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Nokia 3310 – A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin!


The Nokia 3310 is the only phone that can sell itself only on nostalgia. It’s one of the most popular mobile phones of all time, remembered for its nearly indestructible build, long-lasting battery, and legendary Snake game, and the team leasing the Nokia phone title has jumped at the opportunity to reignite the love for a phone that was once the market leader.

The new Nokia 3310 pays respect to the historic device while still including modern-day enhancements. If you loved the 3310 and pined for simpler times, you’ll want to get your hands on this. If you’re unfamiliar with the original, it’s just another feature phone that won’t please your smartphone taste at an outrageous cost.

It should be noted that this is not the same Nokia that created the original. Instead, the Nokia brand is owned by a firm named HMD. Regardless, it’s done a wonderful job here, and we think it’s one of the best cheap phones around.

Price and Release date

Nokia 3310

On May 24, the Nokia 3310 became available from a variety of mobile providers, including Carphone Warehouse. It now costs £49.99, however you may occasionally get it cheaper.

You may find cheaper smartphones, but none have created as much noise as this one. It was among the most desired smartphones during the 2017 MWC.

Some will object to paying so much for a “dumb phone,” especially when comparably equipped feature devices can be bought for nearly half the price. There’s little doubt that the 3310 name influences the price here, and if you’re seeking a bargain, there are better handsets available.

However, for those who merely want to possess the new 3310 – and these individuals do exist – it remains a reasonable price.

Nokia 3310 - A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin!
Nokia 3310 - A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin! 8

Design & Build

Nokia 3310

When you look at the new Nokia 3310 from the front, there’s no mistake the phone it’s emulating. This appears to be the younger, more handsome sister of the classic Nokia 3310.

The prominent border surrounding the screen and the position of the ‘num’ buttons provide a classic homage, but Nokia has significantly slimmed down and streamlined the design, making a new 3310 incredibly pocketable.

If you’re used to lugging about a smartphone such as the OnePlus 8T, you won’t even notice this phone is in your pocket.

Overall, it’s still compact and light, measuring only 116 x 51 x 12.8 mm. It’s significantly smaller than the previous 3310. However, it does not feel any easier. The build quality is excellent, with a lightweight, appealing finish, and pleasingly clicky buttons. Even though it’s light, the 3310 feels sturdy – this is a phone you’d be pleased to smash about, unlike a Pixel or iPhone.

The 3310 is now available in four colors: warm red, yellow, dark blue, and grey, allowing you to be as joyful or as solemn as you like. All of the colors look terrific, with bright tones that are perfectly complemented by the white accents, but the red and yellow variations are too good to be true. Despite its plastic build, it is pleasant to grasp and will not slip out of your hand like other phones made of the can.

It may not be as durable as the original Nokia 3310. However, it should be able to withstand more hits than other phones available in 2022.


Nokia 3310 - A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin!
Nokia 3310 - A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin! 9

The display on the latest Nokia 3310 is not as large as on a current smartphone. Instead, it has been relegated to the upper half of the phone and is just 2.4 inches in size.

This time, the display is bright and full color, although the resolution isn’t very stunning at 240 x 320. When you look at images, you will see how poor the resolution is.

That’s a pity, given that entry-level cellphones that don’t cost much more than the ‘basic’ 3310 can have 720p HD screens.

Returning to the display, the 240×320 (167ppi) TFT display boasts good quality and colors. It’s not the most bright and, consequently, doesn’t offer the best viewing angles. We’re being fussy, but for the price, it’s rather remarkable.

However, for the fundamental chores that you’ll want to use this for, such as messaging and calling, you don’t need a particularly crisp display, and the screen on the new 3310 is enough. Needless to say, you won’t be viewing videos on it, and the graphics are plain.

Also, because this isn’t a touchscreen, you won’t be able to interact with it by tapping on it. Instead, use the button below to browse around the phone.

Interface and performance

Nokia 3310 - A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin!

The Nokia 3310 experience is restricted. However, that is true of most current feature phones, so you can do a lot extra on this than you could on the original edition of the phone.

There is no Android software and no Windows 10 Mobile here; instead, it runs Nokia’s feature phone OS. That’s the Nokia Series 30+, which is far more basic than we see on most recent phones.

The Nokia 3310 can make phone calls and send text messages. It can play MP3s as well as FM radio. It is capable of taking photographs. Also, it can access the internet, send emails, and tweet on Twitter. It is capable of playing Snake. What it cannot accomplish – and this may influence your purchase choice – are WhatsApp & Facebook. All of the most popular feature phones apps, such as the calculator and voice recorder, are included, although the variety is nothing like that of a contemporary phone.

If you want to use Instagram on this phone, for example, you’ll have to use the phone’s extremely rudimentary, slow-loading internet browser, which may be tiresome because you have to navigate and enter using physical buttons.

You may download games and apps through the app store. The design is simple to use, but because there are no touchscreen capabilities, it is a little more difficult to use than iOS and Android smartphones.

If you’re used to input text on a keypad, this will be simple to use, but switching from an iPhone or Android smartphone will be difficult. Although browsing takes a long time on the Nokia 3310, the internet browser is still a useful function, especially given the absence of applications.

Battery life

Nokia 3310 - A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin!

The first Nokia 3310 was recognized for its great battery life, and those interested in the new 3310 are in luck.

A detachable 1,200mAh battery pack replaces the original’s 900mAh, and owing to advances in phone efficiency, the new Nokia 3310 offers 22 hours of talk time & up to 31 days of standby.

That’s a significant improvement over the original Nokia 3310’s 2.5 hours of conversation time and 260 hours of standby time. You can also charge the new 3310 using a conventional micro USB connection. However, the one that comes with it will only plug into your wall.

Some other micro USB cables you have will be able to change this, so if you bought any portable electronics in the recent decade, you should have options.

You may insert your SIM card and be certain that you will be able to make phone calls without significantly reducing battery life. If you sit on it all the time, it won’t provide as big of a battery bump as you may think.

Another thing to remember if you get this phone is to lock the display. Most are just used to letting our phones get locked by themselves. However, with the new Nokia 3310, you’ll have to do it manually or the display will stay on and you’ll be bleeding power in no time.


Nokia 3310 - A Blast from the Past, But In a Fresh Skin!

The original Nokia 3310 was introduced before many phones had a rear camera. However, the manufacturer has opted to incorporate one for 2017. With only a 2-megapixel camera on the back of the phone, it’s a very modest affair.

There are no high-end features here, either. It’s simply a point-and-shoot camera with built-in digital zoom, but the photographs you can capture with it won’t blow you away.

It’ll be handy for the occasional store of data you need to contain or want to quickly grab, but that’s about it. Because the quality is so poor, these photographs will be useless for sharing on social media.

The Nokia 3310 also lacks video recording capabilities, so you won’t be able to film your next masterpiece on it.

The absence of a selfie camera is perhaps the most notable omission from the new 3310. There is no other method to take selfies but to turn your phone around and use the rear camera.

Is the Nokia 3310 a smartphone?

But it’s not what you remember: 2017 3310 is smaller, lighter, and – you got it – a lot cheaper. It’s not exactly up to contemporary smartphone standards: it doesn’t run Android or iOS. However, you can play Snake straight out of the box, which should be enough to convince you.

Does the new Nokia 3310 have Bluetooth?

Yes, it has Bluetooth. Fortunately, the latest Nokia 3310 has caught up a little more. There’s Bluetooth for connecting to a headset or your car, Micro-USB for charging microSD storage expansion, and a 3.5mm headphone jack for listening to music or FM radio.


In the end, the Nokia 3310 is a nostalgia play, and how much you care depends on how much respect you have for the old Nokia bricks. It won’t replace your smartphone, and it doesn’t want to, but it may be a low-cost addition. And, yes, you could get a cheaper feature phone. However, between the awesome battery life plus the pure Nokia factor. It’s a phone that didn’t have to be created. It was, but not just for the purpose of transferring big amounts. Instead, it was a marketing ploy to reintroduce the Nokia brand to the broader public. Other feature phones cost less, and the new Nokia 3310 isn’t worth the extra money for the basic nostalgia card it’s playing.

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