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Skoogmusic Skwitch review- Creating music made easier!


Recently, Skoogmusic has released its new controller, Skwitch, which is a one-button MPE controller. It is designed to simplify learning music for children and young people in special education. If you are planning to buy it, here is everything you need to know about Skoogmusic Skwitch.

Skoogmusic Skwitch

Skoogmusic Skwitch

Skoogmusic Skwitch is a music-creating gadget that clasps straight onto your iPhone and uses sensors to create a one-button musical instrument. You just need to press the button to play notes. You are also allowed to formulate your own riffs, melodies and chord successions. Also, with the iOS app, you can make notes to create melodies, chords and sequences. If you want to build confidence in your musical abilities or want a fun, portable way into music-making, then Skwitch is the solution. The best part of this device is, you don’t need an in-depth understanding of music theory or technique.   

What can you do with Skwitch and the Skwitch Music app?

You can play off the shelf songs, playing one note at a time, just by pressing the Skwitch. All you need to do is set the tempo and how each note sounds, the app does the rest of the work. Moreover, you can explore music in a new way and learn by playing with sound, expression and timing. You can create your own riffs and grooves using note editor. All you need to do is pick a key, add some notes, then drag up or down to form your riff.



Skwitch is an accessory designed to transform your iPhone into a fully expressive, tactile musical instrument. Paired with your iPhone, Skwitch becomes a fully-packed expressive music controller. With the powerful audio engine, built-in Bluetooth MIDI, stereo loudspeakers and high-quality touchscreen display, you can create and jam with your own music.

Tactile Interface

Skwitch is a one-button device that has about 20mm of squeezable depth. It is optimised for maximum control, which makes playing easier than any other instrument. 

Works without a battery

Skwitch works with sensors that are inside your iPhone and detects every subtle movement of its soft tactile button. It does not have any expensive electronics inside and doesn’t work on batteries. So you don’t need to panic about battery life or charging.

Works with sensors

With the help of magnetic sensors, it turns the slightest touch on the button into a musical sound. Moreover, you can change your sound by adding effects, blending filters, or pitch-bending.


Features- Skoogmusic Skwitch
Skoogmusic Skwitch review- Creating music made easier! 4


With the Skwitch Music app, you can connect to other devices using Bluetooth MIDI. Thus, allowing you to use Skwitch as a wireless hardware controller for apps, DAWs and plugins. You can easily create a fully customised hardware software set up with separate MPE, modulation and fx control modes.

Real-time step-sequencer

Skwitch can act as a real-time step-sequencer with the help of a note by note playback and simple sequence editing. You can control the timing, duration and expression of every note or chord. If you want to play automated note orders with pressure-mapped rate and expression then you can turn on the arpeggiator.

Connecting with iPad or Mac

You can connect with DAW or plugin on iPad or Mac and use Skwitch along with any standard keyboard controller. Moreover, you get complete flexibility letting you add modulation, pitch-bend and channel pressure to your performances.

Button and controls with MPE Controller

When you connect your iPhone with Skwitch, it turns into a highly responsive MPE controller. The button gives you full control and you can use multiple playing areas to add pitch-bend between notes and chords by changing how you squeeze the button.

Skwitch Music App

The Skwitch Music app can be used as a musical scratchpad. You can add and drag notes around and create something you like. It helps you to capture ideas quickly anywhere any time. Also, you can easily lay down bass lines or expressive melodies in your DAW. 


Skoogmusic Skwitch merges hardware and software design, sensor technology, coding, audio and music technology with acoustics. All you need to do is connect it with your iPhone and start creating music. You don’t need to be skilled with music to get going with this. Also, the app lets you create your own riffs and grooves using note editor. It helps you to note your ideas quickly anywhere any time. This one-button device works with the help of sensors present inside your iPhone. It detects every subtle movement of its soft tactile button. It doesn’t use any battery so you don’t have to worry about charging it. Also, you can use Skwitch as a wireless hardware controller for apps, DAWs and plugins.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments section below.

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