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RED Hydrogen One: Everything you should know about this smartphone!

Red Hydrogen One

Building up a product normally does well to create interest. Mostly when it’s something so unique and aggressive. However, the RED Hydrogen One has been going through a rollercoaster ride since the time it was first launched back in July 2017. Different defers continued to push back its delivery. RED, for those not close, is an organization that spends significant time making proficient video cameras. As in cameras used to shoot real, full-length motion pictures.

The arrival of the RED Hydrogen One is at last here. Knowing what RED and its cameras depend on. We’re eager to see what this phone’s dual-camera system is prepared to do. In any case, this isn’t a phone pursuing the directions. So it could make some harder time catch the interest of customers. Except if they have a preference for the unpredictable.


The present patterns will more often than not every phone with thin displays and smooth styles that appeal to people from buying. All things considered, that is not what’s truly going on with the RED Hydrogen One is regarding pillars the present smartphones leaning toward used more than style. It’s a savage estimated thing that is not terrified of show-off its size, one that is loading an impressively boundless casing with some genuine load behind it also.

While the actual phone is massive, the aluminum and Kevlar design causes it to feel fabricated like a tank – ready to bear some ruthless discipline! The scalloped holds around its sides show again the phone’s tastes for utility with its design, taking into account the extra surface for getting a handle firmly onto the phone.

Other champions with the design include its power button/finger scanner sensor combo, dual front-terminating speakers, 3.5mm earphone jack, devoted camera screen key, and a helpful, simple to-get to SIM/microSD space that doesn’t need any pin instruments to get to. This is incredible for those looking to rapidly move photographs and video recordings caught by the Hydrogen One to their PCs and laptops.

Modular Design

Firstly, fair like Motorola and Essential, RED is expecting to catch interest with the modular aspect of the Hydrogen One, which is accomplished through the pin connectors situated on the back of the phone. One supporting, however, just one has been seen – the film camera module.

Despite the fact that we haven’t looked at it for ourselves, it’s a module that devotees make certain to be amped up for since it’s referenced to include a committed, top-quality picture sensor and a focal lens attach permitting users to utilize focal lenses with it from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, and different brands. This is no question one of a kind in the space, it’s something that fanatic camera experts make certain to be responsive of with regards to completion.

For the time being, the pins on the back of the RED Hydrogen One will stay there unused until we connect with RED with regards to the mods. Considering how the phone is molding out to be hyper-focused around relaxation, the setup might end up being particular.

Interaction and Functionality

RED Hydrogen One 3

RED doesn’t intrude too much with the point of interaction, seeing that it’s running a spotless Android 8.1 Oreo experience out of the box. The main disputed matter for certain, clients might be the bloatware that AT&T adds with the phone, which is basically a portion of the conveyor’s applications. Past that, anybody similar to the Android 8.1 Oreo experience will regard themselves as at home immediately.

To underscore the phone’s cool 4-view holographic display, RED bundles a few apps that give pertinent content to truly summarize users. Take for instance the Hydrogen Network application, which offers a few recordings, movies, and short clips that have been custom-made to display-case the 4-view holographic display. Another application, the RED LeiaLoft, is a gateway where we can download applications and games that have been improved to help the display. We evaluated Asphalt 8, Flippy Knife, and Modern Combat 5, which all make an interpretation easy for the holographic display.

To see 4-View holographic photos and recordings caught by the phone’s dual cameras, the “RED Player” application is the main one to show the content in holographic structure, seeing that Google Photos doesn’t get it done. It’s a minor irritation, we trust that the choice will be an accessible thing not too far off.


RED Hydrogen One 2

Fill up a complete amount of unusual tech, the RED Hydrogen One’s greatest champion must be the “4-View” holographic display it’s shaking. Naturally, the basic thing to strike at mind after momentarily looking at it was the glasses-free 3D display. We found in phones like the HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D quite a few years back. Of course, that pattern was somewhat short-lived, for the most part since it was all the more curious as opposed to anything more.

Realizing that set of experiences, you might be considering how the 5.7-inch QHD (1440 x 2560) 4-View holographic display in the RED Hydrogen One performs. First of all, it’s truly cool seeing it in real life interestingly when pictures, video, and other substances made explicitly in this organization “pop-out” on the phone’s holographic presentation, which can accomplish the deception of vision without the requirement for glasses. Even better, there’s no eye exhaustion in seeing holographic content for significant stretches of time. Presently, it’s important that the 4-view mode is just empowered for specific content- so don’t anticipate exploring through the interactions in 4-view.

Despite the fact, that it most certainly brings the wow factor when you show it off to people, it’s as yet a novel. Best case scenario, for most users, however, this top feature will positively strike a nerve for those in the VR/360-degree community. Concerning the display’s real qualities, it’s not one to truly grab our eye over different displays due to its incredibly cool shading temperature, off-base shading propagation, and noticeable bending at points. The main splendid spot is its solid 519 nit yield, which makes it apparent under direct daylight.

Display measurements and quality

RED Hydrogen One519

Samsung Galaxy Note9575

Apple iPhone XS Max657

LG V40 ThinQ504

Display measurement and quality

Processor and Performance

Because of the phone’s long developments and various slow down, there was no working around to changing out the processor to match its counterparts. It’s running the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC combined with 6GB of RAM, which does the trick enough even presently for every one of the fundamental things, so the chipset is without question dated now. Whenever you think about how pretty much every significant leader goes with the Snapdragon 845, having last year’s hardware doesn’t do a lot to analyze its worth over those choices. Indeed, the phone’s performance is as responsive. It doesn’t offer similar sort of parted second reactions we’ve found in phones like the OnePlus 6 and the new Pixels.

This specific model is boasting 128GB inner capacity, a liberal count no question, particularly when there’s development in a good manner of its not difficult-to-get to blend SIM/microSD slot. This opening slot doesn’t need the guidance of a pin launch instrument that most phones execute, which is extraordinary as we point by point as of now since it provides clients with that additional layer of adaptability.

Camera: RED Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One 1

As one would anticipate from an organization known for its top-of-the-line video creation cameras and stuff. There’s a big center on the camera experience with the Hydrogen One. Talking about that, indeed, the phone is designed with a dual-camera system in the back, but on the other hand, it’s shaking a couple around the front! The back combo separates to a couple of 12.3MP “stereo” cameras, while the front shooters are a couple of 8.3MP cameras. The dual-camera performance permits both the front and back cameras to create stereoscopic pictures and recordings, as well as portrait shots that blur foundations and hold center around the subject.

Still, the orderly factor is standing out the 4-View holographic display takes the content and conveys that holographic view. While changing to 4-View mode, the holographic display kicks in to give us an ongoing gander at the piece. As far as we can tell, there are sure factors that add to accomplishing the best outcomes with wisdom with this holographic content. In fact, like the differentiation of the primary subject from the background, lighting conditions, and textures. In certain examples, pictures come out astounding, however, in others, the sensation of wisdom is inadequate

Considering RED’s standing in filmmaking, we’re a piece frustrated by the camera interface since it’s deficient in many respects. As far as one might be concerned, it invests in some opportunity to catch content, however, this is clearly because of the handling that is important to deliver holographic content.

Quality of Image: RED Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One 4

RED Hydrogen One might have experience and fame in the film world. However, with regards to smartphones, it’s very demonstrative that they actually have quite far to go prior to being viewed as a competitor.

Indeed, those 4-View holographic photographs are cool and smooth. Yet when they’re seen as 2D pictures, they’re deficient with regards to fine details and are regularly delicate. If you’re searching for better outcomes, simply stick to the 2D model.

Whenever there’s plentiful lighting, photographs emerge with more detail and neutral-toned conditioned color. In any case, HDR adds a touch of progress by helping the shadows and soaking the tones by a tad. The drawbacks, however, are that it takes a significantly longer measure of time to catch HDR pictures. A large number of them turn out foggy, particularly in low light.

The forward-looking camera really performs rather well when the circumstances are reasonable. In addition to the fact that it captures a few strong softness. However, it’s supplemented by its solid powerful reach and sharpness. The outcome look pretty sharp when there’s incredible lighting around!

Image Sample: RED Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One2.8


No data

No data

Samsung Galaxy Note91.1


No data

No data

Apple iPhone XS Max0.9


No data

No data

LG V40 ThinQ1.7


No data

No data

Image Sample
RED Hydrogen One 6

Simultaneously, there’s nothing beautiful to take a gander at with the camera’s performance under low light, as type. Thus, it brings about exceptionally sloppy-looking pictures. It also battles with dynamic reach, seeing that features are regularly smothered to the point that detail is missing. Moreover, there’s simply an excess of uproar in the shadows when there’s little lighting near.

It has to be done more upgrades than its competitors. We’re told however that updates are en route to upgrade the shooting experience. Yet as of this moment. It’s genuinely failing to meet expectations – even against what some mid-range phones offer!

Video Quality: RED Hydrogen One

Whenever your brand is prestigious for catching film-grade videos, you will be investigated significantly more. Hardly, the RED Hydrogen One neglects to deliver any content with its video-recording performance. At the 1080p vision, visuals show up incredibly delicate – without any kind of fine detail. At the greatest goal of 3840 x 2176, the video looks great, yet no better than whatever you’d escape some other top-of-the-line phone.

Moreover, the video adjustment causes things to show up unbalanced and unsteady, particularly around evening time. Over on the sound side, the mics are not difficult to cover coincidentally and sound is unremarkable overall. To come clean with you, the whole thing makes for a truly forgettable encounter!

The choice to shoot in 4-View is there too, which kicks on the second the icon is gone ahead screen and is caught at the decision of 3840 x 2160. Presently, the decent thing concerning this is that you get an ongoing sneak peek of what the arrangement resembles – so it’s ready to convey a trustworthy degree of wisdom in the scene.

Once more, the novelty of shooting in this mode is something we appreciate, however interestingly, you truly can’t impart these recordings to any other person. All things being equal, you can see these recordings with the RED Hydrogen One’s holographic display. Also indeed, it’s cool the way in which a few things jump out in these recordings, however, it’s truly difficult to observe the real video’s quality due to the shapeliness that becomes possibly the most important factor with the 4-View mode is on.

Battery Life

Assuming there’s one thing going appropriate for the RED Hydrogen One, it’s without question its durable battery duration. That is ascribed to its massive 4500 mAh battery, which is in our everyday use. Figures out how to get us very nearly several days from a full charge. Before the finish of the main evening, it was all the while drifting around the 45% imprint! In our battery benchmark test, it reaffirms our certifiable experience, as it finished out at 11 hours and 10 minutes. Effectively floating past the greater part of the leader rivalry!

Re-energizing is additionally fast utilizing the included charging connector. Which requires 129 minutes to completely re-energize back to the full limit. As indicated by the aluminum development, there is no remote charging choice ready.


Recognition of its 4-View holographic display, the RED Hydrogen One. Positively is an interesting gadget that is certain to gather consideration. Recordings and photo pop actually pleasantly in 4-View holographic mode, which can be improved. Here we can see the screen for essentially longer timeframes without feeling exhausted. Also, the best part is that there are no exceptional glasses or anything required! The most important and amazing part is how much preferable this technology is. The 3D films played at the theatre.

Accordingly, empowering the 3D impact applies this kind of mapping mode. With the built-in speakers, the general volume yield is somewhat weak. In connection, it gets a piece stronger when the mode is off. Moreover, arrived at a pinnacle result of 73.3 dB. It’s actually failing to meet expectations against the opposition. On the other hand, we’ll give it praise for proceeding to use an earphone jack for the deal.

Quality of Call: RED Hydrogen One

In spite of the bending that is clear invoices through the earpiece. It’s actually acceptably alright to deal with phone discussions. Volume is something intense through the earpiece, which makes it still simple to perceive voices. Moreover, on the other side of advantages, there is one disadvantage you can see. our guests didn’t confront any significant issues in attempting to make us out. However, the dreary volume result of the speakerphone essentially keeps it from being used in loud circumstances.

Conclusion: RED Hydrogen One

Firstly, those who are hoping to get the RED Hydrogen One should lay out some genuine batter to catch it. Particularly at the pace of $43.17/month for a considerable length of time through AT&T which carries its expense of possession faltering $1295.10!

Moreover, we as a whole are acquainted with seeing smartphones in the $1000 budget. This is not especially the situation here with the RED Hydrogen One. For a general smartphone, which couldn’t verge on going up against the current top smartphones in the list.

In fact, not all the customers are impressed by this. We unquestionably realize that camera buffs are burrowing. However, the possibility of having the option to join their current lenses to this phone. However, we actually don’t make some immediate memories outline for its delivery nor a price tag. Nonetheless, that implies one more significant cash-based expense for the client. All things considered, it’s something that we feel has more reason over a long time than the 4-View holographic display. In fact, if you’re a stalwart film buff, you might need to put away your cash somewhere else.

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