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Best Free iPhone Games to play in your leisure time!

best free iphone games
best free iphone games

The iPhone may be the most significant mobile gaming platform. The performance of iPhones has made them an excellent gaming companion for years. Numerous free-to-play games are available with no entry fee or requirement for payment to play the game, making them accessible to all gamers. However, the following are the best free-to-play games you can download and play on your iPhone. The Gameplay, characters, upsides, downsides, various modes and soundtracks are mentioned below, which you should know to make your gaming experience worthwhile!

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends

It is an adventure video game from 2018 created by Gameloft Barcelona and released by Gameloft. The fifteenth significant game in the series was released on February 26, 2018. There are new controls, graphics, cars and tracks. The improvement over its immediate predecessor is 9: Legends. With a few exceptions, the visuals represent the largest increase. They are simply lovely and exceptional for a game.

Race modes and Gameplay

It has four racing categories: classic, time attack, hunted, and slipstream. The classic mode from previous games has been brought back along with new races. The amazing sports cars from top manufacturers allow for more exciting and engaging gaming. To unlock new races, you must complete several goals divided into several achievable aims. To obtain an additional boost, press the Nitro button on the screen. Nitro Shockwave is another available feature. Although the gameplay is entertaining and interesting, the design and automobile refuelling mechanism are a continual nuisance.

Audio and tracks

On average, the tracks in this game are short. A few significant tracks divide into many sections. The soundtrack is a fantastic blend of contemporary, energetic electronic music that blends seamlessly with the action on screen. The game’s other foley work is superb, and the automobiles’ frightening and powerful sounds are appropriate.

Amazing Graphics

HDR methods, dazzling visual effects, and particle effects are all included. A purple track that looks incredible in terms of aesthetics and intricacy may be seen in Shockwave Mode. Every time the vehicles make contact with something, sparks are released, and a bloom effect causes brighter spots to stand out and become completely dominant as they are gently blown out. In addition, everything save the automobile is subject to motion blur on a per-pixel basis.

  • Over 70 tracks
  • Fast-paced gaming system
  • Fantastic graphics
  • The racing in the arcade is a great experience.
  • Career mode will endure forever.
  • Puts the spotlight on in-app purchases
  • Pop-up advertisements
  • Various microtransactions
  • Demands little skill
  • Fun moments pass quickly.
  • The frame rate is unreliable.
  • Race modes and Gameplay

Call of duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Activision released the free-to-play shooting game Call of Duty for Android and iOS. With 270 million downloads a year after its debut on October 1, 2019, it was one of the biggest game releases in history. Unlike other games in the series, it has many playable characters, maps, and game types. It includes a battle pass and two in-game currencies.

Battle Royale Modes

Additionally, the game offers a fascinating experience based on battle modes, including the team. When everyone is prepared, they board a plane and fly across the map in a straight line. The team’s landing time and location are decided by a jump leader appointed by each team. Players may discover and use the weapons, vehicles, and other objects on the map to increase their chances of killing opponents while maintaining their survival.

A player or team wins the match if they are the last ones left. Sniper Challenge, Battle Royale Blackout, 20v20 Warfare, Battle Royale Alcatraz, and Battle Royale Blitz are a few of the most niche battle royale games.


A first-person shooter like those in past Call of Duty games makes up the multiplayer mode. Score streaks, unique weapons accessible when the player reaches particular times and points, are another game feature.


Three Zombies maps are mentioned in several files discovered in the most recent game version. November 2019 saw the addition of a zombie mode. The squad needs to live for three nights in casual, compared to five nights in other levels. The maps include Shi No Numa, TranZit, and Night of the Undead. In October 2022, the game’s Classic Zombies mode was reintroduced, retaining its exclusivity to the Shi No Numa map.

  • competent controllers
  • fascinating gameplay
  • Large map collection
  • Combative Style
  • Numerous in-app advertisements
  • needs a lot of storage
  • High-speed internet is necessary.
  • hectic interface
  • difficult to use touch controllers

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

It is an action role-playing game created and released for iOS in 2020. The game has an open world, an anime-inspired aesthetic, and an action-based fighting mode that employs elemental magic and character swapping. The fictional world of Teyvat, where it is set, is home to seven nations, each associated with a different element and controlled by a different god.


There are 58 characters accessible, and more can appear in future banner releases. Certain individuals are always present in the narrative. The Traveler, however, serves as the game’s protagonist. Characters can improve their strengths in several ways, including levelling up and enhancing artefacts. They may control one of seven natural elements and have two distinct fighting skills: an elemental skill and an elemental burst.


The player in the open-world action role-playing game may control a party of four interchangeable characters. In the overworld, up to four people can interact and join Domains. Players from different platforms can play together in the game thanks to cross-platform functionality. Asking to join with another player is one way to match players. For prizes, the player can tackle a variety of challenges. The player advances toward raising their Adventure Rank by completing these tasks, which opens up additional quests, and challenges and boosts the World Level.


The music is composed to engage players in the adventure while offering emotional and beautiful tunes. Western music serves as the framework for the score. Additional regional and cultural components vary depending on the location. The war themes also use polyphony, other compositional strategies, and aspects resembling orchestration.

  • beautiful visuals
  • RPG systems in depth
  • Simple but exciting battle
  • The range and enjoyment of quests
  • PC controller troubles plenty
  • The story may need help to follow.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

This game is one of the highest-grossing games. The Match-three Candy Crush Saga was released on April 12, 2012. Its main gameplay involves moving two adjacent sweets across the gameboard to create a row or column of at least three candies of the same hue. While playing Candy Crush Saga is free, certain optional in-game items cost money.


Candy Crush Saga features eleven characters. The protagonist of the game is Tiffi. The player must solve riddles throughout the game to help Tiffi resolve issues affecting the citizens of the Candy Kingdom. Tommy, Denize, minty, Misty, odus, Mr Yeti, Mr Tofi, Milli, Benny, and bubblegum Troll are more characters than Tiffi.


Match three game Candy Crush Saga’s main Gameplay involves moving two adjacent candies across the game board to create a row or column of at least three candies of the same colour. These matches result in points for the player, who increases those points due to chain reactions. The game has several stages. The level continues, and it states that the Saga never ends. However, given how often new levels are being introduced, it certainly seems there won’t be one.

In-App Purchases

Although initially not required, some tools become helpful as the game progresses. You may purchase several things to raise your score, restore your health if you run out of moves, and more. When players purchase more lives, they get gold bars. Gold bars can buy additional activities, boosters, or new episodes.

  • Match three gameplay with hundreds of stages
  • challenging variants
  • Unbelievable range of puzzles
  • Using amusing power-ups
  • Overly dependent on coincidence
  • Some people won’t like the art direction.
  • Repetitive.
  • Almost no strategy.
  • Either level is too difficult or too simple.

Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO

The video game known as Pokémon GO has been installed more than 1 billion times. On July 6, 2016, it was released, a free app that merges games and the real world. By the end of the year, it had been downloaded more than 500 million times globally, making it one of the most popular and lucrative apps. Players capture and train the characters in actual locales thanks to the game’s mapping technology and location tracking.


While there are several things to do in Pokemon Go, such as completing objectives and competing against other players, catching Pokemon is the main objective. The characters from the game map emerge when players move around the real world. It will display on the device screen when users get close enough to capture them by throwing Poké Balls at them. The objective is to amass as many various characters as you can. They can be on the overworld map, in raid fights, or fulfilling research missions.

Players get witness points for a variety of in-game actions. Gyms may only hold a maximum of six, all of which must be exclusive to that Gym. Several players compete against an over-level housed in a gym in a raid battle. The players have a chance to capture a standard form if they succeed in defeating it. Trainer and Team Go Rocket battles are also available.

  • exploring various locations
  • A fun implementation of AR.
  • Team-based, competitive combat.
  • Promoting physical exercise
  • promotes interpersonal communication.
  • Adds new features often.
  • risks of harm brought on by playing the game too much
  • Exchanging account details
  • Battery decreases.

Apex Legends Mobiles

Apex Legends Mobile

On May 17, 2022, the iPhone version of the tactical battle royale shooter Apex Legends Mobile was released. It offers renowned character-based Gameplay, world-class squad fights, and frantic fighting in a portable package that solidifies the game’s status as one of the finest shooters. By the end of the first week, Apex Legends had more than 25 million players, and by the end of the first month, it had 50 million. It was one of the most popular video games ever in terms of player count in 2021, with almost 100 million players. This provides a surreal adventure on mobile devices.

Characters and Gameplay

A wide cast of 23 characters is there in Apex Legends. Twenty-three-player teams compete in each match on average. Each team member chooses one of the 21 playable characters, each of whom has a distinct appearance, personality, totally unique progression and set of skills that allow them to participate in various ways for the team. Players can form a squad with friends or pair up randomly with other players.

Then, every team loads onto an aircraft that flies above the playing field. Each squad has a jumpmaster who, with the consent of the other squad members, decides when the squad should jump from the plane and where to land. Nevertheless, depending on the circumstances within each element, portion, and region of the map and match, the game eventually lasts only a few minutes. If you’ve played Battle Royales before, Apex Legends won’t be too difficult, although choosing which character to play can be frightening.

Seasons and Maps

A new playable character releases at the start of every new season. Seasons often come with time-limited battle passes that grant new cosmetic items to players who successfully fulfil in-game tasks. Seasons can bring modifications to the terrain, new gameplay components, and new cosmetic items. With the help of Apex Legends Mobile, the high-budget version game is playable on mobile. Fade is an original Legend that is only mobile exclusive. Legends veterans offer will be familiar with this, although it offers alternative map rotations. Many maps are available for the Arenas mode and Battle Royal format. Only a few accessible maps rotate each season, typically 3 for Battle Royale and 5 for Arenas.

  • excellent graphics
  • Numerous Rewards
  • A simplified looting and communication system
  • a challenging learning curve
  • Some firearms are inoperable
  • No support for controllers
  • lacks crossplay and advancement
  • complicated touch interface

Which game has the most downloads on the App Store?

Candy Crush Saga, one of the most successful games of all time, had so many downloads that it overtook all other balance game apps worldwide. It ranks one in the Apple Store and second in the Google Play Store. The game’s structure, without a doubt, adds to its success.

Is iPhone gaming superior to Android gaming?

In terms of games, it is useless. Users of Android and iPhone devices are vying for primacy in particular genres. However, the fact is that both OS are better than the other; otherwise, none would have a higher rating.


Apex legends mobile, Pokemon Go, Candy Crush Saga, Call of Duty: Mobile etc., are our suggested best free iPhone games. Apart from this, there are many other best free iPhone games.

  • Fire Emblem Heroes– A strategic role-playing entertainment. On Nintendo’s platforms, Fire Emblem Heroes is a favourite among lovers of strategy games.
  • Pikmin Bloom– A cellular augmented reality game in the Pikmin series
  • Sky: Children of the Light– An avatar that resembles a kid is controlled by the user in the open-world Sky: Children of the Light.
  • Froglike: The Frog Roguelike– Froglike is an indie roguelike featuring frogs and old-school arcade components.

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