Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) VS Amazon Echo Show 5- What will you pick?


In today’s world, voice command devices are standard, giving the feeling that somebody is there for you, Who would listen as you command them. It feels like somebody is helping with their expertise in work. Voice commanding is very common nowadays. Smartphones also have their respected voice commanding software based on AI(Artificial Intelligence). To this World-renowned company, Amazon has come with its voice commanding devices for your home use, based on its original AI software Alexa converting your home into a smart home. Here is a comparison of Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) VS Amazon Echo Show 5.

Both devices offer their best functions according to their price. Amazon created both the devices to make voice commanding devices accessible to command men. which will initially make their lives easy.

Overall Comparision

Pricing and Colors

The echo show will cost you around  $84.99 estimate, and Echo Dot will cost you around $79.98 approximate.

Both Echo Dot and Show come in 3 different colors: Blue, White, and Black.


Both the products have the main basic features or assistance which will help the person find anything he/she is looking for online.

“Amazon Echo Show 5 is a Touchscreen speaker.”

Imagine if you have a screen with your voice commanding device. It will be so helpful for you to search and get the results visually. Will it not be a great option and a great experience? So that is the main feature of Amazon Echo Show 5. As the name suggests, it has a screen display to show you the result you are looking for And offers you multiple results visually to choose from if you are not satisfied with one result. It’s like a smartphone only with limited functions. With the primary function of the device screen, you can do many things like reading a newspaper or a blog, Watching a video while making food in the kitchen, and answering the skype video call with its built-in front camera. And many other features to cover.

“Amazon Echo Dot is a smart speaker but does not have a display and touchscreen.”

But Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) only supports the customer with its audio. It does not have any display screen. You can only ask things, and the device will only answer it in its voice. It only guides the questions which have been asked in audio only. Amazon Echo Dot (4th GEN) has many differences compared to its older version. Features are the same as the older ones. The company says that they have improved its sound quality and a better understanding of the local language. But the reviews are not that good regarding the voice adaption. However, some features are enhanced, like pairing it with your smart electrical board and turning ON/OFF lights from anywhere in the house by commanding the device.


Amazon Echo Show 5

The amazon Echo show 5 has a self-standing design with an LCD screen to support your results visually. The design is just as simple as possible it could be. It has similar four mics set to improve the audio experience and better video calling experience. It comes with a front camera that allows the video call feature and the same camera to monitor the home when you are out.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

Now let’s talk about the design; the Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) design is a significant change compared to its older versions. The difference is that the device is no longer in its cylindrical shape but is now converted into a sphere that looks compact and tiny in size. The small design comes with four mics with a better voice commanding experience. And a surrounding light lit up when commands or the results are searched. Futuristic ambient lighting gives us while on a glass table or kitchen counter.

Build Quality

The Amazon Echo Show 5 has a touch LCD screen which puts it apart from any other echo dot series product. The build quality is pretty decent same as the other echo product. It has a cloth finish at the back and the same four-button set for navigation. In addition to that is the camera shutter, which you can use when you do not use a camera and don’t want to show your side of the video. The device is self-standing, But if you want an addition in height or mobility, the stand is sold separately by the company Amazon.

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) comes with half cloth and half plastic material. It feels sturdy and well built so that you can use it easily. There are two high-quality speakers which provide good sound. Due to its compact shape, it looks pretty on side tables and counters in your kitchen or in your drawing room.


In our comparison now, Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) VS Amazon Echo Show 5, another important factor to consider is the connectivity.

Echo Show 5

Amazon Echo Show 5 connection is pretty simple. You just plug in power and connect it to the internet through the device only. Then you are good to go to search for anything on the device. It is a visual device, so you can use it anywhere in the house. It has a motion sensor that detects whether you are around or not; if you are not there, they will stop playing the visual content and resume when you are around.

Echo Dot

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) has easy connectivity. You have to plug in the power cable and just link it with the Alexa app, which is available for Android and IOS. Otherwise, just ask Alexa to search nearby connection devices. You have also connected it to your respected wireless connection to use it online. It also connects with the other echo devices, so you can use it wherever to are in the house. Or you can play the music throughout the house or just one floor or just one room. You can also make announcements to the whole house with one device only, which will be connected to other devices.

Privacy and Protection

Both the devices have ability to disable the microphones
Amazon Echo Show camera shutter

Both devices have the button to set the mic off whenever the user wants to.

In addition, the Amazon Echo Show 5 has a camera shutter that allows you to turn off the shutter whenever the user wants to. So nothing wrong can happen even if the device is hacked.

In protecting these devices, the sensor can detect the smoke and alert the owner, who will be helpful. And call the emergency services in extreme need. Plus can also add a subscription to Guard Plus services which will look after your home when you leave and call the helpline immediately when something bad happens or is about to happen.


The Echo devices, besides helping and its AI capabilities the devices can entertain us too. However, one has a screen and the second one doesn’t. But Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) never fails to entertain with its audio. All leading audio streaming platforms are supported in it. And you can the unlimited audio files with which you can choose from. Its AI can also tell us jokes, ask riddles, ask questions, and the list goes on.

The Amazon Echo Show 5, with its LCD screen, offers better features than just audio. It provides you to see the info that you visually. Subscriptions to leading streaming platforms can be added to watch your favorite shows.

The video calling feature also performs decent quality video calling. Not the best display screen for the AI device at the price point, but It’s definitely worth the money. Results that you have searched for will helps you visually. Its use in the kitchen is significant; you can use it while cooking. It will help with the recipes and guide you step-by-step through the process. The question will be in your mind. What if the hands are dirty, oily, or wet? The answer is you will be allowed to use it with the voice command.


Buttons play the most crucial role in both devices, and Buttons are navigators to control the device.

The Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) has four buttons, Two for volume up and down. And one for the mic to put on the mute mode will help privacy. And the last one is for activating Alexa. Though Alexa works on voice commands, if a voice command is not working, you can use the button to activate Alexa.

In Amazon Echo Show 5, All the buttons perform the same function as mentioned above. The addition is that it has a shutter for the camera, which will allow use for privacy.

Audio & Video Quality

Amazon Echo Show 5 has both audio and video features. The sound is better than the Echo Dot. The main highlight is its screen which performs very well with the audio. The screen can be used in many ways, like to set reminders, and it also can be used as wallpaper in your drawing room or the kitchen. It will show what function is device is currently performing.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) has just audio accessibility. It comes with four mics, two high-quality tweeters, and a decent woofer in an upward direction for the best audio quality. However, the audio quality is decent and works with the household environment. It is limited to certain areas, like one room only. The mics also respond impressively when in use.


In our comparison of Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) VS Amazon Echo Show 5, we have different aspects and will recommend the Echo Show 5. But now it is your turn to decide which device is your next purchase. Looking for a device that you can satisfy with its audio-only and you are tight on the budget, then you can opt for Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen). Although the price is low, it has many features that will make your life easy. And also, it is user-friendly and can be operated easily. You will have a great experience while using it.

And if you are looking for a cool AI assistant device with a screen to offer, you are free on the budget. You should consider Amazon Echo Show 5. It not only helps you with the audio, but with its screen, it will help you visually also. You can watch short/long videos while using this device. And it will be cool to have the commanding voice device, which has a display screen that will initially help you choose multiple options in your desired search results.

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