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Nest Wifi Pro- Faster, Smarter and Better!


Google Nest WiFi Pro is an cutting-edge Wi-Fi system which offers super-fast internet, cutting-edge capabilities, and simple setup. It  is the ideal home WiFi solution due to its sleek design and simple controls. Even while Nest Wifi Pro includes a lot of cutting-edge capabilities and a quick, dependable internet connectivity, there are certain restrictions to take into account. There have been complaints about troubles with range and coverage, a lack of ports, and incompatibility with older devices. These restrictions, however modest, do not impact the overall functionality and performance of Google Wifi Pro.

However, following is our review on Nest WiFi Pro featuring pros, cons, performance, key features, design etc., to know why it is worth considering for your home network.

Overall Summary

Google Nest WiFi Pro

Google Nest WiFi Pro launched in October, 2022 for $199.99 is the best smart home product for quick, dependable, and seamless internet coverage. It comes in the options of 1 pack, 2 pack and 3 packs. It is clearly more conventional and contemporary and has rounded corners with a little boxier shape. It establishes a new benchmark for home networking with its sophisticated functionality and stylish appearance. With combined speeds of up to 5.4 Gbps, it offers a quick and reliable internet connection, supports many gadgets, and can deal with high network traffic. However, it is not compatible with the past device and has only two ports. It offers color options as Fog, Lemongrass, Linen, Snow and Multi-colour options.

  • affordably priced
  • Clean design
  • rapid and reliable performance
  • Support for Thread and Matter
  • Small and can be easily hide
  • Simple to set up
  • Incompatibility with the past
  • The devices only have two LAN ports.
  • Google Home app is confusing
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02/23/2024 11:22 am GMT

Highlighting Specs

Price$199.99 (For 1 pack)
Product Dimensions5.16 x 4.65 x 3.35 inches
Item Weight2.29 pounds
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi 6E
Frequency Band ClassTri-Band
Compatible DevicesWorks with laptops, phones, etc.,
Coverage per device2200 SQ ft.
Combined speedsUp to 5.4 Gbp
Included ComponentsWiFi router/extender
Control MethodApp
Colors:Fog, Lemongrass, Linen, Snow and Multi-colour options

Layout and Build

nest wifi pro

Since Wi-Fi routers work best when they are out in the elements, Nest Wifi Pro is made to look nice wherever it is placed. The Pro is clearly more conventional and contemporary and has rounded corners with a little boxier shape. With Nest Wifi Pro, you can be sure that even at the edge of your network’s coverage, your connection will remain steady and robust. Based on product weight, it contains more than 60% recycled components. Matter, a new global standard that makes it easier to integrate smart homes, is used in the construction of it. All of your Matter gadgets are connected and controlled by it, enabling smooth Google Home integration.

On the base, there is a little reset button and a QR code, and the exterior is sleek and smooth. On the front, next to the bottom, there is only one LED. When everything is functioning properly, it is white. When connectivity is bad, it changes colour. Using the app, this can be dimmed or even switched off completely. The units are rather substantial and small, and their rubberized base means they shouldn’t tip over easily. You cannot wall install these because there are no screw connections or hooks.

Key Features

nest wifi pro

Mesh Wifi Router and Wifi 6E technology

The latest mesh Wi-Fi router gives you a stronger and more dependable connection across your entire home by connecting many Wi-Fi routers to form one connected system. However, this well designed- mesh router gives you greater coverage than a standard router. Since the Nest Pro is a brand-new system, in earlier time’s Nest Wifi mesh systems cannot be used with it. Mesh Wi-Fi routers serve as an effective service that consistently sends out strong signals and covers your entire home.

The new Wi-Fi 6E standard provides enabled devices with direct support to the 6 GHz. It offers superior performance overall, faster speeds, and shorter latencies. You can use the brand-new 6 GHz band, which functions as an unobstructed fast lane for your connected gadgets. As a result, your Wi-Fi will be quicker and more responsive for your video chats, games, AR/VR, and other uses. You also get the enhanced security of Wi-Fi 6E speeds with Nest WiFi Pro.


Each device has two gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which is automatically reserved for your modem. Now you’re ready if all you need is one wired connection.


You won’t have to reveal your password because it generates a separate guest network for visitors. Additionally, it’s simple to prohibit access for unauthorised users on your network if you notice a device that doesn’t belong. You can restrict access to particular websites and explicit material using the Google Home app. You may configure parental controls for free, including Wi-Fi scheduling, Internet timeouts, and more. Nest WiFi Pro helps to safeguard your network from hacking and other illegal software by utilizing software updates and secure booting.


Nest Wifi Pro- Faster, Smarter and Better!

Nest Wifi Pro intelligently controls high bandwidth activities and performance to prioritise things like video chats, speed up page loading, and support smooth operation. Wifi pro makes use of mesh technology, dual-band support, sophisticated beamforming, and robust hardware to provide quick, dependable, and all-encompassing Wi-Fi coverage across your home. Pro offers quick and reliable performance in terms of speed, with some users experiencing speeds of over 1Gbps. Additionally, the system supports the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands, enabling quicker speeds and effective utilisation of the available capacity.

It is intended to offer thorough coverage throughout your house and has the capacity to join several Wi-Fi stations to form a mesh network. This enables quick and dependable Wi-Fi service in even the biggest households. It is a powerful Wi-Fi system created to provide quick, dependable, and thorough Wi-Fi coverage across your home. If you can run Ethernet cables throughout the house, a wired backhaul will offer the optimum performance.

Connectivity and Google App home

Nest Wifi Pro- Faster, Smarter and Better!

You can use Google Home to control more network connections from anywhere using Matter devices like the Pro. When your Nest devices are all linked to WiFi Pro, you can get more out of them, such as a more reliable live connection for your Nest Doorbell and quicker 4K streaming on Chromecast. Just use Google Home app to monitor connected devices, check network performance, and more. While other mesh routers offers a linked browser option, the Nest Wifi Pro requires configuration and customization through the Google Home app. The software may operate either horizontally or vertically, unlike many other mesh apps.

Built-in Thread Border Router:

The common mechanism for connecting all of your smart home gadgets is called thread. To join your smart devices with Ethernet devices and other Wi-Fi on a single Thread mesh network, use the Thread border router that is incorporated into the Nest Wifi Pro. As a result, there is a stronger overall connection at more locations around your home. In and around your home, your Thread-enabled system will be quicker, more energy-efficient, and able to reach more locations.


nest wifi pro

It is simple to use and simple to set up. Each profile has the ability to screen harmful websites, manually pause the internet, and set up a program to halt the internet at predetermined periods. Press the tiny circle underneath for ten seconds to reset any device, and then watch for the three yellow LEDs to light up. If they are connected, you can also do this using the app.

Steps to Setup:

  • Install the Google Home app
    Step-by-step instructions will be given to you right away when you downloaded it.
  • Connect the router.
    To set up your Wi-Fi network, you plug it into the modem or gateway of your Internet service provider.
  • Embrace your Wi-Fi.
    Utilize the full potential of your connected home devices and services by streaming 4K videos, listening to music, and making video calls.

In comparison to other Wi-Fi systems, how can Nest Wifi Pro offer superior coverage?

Contrary to other Wi-Fi systems, Nest Wifi Pro has great coverage and speed thanks to a variety of features and technologies. First off, it makes use of mesh technology to build a network of several Wi-Fi nodes that cooperate to deliver smooth, quick, and thorough coverage across your home. Second, it has cutting-edge beamforming technology, which directs Wi-Fi signals to your devices directly for quicker and more dependable connections. Nest Wifi Pro is a powerful Wi-Fi system with superior speed and coverage compared to other Wi-Fi systems because to these characteristics and its robust hardware.

What distinguishes previous model from Nest Wifi Pro?

Although Google offers both Nest Wifi Pro and previous model as Wi-Fi systems, there are several significant distinctions between the two: In comparison to Nest Wifi, setting Nest Wifi Pro is intended to be quicker, more powerful, and to have better coverage. Additionally, it has extra features and functions including sophisticated tools for network management and the capacity to give particular devices higher bandwidth priority. In contrast to Nest Wifi, Nest Wifi Pro is a lot sophisticated and potent Wi-Fi system that provides better performance, coverage, and extra functions.

Is Nest Wifi Pro a wise purchase for a sophisticated and safe home network?

Yes, purchasing Nest Wifi Pro will pay off in the long run if you want a smart and safe home network. This gadget of google is the ideal option for a smooth and practical home network because of its internet speed and dependable internet coverage, cutting-edge capabilities, and simple setup procedure. It is a wise investment for a contemporary and connected home because of its value-adding features like automated upgrades and a clean appearance. Overall, Nest Pro users have expressed great satisfaction with the product, and it continues to be a top pick for a secure and smart home network solution.


Nest WiFi Pro has a sleek and comparatively tiny Wi-Fi system is made to provide dependable and quick internet service across your home, making it the ideal choice for browsing, streaming, and gaming. Google Nest Wifi Pro’s comprehensive features, like automated upgrades, WiFi 6E technology, thread and matter support makes network management simpler and more intelligent.

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Nest Wifi Pro- Faster, Smarter and Better!
  • Layout
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Connectivity and Setup


Nest WiFi Pro has a sleek and comparatively tiny Wi-Fi system is made to provide dependable and quick internet service across your home, making it the ideal choice for browsing, streaming, and gaming. Google Nest Wifi Pro’s comprehensive features, like automated upgrades, WiFi 6E technology, thread and matter support makes network management simpler and more intelligent.





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