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How to unsend a text message in iOS 16 Messages?


Once you’ve worked out where to edit a text message on iOS 16, the next thing to learn is how to unsend a text message in Messages. Even though they create for different purposes, the two new iOS 16 features essentially operate similarly.

Unending a text message address is an entirely different issue than the new edit tool, which is intended to fix those annoying mistakes occasionally appearing in the communications.

How often have you mistakenly sent a text message to your group when you meant to send it to your significant other or spouse? At best, sending a text message to an incorrect individual or group can be embarrassing; at worst, it can be perplexing and scary.

If you know how to send a text message again, you can essentially delete it to at least mitigate some of the possible harm. Although it’s a valuable addition to iOS 16, you must be aware of some restrictions.

Below is an article that shows how to send a text message when you can undo it, just like fixing errors in text messages. When you unsend the letter, a note stating that you remembered something will be put in its place. The recalled notification will continue to appear for iOS users with older versions.

In light of this, here is a guide on canceling a text message in iOS 16 Messages.

Will it work on older iPhones unsend text message iOS 16?

Will it work on older iPhones unsend text message iOS 16?

The recipient’s iPhone should ideally be running iOS 16 as well.

If so, modification of delivered messages will function as intended. However, if you attempt to edit a text/message sent to someone using an earlier version of iOS (or an Android user taking part in a group iMessage chat), one of two things will go wrong.

Editing messages sent to devices running iOS 15 or earlier will not function if you, the sender, are using the first developer beta of iOS 16.

If You’re using the second beta, iOS will send the changed version as a brand-new message with the words “Edited to” before leaving the recipient’s inbox with the original, highly awkward message.

We expect other versions to provide better solutions because this feature is currently in beta.

Does iOS 15 on iPhones support it?

Does iOS 15 on iPhones support it?

Before we begin, it’s important to note that editing & deleting sent messages isn’t currently backward-compatible with iOS versions before 15.5, which is the most recent version.

Suppose you try to edit a message to someone using iOS 15. They will get a follow-up message with edited content, whereas the original remains. This will work as planned if you’re texting someone else with the iOS 16 beta.

Although not ideal, that is doable. Ascending a message on an iOS 15 user’s iPhone will not delete it, which is a drawback. That implies that the recipient will still get your news even if you decide to delete it.

The caveat is that iOS 16 is still in its early stages of development. So anything could change by the time it is released later this year.

After all, it shouldn’t be too challenging for Apple to deliver a last iOS 15 update that includes support for modifying & unsending messages for users who haven’t updated to iOS 16 yet (or are unable to do so) when it becomes available.

In light of this, make sure that anyone you are texting is using iOS 16 or you risk looking foolish.

How to edit and unsend text messages on iPhone or iOS 16?

How to edit and unsend text messages on iPhone or iOS 16?

Everyone has been in this situation when messaging someone and either saying something inappropriate or making a simple blunder. Regardless, it can be not very pleasant, but there hasn’t been anything you can do about it up until now.

But that will change with the introduction of the new Edit feature in the Messages app.

  • To access the settings menu, tap and hold the sent message.
  • Every text of the message that was How to cancel an iPhone message sent in iOS 16just sent can edit by selecting Edit from there.
  • If you wish to change words, punctuation, or anything else, hit done to complete the Edit.

The receiver will receive a notification that reads Delivered – Edited under the edited message. But unlike some options, they won’t be able to view the original letter, so it’s not entirely sneaky.

Additionally, you only have 15 minutes to make changes to messages that have been delivered. After that, you’ll have to apologize in person.

How to cancel an iPhone message sent in iOS 16?

What if you accidentally sent a message to the wrong recipient? Thankfully, iOS 16 also allows you to cancel a recently sent message. However, as was already said, this feature is only available on iPhones running iOS 16.

It’s simple to erase a message both from your message thread and the recipient’s message by tapping and holding the problematic message until the options menu appears.

In iOS 16, there is a 15-minute time limit for unsending texts, just like there is for altering sent texts. Then you might have to give some explanations…


The capability to modify or even unsend texts is one of the most significant enhancements to an iPhone early this year as a component of iOS 16. Have you ever unintentionally sent a message or kiss to a coworker about whom you were chatting? With iOS 16, things are going to become much less awkward.

Here’s how to modify and unsend messages on iPhone on iOS 16. Suppose you’re currently signed up for the developer beta.

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