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Where to pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK?


Google’s most recent low-cost Android flagship will be accepted on July 21. Also, capabilities in a smartphone begin at only $449 / £399. You can now Pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK through the following modes.

Is that likely to be among the top phones for under $500? Because we’ve never had an opportunity to have our hands on that yet, the verdict seems to be out on this. However, it’s correct to conclude that if you’re staring for powerful features at some competitive price, starting with said excellent Google Pixel 6 will likely prove to be a winner.

US preorders for the Google Pixel 6A

Google store

Where to pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK?

On July 21, Google will begin taking pre-orders. Also, it will probably offer unlocked phones, carrier-specific models, and alternatives for all its Google Fi services. Although the specifics of the inaugural incentives are unknown, the Fi service will probably provide new customer rebates or trade-in rebates. As trade-in rebates, we might also see carrier promos that mirror those with  Verizon, AT&T, and other carriers. Pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK on google store.


Where to pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK?

Verizon is probably one of the significant carriers providing pre-orders for the Pixel 6a at launch. There is presently no definite information regarding the promotions. But it is possible that they will start with a cost-benefit rebate that may cover the entire device, as this is a usual practice at the carrier. Since the 6a is a more cost-effective gadget, we might also see it bundled with a new line and an unlimited plan at a fixed discount. Observe this space.


Where to pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK?

We anticipate Amazon will fulfill pre-orders for the Pixel 6a in the same manner as it did for the Pixel plus 6 Pro at launch. Amazon usually does not give anything exceptional in terms of incentives, and this retailer seems well-liked. Well, thanks to Prime delivery, thus there is a chance that the item will sell out.

UK preorders for the Google Pixel 6A

Google store

For consumers in the UK, pre-ordering such unlocked Pixel 6a from the official Google Store will cost £399 upfront. Given that this is a frequent promotion at the business, it is likely that there will be a limited trade-in rebate available. When the Pixel 6 was first announced, it also gave this shop and others a set of Bose 700 headphones. However, given that the Pixel 6a is substantially less expensive, we wouldn’t anticipate seeing this promotion again.

Carphone warehouse

Where to pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK?

If you want to choose your Online Pixel 6a pre-order, Carphone Warehouse will probably have a wide range of fantastic options when it launches. You may compare all your alternatives at this retailer along with selections from O2, Three, Vodafone, and more. However, keep in mind that there is very little information on the tariff specifics or any promotions.

When will the Pixel 6a be available?

You could be able to buy the Pixel 6a in a matter of weeks. The phone will go on sale on July 28, 2022, after pre-orders begin on July 21, 2022.

To keep up to date on the Pixel 6a, you can enter your email address on its Google website.

Customers in the UK can receive additional information by submitting their email addresses.

When should I place a Pixel 6 preorder?

On July 21, you can Pre-order the pixel 6A in US and UK
Pre-orders for Google Pixel 6a would start on July 21 for $449. Or it will go on general sale on July 28. You may purchase it through the Google shop as well as other merchants.

What is the price of the Pixel 6a?

Google has confirmed the following prices for the Pixel 6a:

The phone is anticipated to be released in India, albeit the price has not yet been disclosed. May be $449 or £399.

As far as we know, this price will buy you a device with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and is the sole available configuration. The Google Tensor chip is linked with Pixel 6a as well.

Pixel 6a contains three colors: Charcoal, Chalk, and Sage.

As we get closer to the 6a’s release, we anticipate more discounts and pre-order promotions will become available. We’ll update this page with them as soon as we do.


The Pixel 6a will probably be a genuine winner if you seek a streamlined power, software experience, and a terrific camera. You may probably get a screen with a higher refresh rate over the same price somewhere else.

The chip in this product is its key selling feature. This gadget has as much power as last year’s Google Pixel 6 Pro model. As you might expect, it’s more than sufficient to quickly navigate via the vast majority of most apps and provide excellent, snappy overall performance. It’s appealing to have such a powerful CPU in a low-cost gadget because it opens up many opportunities for cool features, just like the Magic Eraser tool with cameras.

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