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How and where to sell your old iPhone?


There are a few unique alternatives for how to sell your iPhone. Ordinarily the less work you need to do yourself, the lower the last sum you’ll get for it. Along these lines, exchanging or utilizing assistance will be fast and simple, yet net you less. Selling straightforwardly and on your own will take more work however net you more money. Sort out what’s more significant to you, where and how to sell your old iPhone.

Apple Trade-In Program

where to sell iPhone
How and where to sell your old iPhone? 8

Apple will allow you to trade in your old iPhone when you go to purchase another one or get an Apple Store gift card whenever via mailing your old iPhone in. The in-store program is controlled by Apple, yet you must be prepared to purchase your new iPhone when you come in, so you can’t utilize it ahead of time. The mail-in program is controlled by Brightstar, yet you can utilize it at any time.

Apple Trade-In makes it simple to trade any qualified phone for instant credit towards another iPhone. Simply answer a couple of inquiries in regards to brand, model and condition. They’ll give a trade-in worth to bring down the cost of another iPhone.

Apple Trade-In is the buyback program. Not to be mistaken for the iPhone Upgrade Program which allows you to pay for your iPhone more than two years and move up to another model after just a year of qualified payments. Regardless of whether you’re counterbalancing the costs of the freshest iPhone or recovering a portion of your losses, Apple’s buyback program is complaining free and helpful, with the capacity to look over either online or in-store trade-ins.

Amazon Trade-In

How and where to sell your old iPhone?
How and where to sell your old iPhone? 9

The Amazon Trade-In program permits customers to get an Gift Card in return for a huge number of qualified things including Amazon Devices, phones, computer games, and then some. Some exchange ins may likewise be qualified for a restricted time frame, special credit off of another passing Amazon Device.

Amazon will likewise take trade-ins, however, their framework is, to be perfectly honest, unusual. Rather than allowing you effectively to pick a model, limit, and different subtleties, they present an incoherent rundown of choices. If what you have isn’t there, there doesn’t appear to be any approach to add it.

Best Buy

How and where to sell your old iPhone?
How and where to sell your old iPhone? 10

Best Buy has a trade-in program that permits you to get store credit for a future Best buy.

In the first place, you carry your phone to a partaking Best Buy area. A Best Buy representative will evaluate the state of the telephone and mark it in one of a few different ways:

  • Great
  • Reasonable
  • Broken
  • Not acknowledged
  • Recyclabe

If that your iPhone is qualified to fit the bill for trade-in esteem, you’ll get store credit to Best Buy. You can utilize your store credit toward the acquisition of any Best Buy thing. You can utilize the Best Buy trade-in program in an online way also.


where to sell iPhone
How and where to sell your old iPhone? 11

Gazelle is a re-commerce service that spotlights on purchasing and exchanging utilized phones, tablets and other shopper gadgets. They convey notable brands, for example, Apple, Samsung, Google, LG and some more.

Gazelle is notable on account of dynamic advertising. The service’s website likewise works consistently and is easy to utilize. Mention to them what you have and they’ll listen for a minute they’ll give you for it. If that you acknowledge the offer, you have 30 days to send in your old phone.

Gazelle will check your old phone when it shows up. In case there’s anything unique, they’ll let you know and give you an updated offer. In the event that you decay, they’ll transport it directly back to you for nothing. In the case of everything looks great, or on the other hand in the event that you acknowledge an updated offer, they’ll pay you with a money order, Amazon, or PayPal.

In case you’re hoping to purchase or sell a pre-owned phone or gadget, Gazelle could be the best service for you.

Due to the 30-days, Gazelle is a decent method to secure a cost before the market is glutted. Simply ensure the condition doesn’t change between when you get the offer and when you send it in, or the cost will change too.


where to sell iPhone
How and where to sell your old iPhone? 12

Swappa is an approach to get more cash for your old iPhone than commonplace services give, yet in a way that is simpler and more humanized than selling straightforwardly.

Swappa offers a basic selling stage for purchasers to exchange undesirable telephones and other tech gadgets.

Swappa is a site for selling phones, workstations, watches, tablets, computer games, cameras, and savvy home gadgets.

With higher offers and lower expenses than what you’ll find on eBay, you’re probably going to get as much as possible on a variety of gadgets.

In contrast to comparative locales, dealers make a listing so individual buyers can buy the thing straightforwardly.

You must have sensible assumptions and some tolerance.


where to sell iPhone
How and where to sell your old iPhone? 13

eBay can net you more cash for your old iPhone however expects you to do a great deal of the work and take a portion of the risk. In case you’re happy with handling your own sales and have the opportunity to invest, you can improve return than trade-in services. Simply make a point to:

  • Possibly ships to the buyer’s affirmed Paypal address if using Paypal.
  • Cost seriously, particularly in case you’re using Buy It Now as an alternative.
  • Take extraordinary photos yet show any imperfections so everybody realizes what they’re getting.
  • Take no less than one photograph showing the iPhone when ON, so everybody can see it works.
  • Utilize a quick shipping administration and ensure you include that in your product description.
  • Use keywords in your title and in your thing portrayal to draw in more possible buyers.
  • You may likewise need to consider insuring your thing if that anything turns out badly during shipping.
  • Watch out for low-feedback buyers and furthermore remember that Paypal charges processing fees too.


where to sell iPhone

Craigslist is the old characterized ads in new advanced structure and all the marvel and fear that involves. The benefit of Craigslist is that you can sell locally, eye to eye. That enormously accelerates exchanges and decreases overhead like transportation. Simply make a point to:

  • Never put your own or street number in an advertisement.
  • Value your iPhone seriously. Find existing ads on Craigslist for iPhones. Ads that are similar model, capacity, and condition as yours . Also that matches your costs.
  • In case you’re agreeable, incorporate a number to call or text. It can improve the probability of a fast deal.
  • Meet in a public spot, ideally in the daytime. A bistro is great. Carry a companion with you, for good measure.
  • Watch out for email scams. If that somebody offers much more cash to urge you to deliver them your iPhone, they’re simply attempting to scam you.


Walmart provides an alternative trade-in program for electronics as well. This online program functions as follows:

  • First, you discover your device on the Walmart trade program site.
  • Then, at that point, you answer a couple of inquiries concerning the sort of phone you have and its condition.
  • When you acknowledge the statement you’re given, you can deliver the phone with the free delivery name given by Walmart.
  • After the phone is assessed, you’ll get a free Walmart e-gift card by means of email.
  • You can utilize your gift card to buy another iPhone or some other thing at Walmart.

Outstandingly, trade-in programs, for example, aren’t equivalent to getting cash. Notwithstanding, if that you shop at Walmart a ton, a gift card could be a significant payout for your utilized iPhone.


In case you are hoping to sell your iPhone you have a ton of alternatives of where to sell your iPhone. You can offer it to resellers online like Gazelle. Or then again assuming you need more cash you can sell it straightforwardly to the purchaser with administrations like Swappa and eBay.Assuming you need the most feasible for how to sell your phone then, selling through sites, for example, Craigslist is the best approach. You additionally have the alternative to exchange your phone at places like the default Apple.

Selling your iPhone is simple, and there are bunches of services willing to get it from you. Try not to let your utilized iPhone go in your drawers. Get some money for it.

As a rule, you’re probably going to get more cash for your iPhone in case it’s a fresher model. All things being equal, sell it as fast as conceivable to assist with expanding your benefit.

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