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Xiaomi 12: everything you need to know!


Xiaomi’s most recent product line is the Xiaomi 12 series with a set of flagship phones, with a complete new range of 12S smartphones.

The Xiaomi 12 series may have arrived a little later than expected in international markets. However, the phones provide several noteworthy improvements over the Mi 11 range.

The global debut ultimately happened on March 15 after a lengthy delay for the rest of the world. Most markets, such as the UK and Europe, sell phones.

The entry-level model in the Xiaomi 2022 line of flagship phones with the Xiaomi 12 Pro. This phone is the brand’s first significant product to reject the maxim “larger is better.” Instead of releasing a massive smartphone, the Xiaomi 12 has a smaller form factor and less powerful features.

Xiaomi 12: Software and updates

Xiaomi’s 12 and 12 Pro come pre-installed with MIUI 13, based on Android 12. That implies that you get access to all of Xiaomi’s most recent software features, such as Smart Balance, Atomized Memory,  and Liquid Storage.  MIUI 13 website has detailed information regarding each of those.

Although the Xiaomi 12X came pre-installed with Android 11, it is currently receiving an update to Android 12 throughout Europe.

Three significant OS updates and four years of security patches are now included in Xiaomi’s policy for Android updates. That strategy will help the Xiaomi 12 & 12 Pro.

Like the Samsung Galaxy S22, It offers strong features in a compact design that is easy to use. It is a smaller option than its Extra and Ultra siblings.

Price and availability

Xiaomi 12

The cost of the phone is $749 / £749 at launch (around $1,320 AU). That’s if you want 8GB RAM and 128Gb of internal storage; for $849 / £849 (about AU$1,500), you can go to 256GB, which power users prefer.

  • $999, €999, or Rs. 62,999 for the Xiaomi 12 Pro (8/256GB).
  • £1,049, €1,099, or Rs. 66,999 for the Xiaomi 12 Pro (12/256GB).
  • $800, £849, or €899 for the Xiaomi 12 (8/256GB).
  • 8/128GB Xiaomi 12: £749 / €799
  • $649 / €69 for the Xiaomi 12X (8/128GB).

Fair warning to Americans: even though the price is listed in US currency, Xiaomi doesn’t sell phones there. Therefore this device won’t be available for purchase there. Given that it is a widely recognized currency, the price in dollars is probably merely a recommendation.

Xiaomi 12: Display

Xiaomi 12

The screen is FHD+, or 1080 x 2400 – this is normal for most Android phones, with only ultra-premium or ultra-budget smartphones having resolutions up or down this, though it’s worth noting that both the Mi 11 and 12 Pro top it.

Because it has an AMOLED display, the contrast is excellent, and the colours seem brilliant. Either indoors or outside, the maximum screen brightness of 1100 nits will be suitably blinding.

The screen refreshes 120 times every second, or 120 times each frame, giving the appearance of fluid motion. Xiaomi also says that the touchscreen supports 68 billion colours, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+, although you won’t notice these capabilities if you’re watching a 90s comedy over wobbly 4G.


Xiaomi 12 Xiaomi 12

The Xiaomi 12 boasts three cameras on the back. A 50MP primary camera with an f/1.9 aperture, a 13MP ultra-wide camera, and a 5MP telephoto camera. For comparison, it is the same as the Mi 11. But the 108 mp camera on that device changes with a 50mp one.

Photography isn’t only about resolution. This is perhaps why Xiaomi’s 108MP-to-50MP descent might. But is considered an upgrade as the sensor size has increased and images are now brighter.

The primary camera produces good-looking images with vivid colours, strong contrast, and great detail.

The ultrawide snapper, OK but not very noteworthy, completes the gathering. Images on this device were a little lighter than comparable photographs taken with the central camera, and they were clear and not noticeably distorted.

Although zoom photography is less well-liked than ultrawide or macro, the lack of a macro or periscope lens restricts the phone’s ability to take pictures.

Xiaomi 12: A flagship model?

The first flagships powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 are the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro. The Pro variant, in particular, has an improved camera configuration and nearly twice as fast charging as the Mi 11 Ultra from the previous year.

Does the Xiaomi 12 feature OIS?

The Samsung ISOCELL GW3 sensor-powered 64MP primary lens is said to be the focal point of the triple camera, which also has a macro and ultrawide lens but no OIS.

Is the Xiaomi brand reputable?

Xiaomi’s hardware and software quality has improved dramatically over the last two years, making the tech startup a power that neither Samsung nor Apple could ignore.


Although it has some rough edges, the Xiaomi 12 is a beautiful premium phone. Even though it’s tiny in size, appealing appearance, and quick charging guarantee it competes well in the major leagues, its cameras, display, and software experience are merely OK. Considering how many functions compete for its limited battery, the device boasts an amazing endurance level.

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