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The Best Nanoleaf sets -Are these smart lights worth buying?


Nanoleaf is a household brand in the field of decorative smart lights. Nanoleaf lights are color-changing sets that may be arranged in various forms. You begin with a beginning kit, which includes a controller and a set number of panels. Extra packs will be available to supplement these.

Nanoleaf light panels are an exciting method to supplement ordinary light bulbs in your space. They’re a terrific method to make your designs and give a conversation piece or just a new light source in a room in your house.

Nanoleaf Elements

Nanoleaf Elements

Nanoleaf has produced a set of lights that look nice on and off, which is vital in decorative lighting. The panels feature a rough, wood-effect surface that gives your wall a Scandi appearance. They are one of the most appealing Nanoleaf sets, in our opinion. The lighting also extends to the panels’ edges, an improvement over previous sets.

They are not just pricey, but their features are restricted. Instead of supporting colors, they only show a variety of white light. This implies they won’t respond to your TV and don’t support gaming gear.

The music connection is also a little weak. But the app has other useful functions, such as scheduling and gesture control. Keep in mind that you’re unsure how to set them up. The included manual won’t be much help.

Light Panels

Nanoleaf light sets

The Nanoleaf Light Panels have been discontinued. However, the brand has said that it will continue to service current units forever. They’re still accessible at some stores in some areas.

The associated software lets you separately choose the color of each of the panels or configure all of the panels to cycle through a color palette using one of many different flow patterns. You may change the brightness and speed up to an illness level.

Creative people may store their palettes and effects on the system. While less creative types can utilize the pre-installed choices or download a few more via Nanoleaf’s app. You can also use IFTTT and Alexa to control it and use it as a light alarm. Or set it to respond to other events.

The panels are straightforward to assemble. They just click together – and the starting kits may be expanded with expansion packs. They attach to the wall with the accompanying double-sided adhesive, giving them a solid but detachable feel.

Nanoleaf Shapes

Nanoleaf light sets

Nanoleaf Shapes are a beautiful collection of panels by Nanoleaf. They take numerous shapes, but they all work together. So far, three distinct Shapes have been created: hexagons, triangles, and micro triangles. All are thread-compatible with the most recent Thread technology.

A different control panel allows for physical control (on/off, scene cycling), but as with other Nanoleaf devices, you’ll primarily use your phone.

Depending on your choices, the new shapes have 16 million color options and all of the standard Nanoleaf capabilities, such as connectivity with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

The most significant improvement that Nanoleaf has made with Shapes is that the mounting technique has been upgraded. So that the tape no longer harms your walls if you need to relocate them. Yes, this is a problem with previous generations.

Nanoleaf Shapes may be asked to respond to noises in the room; unlike earlier generations, they do not require a separate module. You may customize your setup with extra panels in addition to Shapes beginning sets.

Nanoleaf Canvas

Nanoleaf Canvas

Nanoleaf Canvas is a successor to the first set. However, it is not as complex as Nanoleaf Shapes. It comprises nine square LED panels that you may arrange as you like and place on your walls in almost any combination.

The LED tiles connect and install quickly and easily. The Wi-Fi connection is strong. And the software and intelligent assistant support are simple to integrate, allowing you to manage the lights from your phone or with voice commands.

Nanoleaf light sets

An extra mode allows the tiles to change color in reaction to music. However, the rhythm support is poor but entertaining. It also depends on how near you can get the panels to your speakers. The technology is pricey, especially if you want to make an oversized design with tens of panels.

Finally, the ‘cross’ appearance generated by the LEDs in the panels’ centers is unsettling and detracts from the overall look.

Still, experimenting with different designs for different occasions or emotions is lovely fun. And once put up, it’s a beautiful piece of interactive wall art that also serves as mood lighting.

Nanoleaf accessories

Nanoleaf Remote:

Not only can the Nanoleaf Remote manage Nanoleaf lighting, but it also functions as an Apple HomeKit controller. It’s a one-of-a-kind dodecahedron Remote that connects to your device over Bluetooth. It works such that you may program each of the remote’s 12 sides in the Nanoleaf or Apple Home app.

Nanoleaf Rhythm:

Don’t worry if you purchased Light Panels before the Rhythm module was announced. You can still purchase it separately as an add-on. It, as expected, transforms your bright lights into a real-time, color-changing music visualizer. To get started, you’ll need the panels themselves.

Nanoleaf Linkers:

Nanoleaf’s Linkers are an essential part of your overall design. And you’ll need to stock up on more if you plan on expanding your collection with the expansion packs described below or if you screwed up the first time.

It’s important to know that these Linkers come in two varieties: Rigid Linkers and Flex Linkers. The stiff linkers can only connect panels on the same wall. But the flexible linkers seen above may wrap your pattern around walls or up onto the ceiling. Rigid Linkers will function with both regular Nanoleaf panels and Nanoleaf Canvas. However, Flex Linkers are required for the Canvas and other ones for standard panels.

Nanoleaf Expansion Packs:

You might not be able to stop spreading Nanoleaf on your walls once you start, with unlimited possibilities for both the standard kit and the Canvas. Unlike Lifx, you may expand your design over time with Expansion Packs. Which come in a variety of sizes based on the line you’re developing.

Remember that you must add the same kind to your present design – no mixing and matching of other lines is permitted.

Nanoleaf app

Nanoleaf light sets and gadgets are app-controlled and effortlessly connect to your home Wi-Fi through Apple or Android smartphones. The program then allows you to change colors, alter brightness, set a static color, or pick a theme, among other things.

Users are an essential part of the Nanoleaf experience. And other owners regularly submit new color palettes that can be downloaded and tried for free from within the app.

Free palettes are also available within the app. Otherwise, you can have the colors precisely how you want them. You may swap between random scenes by pressing. The control panel will also remember the previous five loaded, allowing you to return if you discovered one you liked but unintentionally jumped to the next.

How long do Nanoleaf panels last?

All Nanoleaf light sets and products, including the Smarter Series and dimmable lights that function without a dimmer, is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Aurora’s LED panels can provide light for up to 25,000 hours. It’s compared to a standard incandescent bulb’s lifespan of about 1,200 hours.

What can I do with Nanoleaf?

Nanoleaf gadgets are app-controlled and effortlessly connect to your home Wi-Fi through Apple or Android smartphones. The program then allows you to change colors, alter brightness, establish a static color, or pick a theme, among other things.

Can Nanoleaf light a room?

The Nanoleaf light strips are also an excellent option for lighting a home. However, for maximum brightness, you may prefer the more traditional light bulb way.


Setting up your Nanoleaf light sets isn’t all fun and games. And deciding on the right design for your space might be difficult if you’re unfamiliar with the concept, whether you’re working with the original Nanoleaf panels, Shapes, Lines, Elements, or something else. You don’t want to replace them with extra sticky tabs once they’re set on.

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