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With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV!


A sound upgrade is a great way to breathe new life into your current TV during the cost-of-living crunch – a soundbar can be much cheaper than a brand-new set! The best soundbars have been growing significantly in popularity in recent years. Initially, because people have purchased big-screen TVs and realized the audio doesn’t always be as epic as the pictures. More recently, though.

The problem is that when TVs become thinner, the built-in speakers frequently need to get smaller in order to fit inside the smallest of cabinet spaces. As a result, the sound no longer has the same impact as that of today’s large screens.

Finding the finest soundbar can be challenging because there are so many options. Each with a different set of features and a range of costs. So whether you want to build the best home theatre system of your dreams or you just want an accessible solution to enhance the sound of your TV and make speech more understandable. Here is the list of the most worthwhile choices.

Sonos Arc

With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV!
With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV! 8

If you have the money to spend, the Sonos Arc is the greatest soundbar you can get. This high-end speaker stands out thanks to its stunning curving shape. This is made to be the focal point of your living room as much as it is to improve the sound from your TV. Additionally, it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to audio quality. It provides rich bass and crisp treble for all of your favorite movies and TV shows, as well as support for Dolby Atmos.

The Arc can automatically tune itself to whichever room it’s in to produce the clearest, most accurate audio possible because of Sonos’ TruePlay technology. It is one of the most intelligent soundbars you can buy. It enables voice controls through Alexa and Google Assistant. If your leisure space is more spacious and huge,

Yamaha YAS-209

With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV!
With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV! 9

The YAS-209 soundbars, which were introduced in 2019 and offer excellent features at a reasonable cost. This fantastic combination includes an integrated Alexa voice assistant and a wireless subwoofer to boost low-end frequencies. When 3D Surround mode is activated, the clever and adaptable combo has an incredibly wide soundstage and brings movie soundtracks to life with a rich and powerful sound. The Yamaha also serves as a fantastic music system, and movie dialogue is understandable and has tremendous depth and gravitas.

The YAS-209 has a lot going for it, although wish there was more than one HDMI connector on the rear.

Sonos Ray

Sonos Ray

With the Ray, its smallest and least costly soundbar, Sonos delivers at both the lower and higher price points. It delivers a good amount of bass for impactful explosions in action movies. The sound is an instant and clear upgrade for the older as well as cheaper TVs that it’s aimed at. There is no competition; it is a significant upgrade over the built-in speakers of the 32- to 50-inch TVs, it is intended for.

Of course, it’s not as powerful as the larger soundbars here. It is less adept at accurately locating sounds in space and does not provide the broad width and height to music that the Sony HT-G700 delivers above. Additionally, it is generally less dynamic.

It’s okay though because it wasn’t designed for those looking for the most immersive cinematic experience possible. It’s designed for those who just like louder, more immersive audio for movies and clearer speaking. Additionally, because it is a full Sonos wireless speaker, it performs musically significantly better than most soundbars, including the Sony HT-G700.

One thing to note is that it does not use HDMI ARC for connection; instead, it only uses optical digital. This implies that it might need to learn the signals from your remote control before it can function, but Sonos has made that part of the setup process, making it all but safe.

Samsung HW-Q950A

With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV!
With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV! 10

With no less than 16 distinct sound channels, Samsung’s HW-Q950A soundbar is ready to go right away. It delivers an amazingly well-rounded Dolby Atmos soundstage when you watch your favorite movies, which is when it sounds really wonderful. 

With 14 channels, the 2020 model was already rather good, but the HW-950A is superior. A  soundbar performs Dolby Atmos in a way this real. Even when it was pounding out the hardest impact noises, it didn’t lose a beat.

Its slightly less amazing music playback is the one true letdown in this. It was undoubtedly created with video games and movies rather than music in mind. Its musical performance is not, however, subpar. However,  if music is your first concern and you’re torn between this and a good separate system, separates may be the superior choice. But if you prefer watching movies, Samsung’s soundbar is hard to top for strength, efficiency, and portability.

Creative Stage V2 2.1

With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV!
With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV! 11

The Creative Stage V2 2.1 is another excellent option for individuals on a tight budget because it is inexpensive, small, and deceptively rich-sounding. The dedicated subwoofer handled lower frequencies significantly better than most inexpensive standalone soundbars, and the clarity of dialogue was impressive.

Additionally, the Stage V2’s limited soundstage may be expanded with the “Surround” mode, and the sound can be further customized with bass and treble boost settings. Additionally, connectivity is excellent for the price, offering HDMI ARC, USB, Bluetooth, as well as the standard optical and 3.5mm inputs.

Bose Smart Soundbar 900

With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV!
With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV! 12

The first soundbar from Bose to support Dolby Atmos also features multiroom audio, built-in voice assistants, and more room for wireless Bose surround speakers and a wired subwoofer. It costs $899, the same as the Sonos Arc. The Bose separates itself with a smaller and more elegant design, but while it sounds decent overall, it can’t beat the Arc when it comes to bass and virtual surround sound.

The Bose performs admirably with movies, though the addition of a subwoofer would give movie soundtracks a beneficial additional boost. It is simple to set up and offers a wide range of choices to allow you to tailor the sound to your specific surroundings.

While Dolby Atmos effects sound good, bass levels can sometimes be a bit excessive when playing music. Overall, the Bose is a good option for those already a part of its ecosystem and has a lot of features, but the Sonos Arc performs better at the same price.

Sonos Beam (Gen 2) soundbar

With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV!
With the Best soundbar speakers, improve the audio on your TV! 13

The Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is the greatest soundbar you can buy if space is at a premium. Because of its small size and stylish appearance, it will blend in seamlessly with your decor whether you mount your TV to the wall or position it on a TV stand. Although it’s just almost small enough to accommodate a 32-inch TV, it fits perfectly with 40- to 50-inch TVs.

With virtual Dolby Atmos, HDMI eARC compatibility, and an updated design, it enhances the company’s original Sonos Beam soundbar.

The Sonos Beam (Gen 2) offers an expansive soundstage and an immersive audio experience despite lacking the firing tweeters required for “real” Dolby Atmos. It is equally as good with music and movies, is incredibly detailed, and extremely dynamic for abruptly moving between loud and quiet.

It actually functions as a smart speaker with built-in Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, and you can stream music to it over Wi-Fi

Can sound bars enhance audio quality?

Soundbars are accessories created to enhance the audio output of other devices. The several speakers that make up the long, narrow bar are arranged in particular positions to create surround sound. By having a separate channel for each speaker, a soundbar does this.

Is a sound bar better than speakers?

While surround sound speakers often produce the highest audio quality, a soundbar will undoubtedly enhance the audio on your TV. Even the most expensive soundbars typically cannot match the expansive soundstage provided by speaker systems.

Are sound bars Wireless?

The majority of soundbars are Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth-enabled, enabling you to stream music from any computer, phone, or tablet with ease, thereby converting your sound bar into a stereo. Additionally, look for HDMI switching, which enables switching audio sources without rerouting HDMI wires.


The space, complexity, and cost of a home theatre receiver and surround sound speaker setup are not necessary with a sound bar, which is an all-in-one speaker system that produces high-quality TV sound. Two or more speakers are housed in the long, narrow cabinet of a sound bar, which can produce stereo or surround sound.

Soundbars can provide a virtual 5.1 sound, which bounces audio off of walls to sound more dynamic throughout the space, depending on the environment they are being utilized in. The space does really become more full-sounding as a result. Having said that, a soundbar cannot in any way replace the authentic sound of speakers placed behind you.

If you want a seamless listening experience, Sonos Arc is your best option because of its more streamlined approach to house speakers. However, in addition to soundbars and house speakers, Bose also sells a wide range of other items, giving you more choices. When it comes to audio quality, both manufacturers deliver.

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