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Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids Review-Something colorful, fun, and frolic for your kids!


The Echo Dot Kids is intendable to be both a secure haven and a gateway into a Kids+ membership for all the age-appropriate content that comes with it. It is totally up to you whether or not you want your children to have a smart speaker. However, if the floodgate or parental minefield has already opened, then there is no better way for your kids to use an intelligent assistant.

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) Kids is a safe method for your kids to communicate with Alexa because it comes with a choice of an adorable Tiger or Panda, strong parental settings, a free year’s membership to Kids+, and some genuinely entertaining replies.

Although it may seem a bit too babyish for older kids, you can now receive the same parental controls on standard Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Plus speakers, thanks to a recent software update.


Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids Review-Something colorful, fun, and frolic for your kids!

The Kids edition speaker is just an Echo Dot (4th Generation) with a new paint job, as the product’s name already makes clear. What a transformation. The choice of characters—a Tiger and a Panda—is ideal given the speaker’s rounded form. They could be too babyish for older children but suitable for smaller ones.

The usual selection of Echo buttons, such as volume controls, microphone mute, and the action button that wakes Alexa without using the wake phrase, are located on top. It seems doubtful you’ll want to connect the speaker to external speakers, but the option is there if you want it. The power input and 3.5mm audio output are located on the back of the speaker. You have a two-year worry-free warranty on this Kids Edition product. If the speaker breaks, you can return it and obtain a new one.

Parental Control

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids Review-Something colorful, fun, and frolic for your kids!

With whatever you have in your child’s room or playroom, privacy is a significant consideration. As a parent, you will always have to leap of faith that your child won’t be able to access things they shouldn’t be able to. You may limit access hours, the kind of content, and the Skills they can use by using the Amazon Parent Dashboard, much like you do with Amazon’s Fire tablets and Kindles designed for kids. You may also see the activities and how long they used them.

Using it may establish a nighttime and wake-up time beyond which Alexa won’t ‘function.’ Alexa will just say, “Sorry, I can’t play right now,” if the child tries. Later, try again.” You can also block children from using the Echo Dot Kids to manage smart home appliances like lights and plugs and halt their access to the Dot Kids and any Fire tablets. They can’t ask Alexa to purchase fidget spinners or anything else from Amazon on your credit card because voice purchasing is by default disabled.

The Echo Dot only has two settings: Manage Music (where the clear filter may be enabled or disabled) and Communications (where you can enable or disable calling, messaging, and Drop In).

You’ll have to choose which contacts your child may call and message via the Alexa app if you allow these functions. Simply said, the Drop-In setting in Parent Dashboard controls whether other Echo devices in the home may Drop In on the Echo Dot Kids.

The Echo Dot Kids may receive announcements from parents, and children can also send announcements to other Echos.

Sound Quality

echo dot sound

The audio technology here is identical to the essential Echo Dot (4th Generation). You receive a 1.6-inch forward-firing speaker, in other words. The Echo Dot Kids is surprisingly loud and clear, especially for voice answers and audiobooks, despite what may seem a little weedy. The quality of the music playing is also rather outstanding, and the bass is surprisingly deep. Even if the speaker lacks the finesse of its higher-end competitors and the midrange tends to get a little muddy in the center, the maximum volume is powerful enough to fill a room.

The sound quality here is more than enough for smaller kids. This speaker must be evaluated for its target demographic. Older kids could prefer the big Echo (4th Generation), which you can also enable Kids mode on. To improve audio fidelity, you might link the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) Kids with another speaker (the Echo Dot and Dot with Clock from the same generation also count).

Price & Availability

Nearly a year after Amazon unveiled the Echo Dot Kids smart speaker, in time for Christmas 2021, it is now officially available in the UK.Amazon offered the Echo Dot Kids for £34.99 in the UK and $44.99 in the US. Still, prices may vary. Both the Tiger and Panda models are available. However, unlike the Echo Dot with Clock variant, neither has a built-in clock display.

What else do you receive for your additional £10 except the cute redesign? The speaker includes a year’s worth of access to the Amazon Kids+ on Alexa service, which is generally available for £3.99 per month (or £1.99 for Prime members). This is the most important bonus. That is a savings of £48 for Prime members who are not already members and £24 for those who are. This includes 10 ad-free radio stations for kids from Fun Kids and everything else currently included with a standard Amazon Kids+ subscription and a selection of Audible books.

What can Amazon Echo for kids do?

Unlimited access to more than 20,000 quality books, films, Audible books, educational applications, games, and Alexa skills are all included in the all-inclusive Amazon Kids+ membership. Amazon Kids+ is compatible with several devices (compatible Echo devices, Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Kindle, Android, and iOS devices).

Who can use Echo Kids?

The program is still beneficial for monitoring older kids between 6 and 12. However, normal parental controls may be sufficient for some families. There are just two characteristics that distinguish the Kids versions from the “regular” Echo Dot and Show 5, aside from access to Amazon’s Kids+ membership program.

Are Amazon Echo Dots appropriate for children?

With a year’s worth of Amazon Kids+, plenty of content for your children to get lost before nagging you to buy more. Kids will appreciate the makeover since it is adorable but not overly sweet. The Echo Dot Kids offers excellent value for just £10 more than the standard Echo Dot.


Intended to provide a secure environment for kids, and, in reality, it serves as a gateway into a Kids+ membership and all the age-appropriate material it offers. It is entirely up to you whether or not you want your kids to have a smart speaker in their room. The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) Kids, with its adorable selection of characters, is significantly more entertaining even though you can theoretically receive the same variety of functions and parental settings on existing Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus speakers. The two-year worry-free guarantee and a year’s membership to Kids+ are worth the extra £10 you pay here compared to the ordinary Echo Dot.

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