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Xtra PC Review- Is it really worth your money?


If you are looking for ways to enhance the speed of your older laptop, Xtra PC might be something you might be looking for. However, if you don’t understand how this product works, here is a review on Xtra PC covering everything you need to know.

What is Xtra-PC?

Xtra PC

Xtra-PC is a little device that helps your slow PC run faster. It is designed to function as a flash drive. You can connect it to your computer’s USB port. Operating systems like Windows or macOS are fairly common and very user-friendly. To make it your preferred operating system, the company included an array of features that you may never use. These features add a significant amount of weight to your computer, which will inevitably slow it down over time.

Linux is a lightweight operating system that is frequently used by large corporations and advanced computer users. This operating system saves money by giving consumers only what they need to run their devices efficiently. Xtra-PC works with your system hardware and Linux to give your device the boost it needs to perform efficiently. You won’t be installing Linux OS because it will often require you to delete all of your files. Xtra-PC works by bypassing your operating system and providing you with a window through which you may access your files and data. It does so regardless of whether the OS is broken or slow. However, based on its work, don’t get it confused with some complicated gadget. You only need to connect it to a functioning USB port and follow the on-screen instructions.

Price and Availability

A simple online search will provide you with a plethora of purchasing possibilities. However, you can get it either from the official website or from Amazon. Although, in the review on Amazon, you will notice that the users either didn’t read the instructions carefully or obtained them from a third party. However, if you buy it from the official site, a simple phone call to the company or a review of the money-back policy will suffice.

On its official site, these are the offers you would get. 

  • Product warranty. 
  • Quicker delivery 
  • Good live customers support
  • Multiple payments methods
  • 30 days money-back guarantee 

Bulk purchases might give you a discount of up to 40%. When you consider these deals, you can be confident they believe in what they’re selling. You may verify these claims by reading reviews from verified purchasers who got them through the company’s official website.


Xtra-PC is the same size as any other USB stick you will find in the market. The small footprint makes it simple to operate and ideal to carry while traveling. You can take it to school or work or even on business trips in your backpack or handbag. Moreover, you can use it anyplace you need because of its sturdy build. Although, the fact that it has a cap at the end is a minor drawback. Although it keeps dirt and other debris off the stick, it isn’t as secure as you would want.

When compared to other flash drives, Xtra-PC has a wonderful feel to it. It is easy to plug it into your computer, and it’s just as easy to unplug it from the socket. While some flash drives come with a built-in keychain ring or holder, this one doesn’t. Thus, making it tough to keep the stick safe when you’re traveling.

How does it work? 

All you have to do is connect your USB and you’re ready to begin. You’ll need an internet connection the first time you use it. However, after that, it won’t be a necessity. After you’ve connected it, click on the Boot Menu, as specified in the manual, and you are ready to begin. Your laptop, Mac or Windows, will boot from Xtra-PC after you follow the preceding procedures. In simple words, starting now or whenever you wish to use it, Xtra-PC will be your boot device. If you are looking for a way to access your files while you take your laptop for a repair, Xtra-PC will offer you access to your files until the OS is repaired. You won’t require any additional hardware, and you can use it on any type of computer. This device would be ideal for your Windows laptop or Mac desktop computer.

Xtra-PC Testing

Xtra PC is designed to look like a regular USB or memory stick, and it doesn’t appear to be capable of anything until you use it. Anyone may utilize Linux without having to install a new operating system with this simple flash disc. Here is a report of what we found while testing the product.

Testing Methodology

During the tests, it didn’t work as well on Macs as it did on PCs, and it took extra steps to get it to work. On Windows machines, it to be a better alternative than Vista and other older OS options. It even scanned for viruses and other risks without slowing down the system. It also functioned with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. You can even work on papers saved under our previous operating system. Xtra-PC can also be used as a regular USB stick. It not only has enough room for our photos and documents, but it also has some room left over. If you have a huge hard drive, you should consider purchasing Xtra-PC Pro or one of the other variants with additional free space.


Although it will function on practically any computer, your device must meet these criteria:

  • A microprocessor running at 700 MHz or greater.
  • At least 512 MB of RAM.
  • USB 2.0 or 3.0 connector.
  • Minimum of 2 GB of RAM.
  • Graphics card with DVI, HDMI, or VAG compatibility.
  • BIOS that allows you to access the computer and use a USB drive.
  • Xtra-PC can work with either a wired or wireless network card.
  • Internet connection.

If you don’t understand any of the features, then you can look for them using your search engine. Simply look up your system model, usually written under your system or on its monitor, and then look up its specifications.



Compared to the traditional operating systems, Xtra-PC takes your privacy a step higher. With this device, there won’t be any need for purchasing extra security features. You can send confidential data and emails to people without getting any resources from your usual OS. Since you do not need to install Xtra-PC OS on your hard drive, everything you do with it is stored on it. So you can unplug it when you are done and stay untraceable. 


Xtra-PC is compatible with nearly all systems. Although there are some prerequisites, these are rather common, and there’s a good probability that your system already meets them. Moreover, it is compatible with both a Windows PC and a MacBook.


The creators of this device are the same people who created the Linux operating system. Linux is user-friendly to a large extent, and it also allows you greater control over your system than other OS.


Xtra-PC runs on Linux, which is known for its high security, quickest, safest, and virus-free operating system. You will get the most out of your system with such qualities.

No hidden charges

Apart from purchasing the device itself, there isn’t any hidden expenditure. All its incredible features, security, software, etc., are don’t require an extra price. 

Easy to use

Other than the minutes it takes to download the program, you won’t have to spend much time setting it up the first time you use it. To continue, you just have to connect it to a USB port.

Pro version offers a file recovery

One unique feature of the PRO edition is its file recovery capability. You can restore part of your lost data from your PC, which is not working, with this version.


Xtra PC does not require any special care, you can treat it as a flash drive.


It’s a compact and portable device. It won’t take up much room in your luggage. In terms of technology, you can think of it as a mobile computer.

Types of Xtra PC 

Xtra-PC comes in three varieties, Xtra-PC Turbo 16, Xtra-PC Turbo 32, and Xtra-PC Pro.

Xtra PC Turbo

Xtra-pc Turbo

The Turbo 16 was the first version to be released. It costs about $34.99, online. Sometimes, you might even find it at a 30% discount through its official website. It has a storage capacity of 16 GB. This is plenty for accessing the internet, streaming videos, downloading, and playing online games at lightning speed. You can get it for basic computer activities like troubleshooting. Although, it lacks several of the functionality included in the more advanced models.

Turbo 32

Turbo 32

When compared to the previous model, the Turbo 32 provides 1.5 times the performance and storage space. It provides the perfect amount of space you would require. If you buy it from their official website, it costs $82.99. It has 32 GB of storage, which is ideal for storing important images and documents. This version is popular among notebook users.

Xtra PC Pro

Xtra-pc Pro

Xtra-pc Pro is the best option if you want the best quality. Purchasing this is cost-effective, especially when you consider the FileRez software. This would help you recover files from your old OS, particularly if it has crashed. This software, when purchased separately, costs $99. Xtra-pc Pro, however, includes this software as well as 64 GB of storage space for $79.99 on its own site. Its speed is two times faster than Turbo 16, also you can save images, music, enormous videos, files, documents, and much more on its massive storage capacity. The main drawback is that its USB stick is slightly larger than its compact counterpart, Turbo 32.


Linux is an open-source project, it is simple to find upgrades to make it run more smoothly. However, you must wait for Microsoft to release an update for Windows. Moreover, it is more secure and resistant to cyber-attacks. While there are several versions of Windows, your system will require certain additional components in order to run later versions. Windows 10 is incompatible with older systems, however, Linux can run on even the oldest machines. The time it takes to get to the boot menu will vary depending on the age of your system. However, Xtra-PC allows you to use your computers more quickly and spend less time waiting for them to start. This convenient USB stick is compatible with all of your favorite apps.

What can you use Xtra-PC for? 

The possibilities with Xtra-PC are practically limitless. The main operating system on Xtra-PC is Linux. Thus, you can utilize it for a variety of purposes:

  • Internet surfing. 
  • Play and listen to music. 
  • Watch videos, movies, videos and shows. 
  • Download and install files. 
  • Access and edit documents. 
  • Check and send emails. 
  • Contact people from contact list. 
  • Use Google Docs by logging in your account.

You can use the following programs on Xtra-PC:

  • Netflix, Amazon Videos, and other streaming apps. 
  • Play games. 
  • Music apps like iHeartRadio
  • Browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and others. 
  • Antivirus software. 
  • Photo editing software like Photoshop
  • Document editing apps like Open office. 
  • Photo viewer
  • DVD Player
  • Kindle Cloud Reader
  • Facebook, Pandora, Pinterest
  • Email and Instant Messenger apps
  • Minecraft
  • Add printers

When you use Linux, you have complete control over the software and tools you use. However, as Xtra-PC overwrites your existing operating system when you plug it in, it may skip over some or all of your files. You can speed up your computer while still being able to use your favorite apps. For that, you will have to run a virus scan and contact your ISP about buying a signal booster.

How to use Xtra PC? 

How to use?

Firstly, make sure that you have a good internet connection. Here is how to use the device:

  • Turn your computer off and plug Xtra-PC into any available USB port.
  • Start your device by booting it up.
  • You’ll need to enter the BIOS with this device. You can accomplish this on most computers by pressing F12 or F8. Make sure Secure Boot isn’t turned on in your BIOS.
  • From the BIOS screen, locate and select the Boot option.
  • Select the USB option. It begins booting from Xtra-PC automatically. You are able to Save this instruction from the bottom of the screen.
  • To set it up, follow the one-time on-screen instructions.
  • Installation time ranges from 7 to 15 minutes, depending on your internet speed.

Who needs Xtra-PC? 

You don’t need high-end technical knowledge to figure out how to operate this gadget. As a result, anyone can utilize Xtra-PC.

  • Slow and old PCs– Over time, there might come a point where your favourite PC can no longer perform as well as it once did. In this case, you should consider acquiring Xtra-PC.
  • This device can assist you in cleaning away temporary files and unwanted apps. This will in turn increase the speed of your device and free up storage space.
  • Ideal for people looking to move to a new operating system (Linux).
  • If your PC has been infected with a virus or malware.
  • Computers without a good hard drive.
  • Systems that don’t have an operating system.

All you need is for your computer to have a USB port and you meet the other prerequisites. However, if your USB ports are damaged for any reason or your machine lacks a USB port, you can contact the company to obtain access to the product’s online version.

Can You Use Xtra-PC on Any Computer?

According to the company, Xtra-PC can be used on a wide range of computers, including those without hard drives. However, there are specific minimum requirements for all versions. It will only function on PCs with a microprocessor speed of 700 MHz or above. You will also need a USB 2.0 or 3.0 connector and at least 512 MB of RAM. Moreover, your system should have at least 2 GB of memory. Also, you need to have a graphics card that supports HDMI, DVI, or VAG.

A BIOS should be installed on the computer that allows you to access it and work with a USB drive. A network card is also required, but the device can work with both wired and wireless cards. You can operate it without the internet after installing and using Xtra-PC. However, for installation, you need to have access to the internet. This is because the device will connect to the internet to make sure you have the most recent version of the operating system.

How to Uninstall Xtra-pc?

Remember that you run your operating system from the USB device when you utilise Xtra-pc. So, you should never unplug it without first performing a proper shutdown. To do so, you simply need to click on Start and then pick Shutdown to uninstall it and return to your previous Operating System. Lastly, you can remove the USB device once you are sure it’s turned off.

What you would like?

When utilizing Xtra-PC, your internet speed will be a factor, especially at the beginning. Linux is a low-demand operating system that works well with slow internet. Yes, fast internet is necessary, but Xtra-PC has you covered. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) frequently advise installing Linux OS since it is superior to other operating systems. These Linux installation files are frequently distributed on discs. Although disc drives are no longer included in most computer systems, almost every computer has a USB port, you won’t need to buy an external CD drive with Xtra-PC. Moreover, if you aren’t careful when installing Linux from a CD drive, you may lose all of your files. However, Xtra-PC is designed to protect your data. Apart from speeding up a slow machine, Xtra-PC might be useful in a location with a slow internet connection.

What you might not like?

Here are some drawbacks of Xtra-PC:

  • Easily lost– It being a small device, it can be easily misplaced. This is not a majot drawback, you just need to be a little more careful with it.
  • Easily damaged– Keep it in a conspicuous location and away from children and pets who enjoy biting and gnawing.
  • Switching OS- Although Linux isn’t difficult to learn, most people who are switching from macOS or Windows may find it difficult at first.
  • Internet Connection– When using it, you may need to have an online connection at all times.
  • Most people may find it challenging to access the BIOS.


If your computer is running slowly and you aren’t ready to replace it, Xtra-PC is the solution for you. Xtra-PC can help you get your computer back to the speed it was when you first bought it. It comes in a variety of versions, all with amazing features, particularly the Pro version with a data recovery tool. Xtra-PC works on both laptops and desktops, as well as devices with limited storage or no hard drive. All you need is a computer with a USB port that meets the manufacturer’s system requirements. Moreover, it provides you access to all of your favorite TV shows and can even allow you access to some of your computer’s saved files.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m shocked you didn’t bother to mention that linux is free, and that XtraPC is attempting to bury this fact so that they can overprice their usb sticks containing free software. I realise they probably paid you for this article, but you have to understand you are selling out your audience by participating in their scam.

    1. Yes, you are very correct in stating that Linux is free however you probably have misunderstood the meaning of this product or who they are targeting, If you are a technical user then you can create your own flash drive and run it easily however this product is stepping forward towards speed and simplicity of using Linux. Now we have not been paid for the article as we write such article under the sponsored tag and you can even check the links as they don’t have any affiliate tags. We thank you for your message.



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