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Language Translation Device-All the basics you need to know !


Choosing which pocket translator to buy can be a daunting task. This article is written to help you understand the different features a pocket translator has so you can decide which one is right for you. This article will touch all aspects of a Electronic Language Translation Device , from ease of use to amount of languages covered to translation quality and extra features.

Language Translation Device

What is Language Translation Device ?

Electronic Language Translation Device are small handheld devices that translate words from one language to another. They are designed for tourists and entrepreneurs. Depending on how the device is designed, it can scan words and translate them into English or the local language. With some, you can read out words in Spanish and have it translate them into English.

Language Translation Device
Language Translation Device-All the basics you need to know ! 4

How do they work ?

Electronic Language Translation Device depend on Artificial Intelligence to process words and translate them into a new language. The best of such devices support up to 170 languages and can be fed information in a variety of ways. A prototypical electronic translator works in the following ways.

Voice Translation

Electronic Language Translation Device comes with a speaker and a memory card to record the message. When your associate says something in Spanish or any foreign language, the device translates the message into English. Alternatively, you can say a phrase and let the device translate it into the local language.

Words/Image Translation

Like many mobile app translators, Electronic Language Translation Device have QWERTY keyboard where you type any foreign words you come across. The device then translates them for you. Translators that support image messages usually have cameras. Most of them can also support voice and word translation.

Electronic Translator Uses

Modern electronic translators come as handheld devices or as Bluetooth earpieces. Irrespective of the type, business people can use these devices in a lot of ways.

 Lincom Language Translation Device

Where can you use these?

To Communicate Easier Abroad

Whether you visit France or Morocco, you don’t need to be fluent in the local language when you have a translator. Sure, electronic Language Translation devices can’t teach you French in a day. However, you can greet and chat with new associates without hiring a translator.

Touring local streets become a breeze as you don’t need any help. Simply type any street signs and have the device translate them for you. Some devices can also capture your pronunciation of the words although that may distort the accuracy of the translator.

To Expand your business

It’s hard to set up a branch in Spain when no one in your office speaks Spanish. It’s even harder when you visit a country where people barely speak English. Translators give you confidence when communicating in a foreign language. They make it easy to express yourself and communicate properly to your future business partners.

Once you set up an office abroad, the devices make it easy to communicate with your new employees. Of course, electronic translators are not all created the same. 

To have an effective intelligent personality

It’s not always that foreigners should communicate to you in English. Carry your electronic translator on your next trip to Peru. Learn popular Spanish phrases and use them whenever you speak to your Spanish-speaking colleagues and friends.

Most people are impressed when communicated to in their native language. Unless you use the phrases wrongly and in a disrespectful manner, no one will scold you for attempting to converse in a foreign language. Besides work colleagues, you can also wow your friends and family members. A good electronic translator can help you make whole paragraphs in a new language. With the help of mobile translator apps, you can become proficient in French or Portuguese in a few weeks. Speak to your friends who understand these languages over a drink. Chances are they’ll be impressed and want to teach you more.

What to look for when buying an electronic Language Translation Device?

Electronic translators are efficient at translating simple words and phrases. If that’s something you’d appreciate as a business person that travels abroad regularly, find the best translator for you. That means you decide what languages you want to be translated, how the device works and its price.

1 .Design and Build

Electronic translators differ in their design and build as much as any other electronic devices. You have the Bluetooth earbud that works with smartphones. With the small device, you key in words you want to be translated on a mobile app. The translation is communicated back as a voice message through the bud.

A different translator resembles the conventional calculator. It has a screen, a QWERTY keyboard or a speaker. Another translator resembles a smartphone but serves the purpose of translating words. Shop around to view the different builds and how they work.  

2 .Translation Quality

Even more important than how many languages your translator translates is the quality of those translations. And it is exactly here where most smart translator’s weak point lies. There are two things to look out for: how many translation engines does the translator use and is it AI assisted?

3 .Services Offered

The primary role of the translator is to translate. However, some devices offer additional services like recording your favorite phrases. Some will translate offline while others only do it over the Internet. Evaluate several devices for the services offered and choose the one that best meets your demands.

4 .Supported Languages

First things first, a language translator will help you to understand your conversation partner. Therefore, it is important that the device you purchase supports the languages you want to translate. Keep in mind that you might not need specific language support right now but who knows where your next travels will take you. Try to look for a pocket translator which supports as many as possible languages, so you never find yourself in a situation where even your pocket translator is at a loss of words.

5 . Two Way Translations

When looking for a portable translator, you will surely have seen these two terms thrown around a lot: two way translator and one way translator. But what does this mean? It’s quite simple, a two-way translator can translate a conversation both from your language to your conversation partner’s language and back. That’s 2 ways. A one-way translator on the other hand can only translate from your language to a limited amount of other languages but can not translate your conversation partner’s language back to you. And let’s be fair, a conversation where only one side understands the other isn’t really a conversation is it?

6 .Translation Engines

Pocket translators use one or more translation engines in order to translate your conversation. A translation engine is the software that runs the translation, like Google Translate for example. The general rule here is the more translation engines used, the better your translations will be as the translator can pull from multiple translation sources to provide the best real time translation possible for your specific language pair.

7 .Artificial Intelligence Assistance

How does the translation device know which translation is accurate and which one isn’t? That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. AI can be trained to identify accurate and less accurate translations and decide which one to use in specific scenarios. Look for a translator which is AI powered for the best translation results. This way, your pocket translator gets smarter every time you use it.

8 . Stand-alone or app assisted?

There are 2 kinds of translation devices available. Stand-alone devices and app assisted devices. While at first sight they might look like they both do the same thing, it’s important to note that while stand-alone devices can translate without the need of using an extra phone + app, app assisted devices always require the presence of a phone with a special app running at the same time.

You will have to pair your app assisted translator over Bluetooth to your phone and control the translator through the app.

These app assisted translators can be cheaper than their stand-alone counterparts but are a whole lot less easy to use and require you to fumble with your phone, an app and the device at the same time. There is also the risk you could end up having your phone stolen when taking it out in less safe places and handing it over to a stranger.
You can easily recognize app-assisted translators as these generally don’t have a screen. Do your research here as some app assisted translation devices try to hide the fact that a phone and an app are needed when using their device.

9 .Microphone & Speaker Quality

Traveling can be noisy. Whether you find yourself in a loud bazaar, negotiating for that nice antique lamp or talking to you cab driver from the back seat, you want your conversation to be picked up effortlessly by the pocket translator’s microphone and you want to make sure the speakers go loud enough so you can hear the translation as well. Look for a pocket translator with dual noise cancelling microphones so every word is picked up clearly and accurately. When it comes to the speaker, a 5W or above speaker will do a great job at providing a crystal clear playback.

10 .Screen

When it comes to screens, look for devices with a touch screen. This will make using your digital translator a whole lot easier. Tap on the languages you want to translate and you’re good to go. Size wise, you’re looking for something big enough to read the translations comfortably on while not compromising portability. 2.4 inch is the sweet spot.

11 . Processor

Fast translations are key during a conversation. That’s where a good processor comes in. The latest universal translators come equipped with quad core processors. Perfect for near instant translations.

12 . Easy to use and carry

A pocket translator should be easy to use. Look for pocket translators that support your native language as system language so you can have all the menus and settings in your own language. Another nice feature to have are voice commands. With voice commands, you can select the languages you want to translate by stating a command such as “Select English to French”. The translator will then automatically select those both languages.

13 .With good Battery life

You don’t want to find yourself out of battery in the middle of a conversation. A big battery will come in handy here. 2500mAh and above will get you a few days worth of autonomy.

To Terminate

Electronic translators won’t turn you into a bilingual overnight. But if you travel constantly especially for business reasons, you’ll find the devices useful. You type words or speak them out and the device translates them into a foreign language. That way, you can read foreign street signs speak to strangers and your business associates with ease.

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