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ARK 2: Gameplay, trailers, and everything you need to know!


The video debuted on the Xbox with Bethesda Showcase officially announcing the release of Ark: Survival Evolved 2 in 2018. Even though it’s merely a cinematic trailer, the upcoming multiplayer game’s central premise—survive on a hostile alien world full of dangerous dinosaurs waiting to rip you apart—is demonstrated. Additionally, you’ll be taming the animals so you can ride them around like you’re at a Jurassic rodeo.
The teaser provides some information about the game’s lore in the past. After obliterating Earth in a horrific planetary war, players will assume the role of intergalactic human colonists who tried to inhabit a hostile exoplanet. Since their descendants are forced to use equipment more appropriate for cave dwellers than the cutting-edge technology you’d imagine of a spacefaring civilization, it’s safe to assume that things didn’t work out too well for them.

Release date Speculation

Initially set for 2022 and revealed in 2020, the release date was postponed to a hazy 2023 during Xbox with Bethesda Show in 2022. Without any other information, we advise you to wait for this game till late 2023 at the earliest.



The next Ark 2 teaser wasn’t released until June 2022 Microsoft with Bethesda Showcase, practically acting as a re-reveal.

The story and setting of Ark 2 are finally given some explanation in this much shorter trailer. Meeka, the child from the first trailer and the daughter of Diesel’s Santiago, provides the movie’s opening monologue. She explains that a battle in the past caused the Earth to be populated by a hybrid of extinct animals and cutting-edge technology. They are constantly fighting for their lives in this new world, which is filled with animals that Earth put there.

Although Diesel’s character Santiago has received most of the attention inside the trailers, Ark 2 will still essentially be sandbox gameplay like the first. Santiago is a duplicate of something like the player character first from the original game, according to the game’s narrative. Although there has never been a big emphasis on a story from the beginning, Ark 2 will be set after the final extension to the first videogame in 2021.


Like Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark 2 would be released simultaneously on console and computer. However, Ark 2 will be a system launch exclusive to the Xbox Series X/S, as stated by Microsoft on the official website. That implies that PlayStation 5 players won’t be able to play for a while. Depending on the agreement, this might last as short as three months or as much as a year. However, we know there won’t be any Xbox One or PS4 versions released. Because the game will only be available on PC and current-generation consoles.

Ark 2: Vin Diesel’s character


Told he’ll be portraying a pivotal figure in the game. Diesel plays a figure called Santiago Da Costa in the trailer, or perhaps a replica of the honest Santiago. In Ark 2’s harsh world, he is a hunter anyway and an efficient one at that.
Microsoft affirms that Santiago will play a significant role in the 2022 release of Ark: The Animated Series.


Ark 2 has only been seen in cinematic form, although there should be many similarities to the previous game as a sequel. The first had intriguing ways for characters to engage with one another and tribe mechanics. We anticipate it to continue being primarily concerned with surviving and crafting, with many recipes and items to uncover, develop, and make. We foresee a game in which you can start with next to nothing and progress to nearly unbeatable levels, whether playing alone or with companions.
Plenty of RPG components will be present in Ark 2, typically in the form of leveling up and progressing across a skill tree featuring various talents, parks, and buffs.

The major one is now finished: dinosaurs. There has been no way that Ark 2 would eliminate that feature, and it appears that they are putting even more emphasis on the ability to train and ride these ancient beasts. We don’t know how it will operate this time, but we’re eager to find out.



That’s pretty much all about Ark 2’s multiplayer functionality. Also, don’t even know how several players are expected to go to the same environment at once, let alone which multiplayer features from the first game will be carried over. Additionally, don’t know if you really can currently create your private world as well as play alone.


No pre-orders are available anywhere; the only release window is the significant, the wide year 2023. If you need to jump on the competition, PC gamers can add the games to their wishlist on Steam.

Will Ark 2 be available on mobile devices?

Exclusive to Xbox Series X at launch, Ark 2 is a PlayStation title. When Ark 2 was first revealed, Studio Wildcard announced a relationship with Microsoft Gaming. As a result of this agreement, Xbox One will be the only console on which Ark 2 will be available.

Will Ark 2 contain a story?

While there are customizable players like in the original game, the tale of Santiago and his daughter is the main focus of Ark 2. Their struggles to survive on a planet populated by dinosaurs are described in detail in the story. However, Vin Diesel isn’t in Ark 2; he’s also contributing to its creation.


Outside of 2023, no date has been given for the release of Ark 2. Don’t anticipate a definite date to be disclosed in the upcoming few months; that could occur in the year’s second quarter. Additionally, you’re in luck if you have an Xbox Game subscription. On launch day, the game will be available on the subscription service.

You might always check out every other Ark game. Survival Evolved if you must try your hand at some prehistoric survival. This year, performed a major revamp on the Nintendo Switch port to address all of the game’s glaring technical issues.

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