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Now you can edit your RAW files on iPhone/ iPad much more simpler!


As of iOS 10, iCloud Photo Library will match up your RAW files. That implies the full picture information is pulled directly off the camera sensor. Any RAW pictures you snap in a third-party camera app on your iPhone will appear as RAW on your iPad, however even better. You would now be able to import RAW pictures from your DSLR or another expert camera to your iPhone.You can likewise process and edit those RAW files straightforwardly on your iPhone or iPad utilizing an external editor like Lightroom, and surprisingly through the Photos app. However, know, if you need to edit RAW files with Photos for iPhone, you will need to make a copy of it first. Here we will how you can edit RAW files in the Photos app for iPhone and iPad.

What is a RAW File?

A RAW file is the most well-known format design for uncompressed pictures captured by advanced cameras. RAW files are normally large in size. Because they contains minimally processed picture information with lossless quality. It contains the direct picture information from the camera sensors with no loss of quality and adjustment. Essentially, this file format is utilized to store the fullest details of the captured pictures so they can be edited with users tastes and preferences. RAW files can’t be printed or edited with fundamental bitmap graphics software.

There are some RAW formats that are more general than others, most camera makers utilize their own proprietary raw picture format. An Adobe .dng file is the nearest to a universal raw file design you’ll discover. At the point when you hear raw files being referred to as “digital negatives”, that is referring to this format, which Adobe made publicly accessible in 2003 to address the issue of the industry having no genuine open standard. Adobe additionally gives a free .dng converter and transparency about its details on the web. Here is a summary, including .dng, of some raw file designs you’ll discover in nature:

  • Adobe: .dng
  • Canon: .crw, .cr2, .cr3
  • Fuji: .raf
  • Nikon: .nef, .nrw
  • Olympus: .orf
  • Panasonic: .raw, .rw2
  • Sony: .arw, .srf, .sr2

Duplicate a RAW file

  • Pick the RAW picture you wish to duplicate in the Photos app.
  • Tap the Share button, then, at that point tap the Duplicate button.
Now you can edit your RAW files on iPhone/ iPad much more simpler!

Apps for editing RAW files

These are the absolute best apps that we’ve found on the App Store for editing RAW files!

Halide Camera

edit RAW files in the Photos app
  • Halide is truly outstanding around, and it comes packed with a huge load of highlights.
  • This includes a gorgeous, streamlined UI that makes it simple to make the most out of your iPhone’s camera hardware.
  • You are also allowed to change manual and exposure with simply a swipe, centre look with simply a tap, and shoot in RAW format if that you desire.
  • It’s incredible, packed with so many extraordinary highlights, and allows you to shoot in RAW.

Moment – Pro Camera

edit RAW files in the Photos app
  • Another incredible app that allows you to shoot in RAW is Moment – Pro Camera.
  • This one goes particularly well in case that you have picked any of the Moment iPhone lenses.
  • You can shoot in RAW, yet you’ll approach a lot of access to a bunch of tools that will guarantee that you have the most ideal photos or video possible.
  • There are manual controls for split focus/exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Videographers can handle color profiles, bitrates, double channel audio meters, waveforms, and more.
  • The moment has even added a slow shutter for long exposures,. Also there are numerous more alternatives available when you shoot with Moment.
  • While the Moment app works without the lenses, you do capitalize on it in case that you have effectively invested in the Moment lens system.

Adobe Lightroom

edit RAW files in the Photos app
Now you can edit your RAW files on iPhone/ iPad much more simpler!
  • Adobe is no more interesting to creative software, and Lightroom is an incredible photograph editor for your iPhone and iPad.
  • With Lightroom, you’re ready to do all you require with regards to post-processing photographs, if they’re in RAW format or not.
  • You can likewise shoot RAW photos straightforwardly with Lightroom also, which is nice.
  • Lightroom has a few presets so you can edit your photos to perfection in one touch, or you can physically adjust settings like white balance, exposure, brightness, and more.
  • This is allowed to download and utilize.
  • Alternatively, there are a few highlights that are Premium just ($5 in-app purchase) and include a healing brush, particular adjustments, geometry tools, and more.
  • What’s more, in case that you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription ($10 per month), you can get your photos across various gadgets, and you get 100GB of capacity.


Now you can edit your RAW files on iPhone/ iPad much more simpler!
  • Snapseed has been around for quite a long time, yet it’s as yet one of the extraordinary little photo editors that you can use on iOS, particularly thinking that it’s free with no in-app purchases.
  • With Snapseed, you can edit essentially any picture, including those for RAW format.
  • You will discover 29 useful tools and filters in the app to help you with getting the ideal snapshot.
  • These incredible highlights include tune pictures with manual or automatic controls, details, healing, glamour glow, and substantially more.
  • Everything is not difficult to get to and the app is intuitive, so your photos will look pro in no time at all.


RAW is a picture format that contains significantly a lot more information than JPG. It’s designed so you can capture however much information as possible be expected with your camera. The RAW format implies the most significant level of quality, you will keep all picture information. And it considers the most control when it comes to editing without losing any quality. Since the iPhones would now be able to shoot in RAW format, which implies you can likewise import your RAW pictures from your DSLRs and edit RAW files in the Photos app for iPhone and iPad also.

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