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How to control the soundbar with a TV Remote?


Who likes having numerous remotes for a single system? Not us! Nevertheless, there is a solution to make control the soundbar with a TV Remote. This article will outline every step you need to take to use a TV remote to manage your soundbar’s volume and other features, as well as the unique instructions for each model.

How to control the soundbar with a TV Remote

1. Find the compatible connection for both devices.

How to control the soundbar with a TV Remote

Look at the ports on both the soundbar and TV to determine the connecting choices available.

They are frequently on the rear, although occasionally they will be on the side. Nowadays, most have HDMI ARC, but optical is still a better solution.

2. Attach the appropriate cable to each device.

How to control the soundbar with a TV Remote

Once you hear a click, put in your preferred cable all the way to the ports, making sure it is firmly and securely plugged in. You should get the cables along with your order. Any HDMI that is marked as standard 2.0 or higher is compatible with any device. Any digital optical cable you use should work with your soundbar.

3. Switch on both gadgets.

Use the devices’ remote controls or control panels for this stage.

4. Make necessary changes

How to control the soundbar with a TV Remote

As soon as your gadgets are linked, your soundbar ought to play the audio.

If not, use the TV remote to access the Settings menu, find “TV Speaker,” and then turn it off. As an alternative, you can use the digital optical or HDMI ARC setup choices to activate audio. The audio will be redirected by your TV as a result.

With your remote, you may now select your preferred sound mode and bass, treble, and volume levels.

5. Improve and Modulate Your Sound

How to control the soundbar with a TV Remote

To maximize the sound now that the soundbar is controlled through the TV, once connections have been established and settings have been changed, you might need to change the soundbar’s volume.

Using the soundbar remote, start by completely reducing the soundbar’s volume. After that, experiment with the volume controls to determine the ideal volume levels for each device to provide the finest possible sound for your system.

Setting the soundbar at between 50 and 80 percent of its maximum volume output will often allow you to use the TV remote to control the level the majority of the time.


Although learning how to use a soundbar with a TV remote may seem silly at first, we can tell you that if you possess a sophisticated home theatre system, you’ll run across this obstacle. As you can see, the instructions are simple. We thus urge you to follow the steps to successfully sync your soundbar and TV remote.

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