobile?

You may still examine your stats if you’re playing Fortnite on mobile. To accomplish this, follow the steps below:

Log in using your mobile device to the game.

Go to the main menu & choose “Career” at the top of the screen.

fortnite stats

To the bottom of your display, tap “Profile.”

fortnite stats

Your victories, kills, top 10 finishes, top 25 finishes, & total matches played will be shown.

View your Fortnite Stats

Although in-game statuses are uncommon, you may examine your Fortnite metrics online; here are several websites that provide more extensive stats:

Fortnite Tracker

fortnite stats

Copy & paste your Epic ID into the text input box, then click the arrow symbol. Aside from the metrics available in the game, you will also see average match length, kills per minute, score per match, total time played, a leaderboard, and other features.

Fortnite Scout

Paste your Epic ID into the text input box & press the search button. This website will provide a graph of your kill/death ratio and your victory rate over the last several months.

We recommend reviewing each of the above and deciding the one you like most. They all have distinct themes & layouts, and determining which one works best for you is a matter of personal choice. The precise data presented differ slightly between providers.

Fortnite Tracker Network Stats

fortnite stats

This application is available for both Android & iPhone. Install the app & enter your Epic ID into the main page’s text input field. Your average match duration, score per match, kills per minute, total time played, a leaderboard, and other information will be shown.


Android users can download the Fstats app. This software allows you to check advanced stats, a leaderboard, and other players’ stats. You may also keep up with Fortnite news, daily & featured goods, and a map of prize locations.

Companion for Fortnite

fortnite stats

Companion for Fortnite app is available for both Android and iPhone. Install the app & enter your Epic ID into the main page’s text input field. Your average match duration, score per match, kills per minute, total time played, a leaderboard, and other information will be shown.

How Can I Get Stats for Any Battle Royale Player?

Unfortunately, there is no method to access other battle royale players’ stats in the game. However, certain third-party websites & mobile applications allow you to examine the main battle royale leaderboard and particular player details.

Fortnite Data, FPS Tracker, Fortnite Scout, and Fortnite Tracker are the most significant websites to locate any battle royale player’s stats. Simply enter a player’s Fortnite username or Epic ID and press the search button. On the main page, the total leaderboard is usually presented.


While it’s interesting to check your statistics sometimes, obsessing over them is not a good idea. There’s a reason why most of them aren’t in Fortnite: they don’t feel necessary. Unlike many other competitive shooters, Battle royales make it impossible to keep metrics and assess player performance. There are so many variables in a team-based shooter with 100 fighters racing around an oversized island that it becomes a bit complicated to set people accurately.

And, with the advent of skill-based matching, comparing your numbers to those of other players is no longer a guaranteed means of determining who is superior. Both players may have a 6.0 kill/death ratio. However, one player may be competing against bots on their Nintendo Switch while the other is competing against experts on their PC. Stats can help track your success, but they should be taken with a grain of salt.

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