Save and Download Youtube videos with these simple steps!


We all love to stream videos, watch movies, to play our favorite tracks. And the biggest platform for this is Youtube. Youtube is an app even kids know to use and praise. We all are pretty familiar with Youtube. We are often required to save and download Youtube videos on our phones. But the point is how to download Youtube videos. Is it legal? Yes, we know there are pretty lot of questions and doubts from every one of us regarding this. Don’t worry. We are here with a very informative piece for you all. Here we will see how you can download videos and save them . Plus, the other related stuff for you!

Why is downloading videos a good alternative?

We all require and love to stream videos and favorite content. But that consumes costly mobile data plans . We first prefer to save our mobile data by saving our videos and content offline. Here arrives the necessity of saving and downloading videos to view them offline. Viewing them offline in circumstances where we don’t have mobile data, we are traveling airways, seaways where mobile networks are not accessible. So here’s a tip – Download the content videos through your home Wi-Fi and then watch them later. Cool ? Right?

Okay, so we all have deliberated thoughts of whether it is legal to save our videos offline even if our purpose of saving and downloading is not wrong and illicit? It is legal to share Youtube videos and embed them but downloading them offline is not allowed. Some third-party apps will allow you to download videos, which is regarded as a violation. There are also chances of copyright infringement when saving the videos. If you are the owner of the video or if you have permission from the copyright holder, then it won’t get you in trouble. But don’t worry. Youtube has its own ways of saving videos for offline purposes.

Free Option – Steps to download or save video

  • Pop up the Youtube app on your mobile phone or PC.
  • View and find the video which you want to download.
  • Hit “Download”.

View your downloaded videos :

  • Inside the YouTube app, hit “Library” in the lowest left corner of your screen.
  • Hit “Downloads”.
  • View the video you downloaded in “Your Downloads”

Paid Option- Youtube Premium

We have known Youtube premium for only removing the ads. But there are many other features Youtube premium possesses.  Premium allows you to play videos in the background and supports picture-in-picture, YouTube Music, and YouTube Originals. Youtube Premium costs you about $11.99 a month. But the important feature which we can’t neglect is that it effortlessly allows us to download videos.

  • You get a 1 month free trial for Youtube premium and then it starts recurring.
  • Youtube Premium Annual plan will cost a $119.99.
  • Youtube Premium Family will cost you $17.99 per month . In this plan, you can add up to 5 members whose age is above 13.
  • Youtube Premium student planwill cost you a $6.99 per month.


Youtube music videos are not downloadable. For Youtube music videos , prefer Premium subscription. Also you are not able to convert Youtube to MP3 or MP4 . The Youtube videos will not be available and saved onto your desktop and will be only acessible in the Youtube App.You will be able to access the Downloaded videos for up to 29 days .Downlaoding videos for personal purposes is immoral and we hereby suggest not to use any third party apps that imply Youtube violation.

You will not be able to download and save Youtuve videos if your phone storage spaces is less than 5%.

There are also download recommendations and give you will give you similar suggestions for the videos you already downloaded. You can also disable this download recommendations.

Conclusively, we will just like to say that now downloading Youtube videos is easy. It will not be a doubtful, tiring, and confusing process for you all. If you have any doubts regarding the content, feel free to comment. Best regards!

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