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Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now?


The 2012 Mac Mini held a unique vicinity in lots of hearts due to the reality that it turned into so improve. It stays Apple’s closing nicely upgradeable Mac Mini, and tremendously in 2020 may be a quite on hand little PC with the proper bits inside. Here we will see how you can improve and upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now.

What will be upgraded?

The 2012 model remaining to this day Apple’s last, appropriately upgradeable Mac Mini. On later models, users have had the option to upgrade some bits, similar to the RAM in the 2018 release, yet in the 2012 model, you can go ahead and get really crazy.

You can redesign the RAM to a limit of 16GB; you can trade out the inward hard drive for a SSD, and even add a second drive for much more stockpiling.

None of these parts are especially costly, and none of the work is especially muddled or tedious. Put to the two or three hours, and you’ll have the option to resurrect your old Mac.

Installing a new SSD!

Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now?
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini

Maybe the best upgrades to make is to swap out the old mechanical hard drive for an SSD. Data transfer speeds will be at any rate multiple times faster, and that will have a huge difference in the regular running of your Mac Mini.

It’s additionally easy to accomplish.
  • Turn the Mac Mini.
  • Place your thumbs withinside the round divots and twist the bottom anti-clockwise.
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now?
  • The base ought to definitely pull away, however can also additionally want prying with a plastic device or maybe a credit card.
  • Hold a Torx T8 and T9 screwdriver.
  • Eliminate the screws at the wireless cover.
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now?
  • Move the shroud to 1 aspect carefully, ensuring you do not snap the cable.
  • Hold a Torx T5 screwdriver.
  • Remove the 2 screws at the fan and the one screw at the black cover.
  • Pull away the black shroud and set it a while.
  • Carefully pull the fan far far from the logic board.
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now?
  • Slide a business card or something comparable below the present hard drive moreover, prize it up marginally.
  • Cautiously disconnect the SATA cable for the hard drive from the logical board.
  • Pull the present hard drive clean of the Mac Mini.
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini for using it now?
  • Detach the Torx T8 screws from the present hard drive
  • Attach the ones equal screws to the left-hand aspect of your new SSD.
  • Isolate the ribbon cable from the present hard drive.
  • Connect the equal ribbon cable to the brand new SSD’s SATA connectors.
  • Turn the SSD over so it is the other way up and the screws.
  • Using a business card once more for support, slide the brand new SSD into the region till the screws lock into the region at the bracket withinside the Mac Mini.
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini
  • Replace the ribbon cable to the logic board.
  • Reassemble the Mac Mini reversing around the stages above, first placing in the black shroud, at that point the fan, at that point the wireless shroud.
  • Line the markings on the bottom up with the corresponding markings at the Mac Mini.
  • Twist the bottom returned into the region.

Something extra to do all through this process is to utilize some canned air to impact out any dust. You’ll be astounded at how clean within a computer this old is, however it never hurts to get it out while you’re inside.

Adding a second storage drive!

Not every person will need to do this, but rather it is possible to install a second drive in the 2012 Mac Mini to maximize its storage potential. You could reuse the current hard drive, however since it’s more than six years of age, it makes much better sense to utilize a new one.

You can utilize either a hard drive or a SSD, or a Seagate Firecuda hybrid drive, much the same as the Fusion Drive Apple utilizes in a some of its machines.

Follow the steps:

  • Follow steps from the part above to eliminate the current drive and set up your new SSD boot drive.
  • You should isolate any leftover items from the logic board now, including the wireless shroud and the IR cable.
  • Grip your second drive install kit.
  • Delete the last screw from the logic board with a Torx T6 screwdriver.
  • Insert the logic board removal instrument into the holes pictured.
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini
  • Delicately pull the logic board away from the case.
  • Separate the power supply cable from the logic board.
  • Pull the logic board out of the back of the case.
  • Eliminate the two Torx T6 screws that hold the drive bracket and power supply set up.
  • Slide-out the holding clip from the power supply.
  • Turn the power socket 90-degrees anti-clockwise.
Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini
  • Pull the power supply away and slide it out of the rear of the case.
  • Mindfully lift out the drive bracket.
  • Join the rubber grommets from the install kit to the holes on the drive bracket.
  • Join the ribbon cable from the install kit to the new drive.
  • Ensuring the ribbon cable is facing upwards, screw the new drive into the bracket with the screws from your installation kit.
  • Spot the hard drive bracket once more into the case and line up the fixing holes.
  • Slide the power supply again into the case until it gets in the spot.
  • Re-connect both by screwing the T6 screws before long into the case.
  • Invert the steps above to reinsert the logic board, all fixings, and connectors, including the new hard drive ribbon cable.
  • Follow steps “slide the power button” to “reverse the steps above” from the part above to insert the new main SSD and reassemble what remains from the Mac Mini.

When everything is indeed in spot, and the Mac Mini is quit for the day, an ideal chance to do a new introduce of macOS.

Install macOS again!

Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini

You could clone the existing drive and skip this progression; regardless, while doing any sort of work this broad, we for the most part find that doing a new install of the OS is a smart thought.

The interaction is quite straight forward.

  • Start the Mac Mini.
  • Choose the CMD+Option+R to enter Internet Recovery mode.

It’ll take some time, any way you’ll now download a new form of macOS from Apple and go through it to set your Mac Mini again without any preparation.

On your new drive, you should to use the Disk Utility element to first erase the SSD (despite the fact that it’s clear) and afterward make new partition to install macOS on to.

From here, run the introduce cycle for macOS and leave it while it does its thing.

Upgrading the RAM!

Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini

Other than adding a SSD, the following best goal for give your old Mac Mini some extra legs for present-day registering is to add more RAM.

The 2012 Mac Mini uses 1600MHz DDR3 SODIMM modules and can recognize up to 16GB across two spaces. So all that you can manage is grab a 16GB pack made up of a few 8GB sticks.

Here’s the manner by how you install and Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini.

  • Flip the Mac Mini.
  • Spot your thumbs in the circular divots and twist the base clockwise.
  • The base ought to simply pull away, yet may require prying with a plastic tool or even a credit card.
  • Pry separated the metal brackets around the current RAM sticks.
  • As they pop up, delicately pull them away.
  • Line up the new RAM sticks and push delicately into the slots.
  • Push down delicately until they lock into place.

To confirm everything is great, boot up the Mac Mini and look at the About This Mac information. In the event that it shows the amount of RAM you installed, everything is great. If not, you’ll need to go back and troubleshoot your installation each stick in turn. Remove one, reboot, and check About This Mac again to confirm.

By doing it a stick at a time, you can without much of a stretch distinguish on the off chance that you have any bad RAM. If so, the framework will not post, so it’s not difficult to spot.

Pairing it up with a monitor!

You’ve brought your Mac Mini for the current day; it worth thinking about what you will going to use to look at it all day.

The 2012 Mac Mini won’t give you a 4K output, anyway it can deal with 1440p yet a little more than a DisplayPort connection.

Be that as it may, snatch a cheap mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable and a great 1440p monitor like Dell’s UltraSharp U2719D, you’ll have yourself a truly fabulous workstation.

Where to discover a 2012 Mac Mini now!

Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini

Another Mac is something costly; there’s no denying that. Ultimate performance will consistently be better on more current models. All things considered, in case you’re searching for a truly costly way to get into Mac computing, or need a strong secondary machine, you can do a lot worse than getting a utilized 2012 Mac Mini and redesigning it.

Where do you find one, be that as it may? That depends where you live, anyway the typical spots like eBay and Craigslist are an incredible spot to begin. Make an effort not to overpay, nonetheless, for one that someone else has upgraded, when you can probably achieve the work yourself for less.

Regardless of whether you buy or as of now have an old Mac Mini sat around doing nothing, with not a ton of money several hours of your time, you can transform it into a fantastic little PC to use in the current day.


Upgrade the 2012 Mac Mini (M1, 2020), as it has a memory that is coordinated into the Apple M1 chip and can’t be updated. You can design the memory in your Mac small when you buy it.

One of our favorite things about the Mac smaller than usual is that its RAM is upgradable — just the 5K iMac and Mac Pro component simpler RAM overhauls. On the off chance that you need 64GB, you’ll need two 32GB modules since the Mac little highlights only two SODIMM spaces.

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