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Adobe Express free online video editor Review!


Adobe Express has traditionally specialized in catering to professional designers & editors, with products like Premiere Pro & Photo editing defining the modern design process.

On the other hand, Adobe Express is the company’s introduction to the digital design world.

The cloud-based design portal provides basic graphic design and free video editing tools.

The setup is as straightforward and user-friendly as it can be. When we checked the service’s other features, we discovered that it was “smooth and powerful if you’re using a computer, tablet, or phone.” Individuals searching for “an easy design tool to produce everything from banners to posts on social media” to try it out.

Adobe Express cost and Memberships

Adobe Express

Adobe claims that the movies edited in Express will be ‘free to use forever. And that will apply to any design, in any format, created in the cloud-based creative platform. Premium features need a membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

That does sound generous coming from a firm known for its Creative Cloud subscription plans, and you’d be correct. While many freebies are accessible, such as templates and pre-built pieces, many more are hidden behind an Adobe Express subscription.

The package, which costs $9.99/£9.98 per month or $99.99/£99.98 per year, gives users access to Photoshop Express, Adobe Premiere Rush, and Adobe Spark, in addition to accessing more creative resources and video editing tools. It is also part of Adobe‘s extensive Creative Cloud All Apps membership.

Pros and Cons


  • many stocks of materials and various designs.
  • Robust and practical capabilities for manipulating images and videos.
  • Ability to convert files.
  • Additionally, it includes 100GB of cloud storage (in the premium version) and 2GB in free cloud storage.


  • It may not be immediately intuitive if you are used to Creative Cloud desktop programs.
  • Some acts result in unexpected menus appearing.
  • Lastly, there are no new features in the website index.

“Digital becomes the norm. “Everything takes place on a screen,” claims Adobe. Not necessarily, but even non-designers can produce screen-based, multimedia, and social graphics more quickly, crucially, and more effectively with advanced tools like Creative Cloud Express.

Assets for creation and Installation

The Adobe Express online video editor includes various pre-built design elements and royalty-free music to give your films professional polish. The collection isn’t huge, but there’s just enough “mood” music to get the ideal atmosphere for your video. You may also submit your music samples if options are too restricted or generic for your tastes.

If you’ve used the Canva Application, you’ll be aware of icons and simple images such as shapes, symbols, & even humans. However, Adobe Express does not allow users to change the symbol’s colors or move the icon from the screen’s center. It’s a perplexing choice from a corporation that values style and design.

You may choose from various predefined formats for an Instagram story, Facebook image, poster, banner, flyer, collage, hardbound book, record cover, cv, invitation, and more. Additionally, you may design your templates.

In contrast to Canva, Adobe forbids you from testing the premium images with a watermark. Therefore, you cannot even preview how they would seem in the completed film to determine whether it is worthwhile to purchase a membership.


It’s incredibly wonderful to have simple text animation tools that resemble those in PowerPoint & Keynote. Typewriter, Flicker, Dynamic, Color shuffle, Fade, & slide are available under the Animation icon to the right of the window. Each choice is split into 2 or 3 sub-options.
Photos may be animated as well. Zoom, Pan, Blur, Color, and Fade are in the Animation panel’s bottom row. They don’t indeed animate your photographs in the conventional sense. Instead, they change or shift the entire image, evoking the well-known Ken Burns effect.

The video and web page choices remain the same as when Spark was in use, but now there are straightforward new tools to resize, trim, combine, crop, and modify the pace of videos, along with the relatively good conversion to MP4 or GIF options.

Experience and user interface

Adobe Express

Adobe Express online video editor is similar to the famous design platform’s free video editing software.
Short, straightforward videos suitable for social sharing are the main focus of the Adobe Express video editor.
This approach to accessibility is reflected in the interface. A timeline sits at the bottom of the screen, with style settings to the right that allow you to select a layout, such as split-screen or full-screen mode, and apply a theme.
The audience steals the limelight. The Plus button allows you to add your films, text, photographs, or icons, unlike other video editing programs where you can just see the material. A mic button is located at the viewer’s foot. To add narration to the highlighted clip, press and hold this.

Does Adobe provide free video editing?

The free mobile & desktop video editing program Adobe Premiere Rush allows you creation on the go. Additionally, high-quality movies can be recorded, edited, and shared using a phone or computer.

Adobe Premiere Express is free?

No cost for 30 days. Your 30-day trial provides you access to all Premiere Elements 2022’s fantastic features, allowing you to try out any feature and create fantastic movies, slideshows, and animations.

Can anyone edit videos well with Adobe?

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most special video editing software for online, TV, and feature projects since it is both feature-rich and adaptable. Edit, Trim, apply transitions & effects, alter color, and add titles & graphics.

How do most YouTubers edit their videos?

The three most common video editing apps used by YouTubers are iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Final Cut Pro. For newbies, a first selection is an ideal tool. If you are a beginner, you may utilize iMovie on Mac OS.


Generally, Adobe Express online video editor is a stunningly easy free online video editing program, ideal for novices and time-pressed professionals who want visual output quickly. However, the program lacks the features found in genuine free video editing software such as DaVinci Resolve and Lightworks, limiting it to short, simple social media graphics & slideshow presentations.

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