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Sonos Arc Home theater: Sleek, powerful, and Dolby Atmos-compatible!


The Sonos Arc is a large all-in-one sound system from Sonos, a maker of home audio hardware and a streaming service provider. It’s Sonos’ first soundbar to support Dolby Atmos, which means content that supports the 3D audio standard will sound even more interactive through the Sonos Arc’s 11 drivers.

The Arc. is built as a 5.0.2-channel soundbar, can be paired with other speakers such as the Sonos Sub G3 wireless subwoofer and two Sonos Ones or Sonos Fives, to act as side speakers. Transforming your setup into a full-fledged surround sound system. We can use Sonos Arc as a standalone music speaker. It’s designed to be easily paired with other Sonos wireless speakers. Allowing you to easily pipe music throughout your home.

The Sonos Arc is the company’s massive soundbar flagship. Replacing the 2017 Sonos Playbase and the 2013 Sonos Playbar). The $449 Sonos Beam (Gen 2) is a good bet for smaller entertainment spaces. Although the price (which recently increased by $100) may put off budget shoppers, it provides everything Sonos clients expect from the audio savant in the company’s most appealing package yet.

Sonos Arc : Price and Availability

The Sonos Arc charge $899 and is currently available. It was originally $799, but Sonos recently increased the prices of most of its speakers.

The Sonos Playbase and Sonos Playbar have been officially retired. Sonos has a trade-up program for replacing older gadgets, but it has not stated whether or not older soundbars will be eligible.

Sonos Arc : Design

The Sonos Arc is looking for attention. It measures a colossal 45 x 4.5 x 3.4 inches but weighs only 13.78 pounds. So, despite its size, it is light enough for one person to transport and set up.

Sonos Arc

However, it may be too large for any TV screen smaller than 65 inches.
In terms of placement, your best bet will be to mount the soundbar beneath your mounted TV or on an entertainment center. The Sonos Arc will not fit beneath most standing sets.
The Arc’s curved, perforated grille and elliptical shape fit into the company’s newer look, which moves away from a rounded rectangular design.

Sonos Arc

The soundbar is available in matte black and white finishes, both with a subtle Sonos logo in the center and a small LED that indicates microphone status. The LED adjusts to reduce distraction based on the ambient light in the room.


The top side Arc has capacitive volume and pause/play controls, while the back has a concave port array with ethernet and HDMI ARC/eARC connections.

Latest Sonos app, installation, and tuning

The new Sonos S2 app is required to set up the Sonos Arc. S2 is a redesigned version of the existing Sonos app that includes support for 2020 Sonos hardware such as the Arc. Users with older systems can continue to use the current Sonos app or transfer their accounts to the new app for a more modern interface.

Sonos app

Two software-based tuning features are available on the Sonos Arc. Phasing rays and time alignment TruePlay. The phasing rays function similarly to noise-canceling headphones, but at a room, scale to focus sound. The Arc tunes to a room by ensuring that audio waves reach all walls at the same time. Even in rooms with higher ceilings. We believe audiophiles will value this level of adjustment more than the average user.

Manual tuning tests will require the use of the S2 via the Arc’s four far-field microphones. Despite the fact that it only took a few minutes, we wish it supported the Auto TruePlay feature.
After you’ve tuned the Arc, connect it to your TV and remote for easier control. Pair the soundbar with an ARC or eARC-enabled set or streaming device for Dolby Atmos and another high-fidelity listening.

Sonos Arc: Competent household features!

The microphones built into the Arc can be used to summon Alexa and Google Assistant. The soundbar, like any of the best Alexa speakers or best Google Home speakers, can provide a weather report and control smart home devices such as lights and locks.

Nonetheless, the Arc makes a strong case for becoming one of the best smart home devices for household entertainment. It even competes with our top smart speaker pick, the Sonos One, in terms of brand. When the Arc is in range, you can use your voice to turn on your TV, adjust the volume, and launch your favorite tunes, just like the One — ideal for when you don’t want to rummage through blankets or couch cushions.

Should you purchase it?

The controls are the source of the majority of my reservations about recommending the Bar 5.0 MultiBeam. The remote makes adjustments that are counterintuitive in order to achieve the best sound. Furthermore, given that this model supports Atmos, it would have been ideal if what appear to be ceiling-pointing height drivers were, in fact, ceiling-pointing height drivers.

The JBL Bar 5.0 MultiBeam is capable of excellent sound with perseverance, but it isn’t very easy to set up, and it’s more expensive than models with subwoofers, such as the JBL Bar 2.1 Deep Bass.


That ends our article here!

The Sonos Arc is a fantastic soundbar—with a few caveats. It has a fantastic sound, with crisp highs, a thick midrange, and chunks of well-defined bass. It’s visually appealing, and it’s part of the world’s best mainstream multi-room audio system. Trueplay can perform some amazing tricks to customize the speaker’s sound to your room if you have an iOS device or can borrow one for a few minutes.

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