Kao the Kangaroo: A fascinating update is approaching!


Do any of you remember the video game Kao the Kangaroo? At the end of the mascot platformer era, the Dreamcast version of the original Kao, one of the first console games ever created by a Polish studio, was published. It was decent, gaining a small cult following and spawning a few sequels, but as soon as military shooters took the place of mascots in the middle of the 2000s, it quickly became obsolete.

As a result of the current mascot platformer revival, Kao the Kangaroo comes back with a completely new game, a reboot of the series as a whole. Previously, its developer would have turned its attention to other games, such as the Urban Trial series.

Release Date

Kao the Kangaroo, the latest project by Tate Multimedia, was released on May 27, 2022, for the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


The characters, animations, and vibrant environments in this game make up for any appearance of financial limitations, even though it is nowhere near what I anticipate from a PS5 product. Kao the Kangaroo is a typical 3D platformer with little to add to the genre, much like the games that came before it. Its main gameplay principles are sound and have some enjoyable levels, but it suffers from problems, a lackluster plot, and perplexing design decisions.


In the third-person 3D action platformer Kao the Kangaroo, the player controls Kao as he moves and jumps past barriers and dangling platforms in various settings. He may attack opponents and scout for hidden treasures while wearing his boxing gloves.

The gameplay of The Kangaroo is comparable to that of a standard modern 3D platformer. Kao traverses a variety of hazards, hauls himself up ledges, and wades through shallow water to accomplish his objective after each level. Kao can double jump farther than he can with a single jump and roll beneath low-lying barriers like fences.


Unexpectedly superior to expectations, Kao the Kangaroo’s music is one of the film’s most vital highlights. Voice acting in Kao the Kangaroo is far less good than it was expected to be.
The titular Kangaroo, Kao, makes a new 2022 revamp. At first appearance, you could assume that this kickboxing marsupial has a voice similar to Sonic’s. Alternatively, one could easily picture the game’s creators taking the more apparent path and giving him an Australian accent or using the pugilism motif to their advantage by having him comically imitate Rocky Balboa.

Fun Factor

Kao the Kangaroo is the ultimate feel-good, middle-of-the-road 3D platformer that resembles the great years of the Nintendo 64. And Dreamcast era of gaming, despite a bit of jank, poor voice acting, and some annoying faults.
Notwithstanding everything, Kao is undeniably entertaining. Although rough, there is a lot of fun to be had here. The battle is surprisingly good; Kao’s power punches feel natural and connected. And his platforming stunts are typically extremely accurate, letting you move through the environment quickly and stylishly. It’s a throwback, yet it still highlights the advantages despite renewing certain worn-out, outdated negatives.

Combat and Levels

The platforming feels excellent even with your few available mobility options. Combat is thrilling, and you can feel the force of your blows. Even still, level design occasionally falls short of being spectacular. There seem to be typically three or four levels on each hub planet, each of which is a unique biosphere. The individual levels feel more like bottlenecks even though these hubs are accessible and encourage exploration. The game primarily leads the player through the plot, but there are a few obvious “hidden passageways.”

Is Kao the Kangaroo challenging?

Although Kao the Kangaroo never seems particularly challenging. Some sections can end up costing you one or two more lives than you bargained for. The level design’s inventiveness creates a thrilling 10 to 15-hour adventure. And generally well-paced creativity, along with the game’s moderate level of challenge.

Is Kao the Kangaroo 2022 an upgraded version?

It is a reboot of the series, the franchise’s fourth entry, and the first game to be made available since Kao the Kangaroo: Mystery of the Volcano in 2005.

Kao the Kangaroo has how many levels?

  Over 20 levels spread across five distinct worlds make up this game. There are also some bonus levels present. The opponents throughout the levels are over 30 and have seven fighting styles.


Kao the Kangaroo pays homage to the 3D platformers of yesteryear while maintaining just enough of its personality. It is an often delightful step back and looks at a simpler era. Most importantly, its combat and platforming are both excellent, and because of its endearing characters, you’ll want to finish it.

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