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Intel Arc Desktop GPU: Everything you need to know!

intel gpu
intel gpu

Intel has long teased its Arc graphics card lineup, and in March with the unveiling of the intel Arc Desktop GPU for laptops. For most gamers, the central issue is when the PC counterpart. Intel’s Arc desktop collection, internally codenamed Alchemist, is slated to be released this summer – but that’s about all known publicly. Like with most things, leaks and rumors give far more data, giving us a fair sense of what to expect from Intel’s Arc desktop graphics cards.

Intel’s Discrete GPU History

Intel’s Discrete GPU History

Intel has never been successful inside the (dedicated) graphics processor market. Intel’s GPU prototypes, like the Larrabee project in 2008, were typically abandoned. However, things have changed over a decade since Intel’s last attempt to produce a specialized GPU. That isn’t to suggest Intel has no idea how to create a graphics card. On the contrary, intel understands what they’re doing; their intel Uhd HD Graphics have long been a standard feature in most current laptops.

Because Intel’s Xe was recently revealed, try to dig further into the material currently known. Please keep in mind that it will only cover mobile GPUs (Xe-LP) & desktop GPUs (Xe-HPG).

Latest Intel Arc desktop GPU rumors

The Intel Arc pc graphics card series, codenamed Alchemist internally by Intel, with the March 2022 introduction of the Intel Arc mobile platform. Before going any further, the ‘Limited Edition’ title in the promo video above is worth understanding.

It’s reasonable to assume that Intel didn’t go to all the work of developing a new graphics card lineup just to sell a few dozen of them. Instead, it’s most likely Intel’s equivalent of Nvidia’s Founders Edition, which sells a limited quantity of standard Intel Arc GPUs alongside popular third-party options at launch. What can glean from the Arc desktop teaser? While it’s unlikely that the final depiction will be identical to the real-world version (it’s lacking a power connector, for example), identify crucial elements such as 3x DisplayPorts & 1x HDMI port.

More broadly, it’s a nice-looking GPU with a more straightforward approach than many others – a crucial criterion among gamers in 2022 with the development of transparent cases – but it’s worth noting that third-party makers will almost certainly have some fun with the design. If Intel’s standard design does not appeal to you, one of the numerous third-party options will.

When will the Intel Arc desktop GPU be released?

Intel made significant announcements during the Intel Arc Event on March 30, 2022. They revealed the characteristics of the Intel mobile GPUs as well as a general launch date. The Intel Arc A350M and A370M are now available in laptop form.

Intel has stated that desktop versions of its Arc graphics card family will be available “this summer” but has not provided any other details. Given the Arc mobile range’s last-minute delays, it’s clear to see why Intel is holding its cards close to its heart this time. According to wccftech, four graphics cards are on the cards: the A380, A580, A750, and A780, with the last being direct competition to the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070.

Despite revelations regarding the flagship A780, Intel’s head of graphics marketing, Ryan Shrout, recently turned to Twitter to put a damper on expectations. Shrout reveals the existence of an A780 in a mid-July 2022 tweet. While this implies that there would be no real flagship competitor, the claim that it’s not a thing seems suspicious. And besides, why would Intel want to compete with Nvidia’s entry-level RTX 3060 with its top-tier card?

A report from Igor’s Lab provides an intriguing image of the behind-the-scenes mayhem, implying that delays have pushed a delivery date between the beginning of July and the end of August 2022. Igor speculates that software might be the reason. Still, it may not be the only issue, implying that Intel may be experiencing problems with service support, partner card creation, game development and integration, or commercial concerns, although this is still unverified.

What are the prices for Intel Arc desktop graphics cards?

The Intel Arc Desktop GPU series might cost at launch, so it appears that Intel is becoming more competitive in terms of pricing. Here’s how the rumored prices will compare:
$150 for the Intel Arc A380
Intel Arc A580 costs $280.
Intel Arc A750 costs $350.
Wccftech later confirmed the pricing in a separate study, offering not just pricing but also specifics on what to anticipate from each model – but more on this later.

What is an Arc GPU?

Arc graphics cards are standalone GPUs that outperform Intel Iris Xe GPUs included within Intel CPUs. Intel is now in a position to fight Nvidia and AMD for a large share of the graphics processor market, which is hotter than ever.

How good is the Intel Arc?

Intel’s official Arc A380 game benchmarks reveal that it is 15% slower than a three-year-old GPU. The Arc A380 author’s guide compares it to Nvidia’s GTX 1650 & AMD’s RX 6400 in 17 different games.


In the middle of two GPU juggernauts advertising their upcoming launches, a lesser-known player is seeking to enter the battle. With the Intel Xe portfolio, Intel hopes to become competitive in the GPU industry. After years of NVIDIA domination, the fight between AMD and NVIDIA is heating up again.

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