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Best iPhone 14 cases to give a try!

best iphone 14 cases
best iphone 14 cases

If you’ve ordered one of Apple’s newest smartphones, getting one of the top iPhone 14 cases or iPhone 14 Pro cases is probably the first on your list of accessories. Although looking for the best iPhone 14 Pro case can be stressful, you shouldn’t worry because you’re in excellent hands. We’ve been very good at locating the top phone cases from reliable, high-quality brands. The best iPhone 14 cases have assisted in preventing scratches while giving the gadget some flair. Scratching a brand-new phone is the last thing you want to do. Although the new iPhone looks almost identical to its predecessor, the sizes and button locations are slightly different, requiring a devoted iPhone 14 case or iPhone 14 pro max case. The iPhone 14 family consists of four phones. The iPhone 14 Plus is a new addition that has the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro but requires its case due to the shape and positioning of buttons and lenses.

Given that iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 are similar in size, you may assume that a current cover will work, but sadly, that is probably not the case. Take a look to learn more about the elegant options for more rugged or protection on the iPhone 14. The new iPhone resembles its predecessor, but the sizes vary very little across the range, so you’ll likely require a specific iPhone 14 case or iPhone 14 Pro cover.

MUJJO leather iPhone 14 case

Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 14

If you want a fashionable, functional, and environmentally sustainable case, you must have Mujjo’s Wallet Case. The wallet pocket can hold up to three cards. The case is made of vegetable-tanned, environmentally friendly and has received a gold rating for its minimal environmental impact.

Each ultra-slim case has a rich color, a tough finish that will acquire a magnificent patina over time, and is lined with Japanese microfiber providing security and insulation. It has received the best rating stars for its perfect and affordable structure. While newly designed side buttons in tone metal are pleasantly clicky and snappy, your display and camera are protected from scratches by a 1mm raised bezel and raised camera bump. MagSafe case is also included in this case for quick wireless charging. Choose from three different colors: brown, black, and Monaco Blue.


With its new iPhone 14 variants, MUJJO was among the first case manufacturers to launch this year. MUJJO’s cases for iPhone model are available in two styles with three color options for each, continuing to supply a limited selection of products. You can choose between the regular leather model or the leather option that is virtually the same leather but has a built-in wallet-style pocket stitched onto the back. The only colors offered for both models are black, a blue hue, and a light brown or brown choice. 

The ECCO leather used to make the MUJJO leather iPhone 14 cases is “certified Gold for environmental standards,” according to the manufacturer. With time is said to develop a deep patina. The models from last year, which I have had more opportunities to use, show this is indeed the case.

A thin lip surrounds the iPhone camera arrays to protect the lens assembly, and a small portion of extra casing protrudes from the front to protect the display. Additionally, only the basic non-wallet variant is equipped with MagSafe case charges and accessories. Other feature options include machined steel buttons and wireless charging capability.


  • Ecco leather that is vegetable-tanned ages nicely and has a Gold rating for environmental requirements.
  • MagSafe is compatible with MagSafe peripherals and offers quick and simple wireless charging.
  • Buttons made of machined metal have more responsiveness and clickiness.
  • A 1mm raised leather bezel shields the screen from rough surfaces.
  • The case elegantly conceals the base while leaving the speakers and charging port accessible.
  • A raised rear camera bump safeguards lenses.
  • The opulent Japanese microfiber lining adds a satin-like sheen.
  • The leather develops a patina over time that is particular to your use.
  • Premium leather completely envelops your phone in a super-slim profile.

  • Vegetable-tanned, green leather case material cases
  • skinny and cost-effective profile case
  • contrasting metal side buttons
  • A wallet pocket may hold three cards.
  • A super-slim profile can not offer as much drop protection as other cases of iphone.
03/20/2023 01:00 pm GMT

Incipio Duo Case

Incipio Duo Case for Apple iPhone 14

If you want your iPhone 14 to be seriously drop-protected, the Incipio Duo Case is necessary. With its basic design and optimum protection, this two-piece case is ideal. The thin design makes theses cases compatible with wireless and MagSafe charging, and the soft-touch surface feels lovely in your palm while offering smudge resistance. The case is scratch- and discoloration-resistant. Innovative Impact Struts technology offers up to 12 feet drop protection, and an antibacterial treatment stops 99.9% of surface microorganisms. The lifetime warranty offered by Incipio is the cherry on top. You can purchase this case in clear or one of the following colors: black, Midnight Navy, Tradewinds Gray, or Scarlet Red.


Duo demonstrates the proverb “two is better than one” by fusing basic design with maximal defense. This two-piece protection case offers everything you would expect from the industry leaders in dual-layer technology: a sleek, user-friendly design with tested defense against annoyance-inflicting bumps and drops. Our ground-breaking Impact Struts technology raises drop protection to 12 feet and features a new soft-touch texture that is stain-resistant. The subsequent development in dual-layer defense is called “Duo.”


  •  12 feet Drop protection
  • smudge-resistant surface with a soft touch
  • A technology known as Impact Strut Protection lessens impact force.
  • Raised-edge bezel safeguards the camera and screen.
  • fabricated with recycled materials
  • Discoloration and scratch resistance
  • antimicrobial protection
  • Continual guarantee
  • 5G compatible and compatible with wireless and MagSafe* charging
  • repurposed packaging

  • No tricks, just performance
  • Antimicrobial Defense
  • Recycled Resources
  • Impact Struts technology
  • Dual-Layer Defense for 12-foot drop protection.
  • Some people might not prefer minimalist design.
03/20/2023 01:01 pm GMT

Apple iPhone 14 Silicone Case with MagSafe

Apple iPhone 14 Silicone Case

Even though it costs a lot for a straightforward silicone shell, it fits and feels fantastic. The silicone case maintains the sleek appearance that Apple values. The Apple iPhone 14 Silicone Case with MagSafe keeps your phone safe and is easy to grip thanks to its smooth, soft-touch outside and microfiber interior. For your new iPhone 14, Apple’s Silicone Cover is suitable if you want the whole Apple experience. This silky-soft silicone cover is available in eight different colors.

It is snug, as you would expect from anything with MagSafe support for case, and you can “stack” additional similar gadgets on top of the pile if necessary. silicone Apple’s basic silicone case is also available in the same colours as the other models for the larger iPhone Pro case max. The slim design is ideal if you want to avoid adding extra bulk to your phone, and the aligned magnets ensure compatibility with MagSafe devices.


With built-in magnets, the case works with any MagSafe accessory you choose, and a soft microfiber interior protects your phone from dings and scratches. Although it is not the lowest case available, it is also not the most expensive. This straightforward, compact silicone case includes strategically placed magnets and microfibres to safeguard the phone. Although it’s pricey for a simple shell at $49 or £49, experts believe the soft-touch surface will serve the new iPhone justice.


  • The Silicone Case with MagSafe, created by Apple to go with the iPhone 14, is a lovely way to safeguard your iPhone.
  • The silicone exterior’s velvety, soft-touch quality feels lovely in your hands. For added security, there is a soft microfiber lining on the inside.
  • This case consistently provides faster wireless charging and a magical attach experience thanks to built-in magnets that match the iPhone 14.
  • It goes through countless hours of testing during the design and production phases, much like every case made by Apple. So, in addition to having a nice appearance, it was made to guard your iPhone against scratches.

  • Supple silicone case
  • A large selection of vivid colors
  • Supple microfiber interior
  • MagSafe compatibility built-in
  • Expensive Buy
  • Possibly not as much protection as some.
03/20/2023 01:01 pm GMT


CASEKOO iPhone 14 Case

The original streamlined bumper design by CASEKOO fits the hand better to provide a stable, non-slip grip designed for texting, gaming, and selfies, and it also keeps the simple and sleek profile. The shock-absorbing corners of your device protect the bottom edge while allowing full port access. It has a strong magnetic attachment that allows for a smooth wireless charge. Researchers have designed the outstandingly slimline iPhone 14 Pro/ iPhone 14 Pro Max MagicStand case, with only 2mm added to the size of your mobile, which is so compact but without sacrificing compatibility with MagSafe accessories and protection performance, by incorporating the brand-new ultra-protective materials and groundbreaking magnetic kickstand design. Furthermore, the stand has been perfectly embedded into a shallow groove, rolled up flat in any pocket when not in use, and unnoticed when carried, transforming it into an invisible daily companion.


There’s no need to be troubled about your phone slipping out of your grasp. Because it is almost entirely made of ultra-clear polycarbonate, it helps your device retain its clarity and never turns yellow. It is one of KrystecTM’s most transparent cases. The MagicStand, made of a new aviation aluminum alloy that is light yet durable, can withstand over 30,000 openings without damage. Furthermore, as desired, it can be placed sustainably, with portrait and landscape use modes ranging from 40° to 120°. The CASEKOO Magic Stand Cases are designed to offer maximum protection in a minimal package – with a hidden feature.


  • The military-grade fall protection is far superior to any real-world drop, with a 1.5mm lip all over the screen.
  • CASEKOO provides additional security in the form of a U-Shock airbag.
  • CASEKOO cases employ a MagPrime Array to ensure your phone receives the 15W MagSafe charger output.
  • The CASEKOO Magic Stand Cases are simple and understated, with a mildly translucent back.
  • Despite the robust protection, the case is fragile, unlike many bulky and uncomfortable protective cases.
  • All MagSafe accessories, such as Apple’s battery pack and iPhone leather wallet, are also fully compatible with the cases.

  • Crystal clear look
  • Nanofiltration Mesh material Structure
  • Blue Resin Coating
  • 3-Layer Bumper Buffer Struct
  • Screen and Camera Protection
  • Hazy rectangle in the upper left corner
  • Non-Magnetic case
  • Filthy look
03/20/2023 01:10 pm GMT

Smartish Gripmunk

Smartish iPhone 14 Slim Gripmunk Case

The Smartish Gripmunk is a dependable option for anyone looking for a simple, durable, and protective case that costs between $10 and $15. Since the iPhone 7, it has been our favorite case for every iPhone model, and while it isn’t particularly flashy, it is dependable. The case is sufficiently flexible to allow for simple installation, but it isn’t going to stretch or pull away over time.

It also has finger rhythms on the edges to help with grip and excellent shock absorption. Though each accident is unique, we’ve dropped iPhones trying to wear this case dozens of times, and they’ve never been damaged. You’ll be hard pressed to find a case of this calibre for less than $500.


The Smartish Gripmunk isn’t the most visually appealing case on the market, but Amazon offers a “secret menu” of patterns you can have displayed on the back of the case; another option is to upload your images or text to the Smartish website for more personalization. It should be noted that the Gripmunk does not protect against every impact. The Smartish iPhone 14 case accumulation includes six distinct models, ranging from a basic thin MagSafe-ready cover to the most recent version of its Gripzilla with a finger divot treatment on the edges. The Dancing Queen crossbody purse wallet and the Wallet Slayer models are available from there. The latter appears to be the standout option here, but all models can confidently say you’re getting what it says on the box.


  • The wallet is built into the back panel, with satiating visible stitching, a full-width opening for your cards and/or cash, and a large sufficient opening on the other end.
  • The Smartish iPhone 14 case collection appears to be one of the brands that have gotten the pricing right, with standard covers costing between $15 and $30.
  • Protection for your phone’s camera and screen that lifts it like a motivational speech
  • It is simply a small, shallow slit along the back of the case that provides a DIY-style kickstand action.
  • It can facilitate this temporary kickstand set – up without interfering too much with the overall appearance of the case.
  • It also has Protective Air-Pocket Corners and an improved feature.
  • Equipped with a Super Grippy Texture that aids in grip and prevents dropping

  • It has a grippy texture.
  • Fall-protection air pockets
  • Elevated display and camera edges
  • MagSafe does not have any magnets.
03/20/2023 01:11 pm GMT

Capella Mag Clear

Caseology Capella Mag iPhone 14 Case

Capella protects your device while keeping it looking and feeling luxurious in your hands. If you’re a purist who prefers the feel of a naked phone but can’t stand unsightly dings as well as scratches on your prized possession, Capella is the perfect compromise. The all-glass back replicates the smooth, cool feel of your iPhone 14 Pro with a Broad target audience that has different compatibility while protecting it from everyday wear and tear. In contrast, the flexible shock-absorbing TPU protects those delicate corners. Dresses impeccably and clearly to your device center stage.


Caseology has previously produced some good low-budget cases, such as the NanoPop, Parallax, Skyfall, and Vault. Its new Capella Mag Clear case is one of the more affordable transparent MagSafe cases. The Capella Mag is a simple case that lets you show off your iPhone’s colors. The PC layers in this TPU case safeguard your phone from scuffs and bumps. It’s also MagSafe compatible so one can use all the MagSafe accouterments.


  • The back is made of tempered ultra-clear glass to protect it from everyday scratches and wear.
  • The flexible TPU frame allows for simple installation and shock-absorbing corners.
  • The integrated magnetic ring, which is compatible with MagSafe chargers, keeps your device safe and aligned.
  • The TPU and PC layer protects against scratches and absorb everyday life shock.
  • A raised lip around the camera adds extra protection.
  • Military-grade protection, wireless charging compatibility, and screen protector compatibility
  • Caseology [Built-in Magnet] Capella Mag Case Magsafe compatible iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Compatibility (2022)
  • All of your buttons and ports will have responsive buttons and precise cut-outs.
  • Built with wireless charging and screen protector compatibility in mind.
  • MagSafe compatible built-in permanent magnet ring for iPhone 14 Pro (6.1-inch) 2022.

  • Magsafe is strong
  • Lightweight
  • Has strong magnet
  • A perfect quality case
  • Buttons are hard to press
  • The bezel isn’t high
03/20/2023 01:11 pm GMT

What’s the distinction between 14 and 14 Plus?

The screen on the iPhone 14 is 6.1 inches, while the Plus has a 6.7-inch display. These have a 19.5:9 aspect ratio and mirror the shape and ratios of an iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The PPI figures are nearly identical at 460 and 458 pixels per inch, respectively.

Is iPhone 14 water resistant?

The new iPhone 14 can withstand up to 19 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, so if you drop your device in the water, you can jump in and rescue it. However, avoid sand and the ocean because the corrosive nature of salt water can cause more harm than good.

Is it worthwhile to upgrade from an iPhone 13 to an iPhone 14?

It’s a minor improvement over the iPhone 13, but it’s valuable, especially given the new characteristics and refinements in the app store. Both phones run Apple’s iOS 16 software, but the iPhone 14 comes with it out of the box and will most likely have slightly longer software support.


We have provided you with the best series of cases for your iPhone 14 here in this blog, and you can definitely go for these options that are good fit cases and have top rating stars for the iPhone case purchase platform. We couldn’t determine your best, but we can provide you with better and more reliable iPhone 14 cases options that will never let you down!

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