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Google Nest Hub Max: Get the all-rounder Hub!


The Google Nest Hub Max is a bigger variant of the Google Home Hub, a smart speaker with a screen – otherwise called a brilliant showcase.

So for what reason isn’t it called the Home Hub Max? The Nest Hub Max additionally has a forward-looking camera and can plug into the Google-possessed Nest stage to go about as a brilliant home camera. Google has additionally renamed the first Home Hub to carry it into the Nest family.

This part of the Google Nest Hub Max needs a little work deciding on our experience. Be that as it may, this is generally an extraordinary savvy speaker. It sounds sufficient to go about as a scaled-down Hi-Fi, Google Assistant feels responsive and the enormous screen allows you to watch YouTube while you cook.

Google’s most recent brilliant presentation looks almost indistinguishable from the first Home Hub yet adds new usefulness, including a camera, a bigger showcase, and some Nest Cam DNA.

When it was sent off the Google Nest Hub Max had a lot of elements and a few firsts for the budding brilliant showcase market.

Software used by Google Nest Hub Max

In the event that it doesn’t run Android, how do treats run? Google doesn’t will quite often allude to it in a similar way as the product of telephones and tablets, yet this is Home.

What the screen shows when not being used is your primary customization decision. You can have a slideshow of Google Earth pictures, pics from the Google Arts file, or those of your own Google Photos assortment. Or then again a clock face, which is much less diverting on the off chance that you’ll put the Google Nest Hub Max toward the edge of a room in which you’ll work or stare at the TV.

However, you will likewise have to introduce the Nest app to utilize the Google Nest Hub Max’s camera appropriately. The home was one of the first brilliant home pioneers in the current wave, which made home computerization modest and open and was purchased by Google back in 2014.

Design of Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max: Get the all-rounder Hub!

Google set the norm for their feelings, and there’s a lot of this style in the Google Nest Hub Max.

It resembles a breathtaking Android tablet darted onto a dim dark fabric-lined base. To some it could resemble a touchscreen interface you’d find in a gallery show, however, we think it looks better compared to the blocky Lenovo Smart Display.

Display and Video Quality

The Google Nest Hub Max has a 10-inch LCD screen, a lot bigger than the 7-inch show of the first Home Hub.

Watch video on this smart speaker, which is the best characteristic of Google Nest Hub Max in a room or kitchen rather than your lounge.

However, we wouldn’t be excessively satisfied with this screen assuming that it was pressed into a tablet. The goal is 1280 x 800 pixels, which leaves a genuinely clear pixelation when you look into the close.


price of google nest

It was delivered in September 2019, around eighteen months on from the first Google Home Hub.

It costs $229/£219/$349, like the first cost of the 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display. These gadgets age sufficiently speedy to guarantee you can now purchase the Lenovo for altogether less. In any case, which is better?

The Lenovo has a more honed screen and a security cover for its camera. However, we think it looks better.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Amazing screen
Great, music-accommodating speaker
Flawless plan
All around evaluated


The show isn’t quite so sharp as Lenovo’s
Home combination unbalanced at the send-off
Only works with Duo calling

Nest and Camera of Google Hub Max

camera of google nest hub max

To use the Google Nest Hub Max by downloading the Nest app on your phone and its 6.5-megapixel camera behaves like a savvy home camera. The Google Nest Cam is a tiny minimal home camera. It cost £159/$199 all alone, this causes the case to appear noticeably more appealing arrangement.

While functioning as a Nest camera, the Google Nest Hub Max catches cuts at whatever point it detects development or strange commotion. Furthermore, you can interface your phone so Nest knows when you are at home or out, and act likewise.

You want a Nest membership to benefit as much as possible from this security highlight. $5/£4 a month keeps a 5-day cloud store of these recorded clasps, $10/£8 offers a 10-day chronicle, and $30/£24 a month stores cuts for an entire month. We can call all these memberships Nestaware.

Audio Performance of Google Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max: Get the all-rounder Hub!

Amazon’s standard Echo speakers have 7-mic clusters intended to have the option to hear you from any course. The Google Nest Hub Max just has two since you’re probably going to put it against a divider.

The sound quality is great as well. The Nest Hub Max has two 18mm tweeters and the bass driver is 75mm. There’s no detached radiator except for the bass driver is a comparable size to that of the Sonos One.


At $229, the Google Nest Hub Max isn’t the least expensive brilliant showcase, yet it is awesome. You get extraordinary sound, an enormous presentation, and a lot of highlights you won’t find with the opposition. On the off chance that you couldn’t care less with regards to the Nest Cam highlights or video calls, set aside some cash and go for the Google Nest Hub (second era).

The screen goal is somewhat low as well, however, the presentation of Netflix support is an incredible expansion.

All things considered, the Google Nest Hub Max is as yet in addition to an incredible savvy show however an extraordinary smart speaker and a method for remaining engaged while you sit tight for your onions to sauté.

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