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Exclusive Apple Watch Series 6 – All the tech specs you need to know!


Introducing Apple Watch Series – 6, presents a complete blood oxygen sensor and app. It has the feature which provides users even more aware of their overall fitness, health, and wellness. Apple Watches also provides water-resistance of 50 meters. The Apple Watch Series 6 is ideal for swimming, surfing, or water expansion battles. It offers 18-hours of battery life. It contains quicker charging and it charges the watch completely in 1.5 hours. Also, it has the battery life for tracking the things done with us that is workout. Launched in September 2020, it has GPS and GPS+LTE functions. Apple Watch Series 6 gives the Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop with soft silicon and braided yarn. Here is the quick Apple Watch Series 6 Review explained with all the essential features.


  1. 44mm or 40mm case size
  2. Always on retina display
  3. GPS + Cellular GPS
  4. Blood Oxygen app
  5. ECG app.
  6. Heart mood notifications (High and low pulse)
  7. Water resistance to 50 meters .
Apple Watch Series 6
Exclusive Apple Watch Series 6 - All the tech specs you need to know! 23

Blood Oxygen : Fresh modernization

The blood oxygen level is a key pointer to your general health. It can assist you with seeing how well your body is retaining oxygen, furthermore, the measure of oxygen conveyed to your body. Furthermore, the striking sensor app in Apple Watch Series 6 permits you to take on-request readings of your blood oxygen just as foundation readings, day and night.

New sensor

The fresh blood oxygen sensor app is comprised of four LED bunches and four photodiodes. Incorporated into the total overhauled back gem, this new sensor act to work together with the Blood oxygen app to control your blood oxygen level.

 New Sensor Deeply illuminating LED Lights

Deeply illuminating LED

Green, red and infrared LEDs shine a light on New sensor. The fresh blood oxygen sensor app is comprised of four LED bunches and four photodiodes. Incorporated into the total overhauled back gem, this new sensor act to work together with the Blood oxygen app to control your blood oxygen level, to the blood vessels in your arm, and photodiodes measure the amount of light throwback. It determines the colour of your blood, which specifies the number of oxygen present.

Setting up blood oxygen

 Blood Oxygen Sensor Measurement Result
  1. Open the app in your Apple Watch Series 6.
  2. Make sure your elbow is flat with the Apple Watch facing up.
  3. Keep your arm steady for 15 seconds.
  4. Wait for 15 seconds till the app measures the measurement of blood oxygen level
  5. At the end of the measurement it gives you the results.
  6. Tap done.
 Blood oxygen sensor

ECQ: On Your Arms Anytime Anywhere

Apple Watch Series 6 Electrocardiogram

In Apple Watch Series 6 review, the significant feature we can’t miss is the ECG. Electrocardiogram, the ECG app, Apple Watch Series 6 is effective in creating an ECG similar to a single lead. It records an electrocardiogram which presents the magnetic pulses that male your heartbeat. ECG app checks these heartbeats to get your pulse and furthermore see that if the upper and lower cells of your heart are in rhythm

Your finger can disclose to you a ton about your heart.

Anodes present in the Digital Crown and the back jewel work commonly with the ECG app to scrutinize your heart’s electrical signs. Essentially touch the Digital Crown to offer rising to an ECG waveform in just 30 seconds. . The ECG app can demonstrate whether your heart mood gives indications of atrial fibrillation — a genuine type of unpredictable heart cadence — or sinus musicality, which implies your heart is thumping in a typical example.

The ECG app isn’t cognizant of use by individuals under 22 years of age. A high pace of the heart because of activities, stress, liquor, drying out, or other fervour.

Apple Watch Series 6 with ECG Applications

Sleep App

In the Apple Watch Series 6 review, we will also see something new called the Sleep App. The new sleep app helps you with maintaining a regular bedtime routine. Keep a record of your sleep night after night so you can fulfil your personal sleep goals. Improving and perfect measures of rest is significant for exceptional wellbeing and riches.

Track your sleep with Apple Watch

With the help of the sleep app of the apple watch, you can create bedtime schedules. If your watch is charged less than 30 per cent before sleep, you’re prompted to charge it.

Set up sleep on Apple Watch :

  1. Firstly change after turn off your other wake-up alarm.
  2. Change after Add a sleep schedule.
  3. Then Change Sleep Options.
  4. At last, View your recent sleep history.
Apple Watch Series 6 with Sleep Feature

Wellness and Health features

When it comes to staying fit, availability of ability, capacity, strength, power. Get innovation to keep moving and track your workout and exercises metrics more accurately than ever. The fitness app tracks your exercise whether you run, swim, walk, hike, row, or do yoga, tracked by the Apple Watch. You can easily count your step with the help of an Apple Watch. Counts the number of steps you take. It starts measuring your every move.

Apple Watch Series 6 with Wellness features


No matter how you love to activity, the Apple Watch has an exercise only for you. Select structure running, swimming, yoga, cycling, or pretty much whatever else you’re into-and begin computing all your activities.

Always on Altimeter

For more exact measurements as you move, the new consistently on altimeter constantly tracks your rise changes continuously, indoor and out. Regardless of whether you’re journeying up a path or besieging down a ski run.

Track your current altitude

Apple Watch Series 6 allows you to follow your present elevation progressively. Add the elevation issues to the watch face to see your height with the look. With the watch face appearing, contact and hold the display, then, at that point tap Edit. Swipe left-right to the end.

 Workout, Cycling, Exercise Feature

Always On Retina Display

On Retina display is presently extensively more brilliant outside when your arms are down. Hence, You can see all the data on your watch face more effectively than at any other time by raising your arm to emerge your watch.

 Better Display

Continuously on access: Swipe down for cautioning focus, swipe up for control focus or tap trouble, entanglements in the wrist-down state. No compelling reason to wake your watch for simple exchange when you’re in gathering or, in all likelihood in propensity.

Solo Loop Slip- Apple Watch series 6

An inventive new consistent tie joins the Apple Watch Series 6 line-up, without a catch or clasps understanding. Accessible in two materials and nine custom sizes, custom-made to the size of your arms.

Apple Watch Series 6  with Solo Loop

Solo Loop: Crafted from soft, stretchable silicone rubber, the solo loop is ultra-comfortable, less weight, and amazingly easy to slip on and off.

Apple Watch Series 6 with Solo Loop, Braided Solo Loop

Braided Solo Loop. Silicone threads are interlinked with over 16,000 recycle polyester yarn filaments to produce a strap that’s as textural and stretchable as it is cute and fine.

Stay Connected every time you need. Anywhere you go.

Apple Watch Series 6 keeps the people and things you care about right there with you, no problem where life takes you. And with obtainable cellular, you can keep connected even when you don’t have your phone.

Apple Watch Series 6 for Call, Wallet


Open the calling app on your Apple Watch, go to the contacts, at that point turn the advanced crown to scroll.

Siri: Get assistance with pretty much anything, basically by inquiring.

Wallet: Store your boarding card, movie ticket, or rewards card for easy entry.

Apple Watch Series 6 – Some More Features!

Activity Sharing: Share your Activity rings with friends and family to inspire each other. Stay motivated to sit less, move more and get some exercise.

 Music and Podcasts, Activity Sharing, Activity Rings, Competitions

Competitions. Invite friends to compare in a seven-day activity challenge.

Apple Watch Series 6 cases

Red and blue aluminium cases, Apple Watch Series 6 have the most colourful line-up yet. Browse a scope of materials, including titanium, treated steel, and 100% reused aluminium. The new colour is Space Black Titanium, Gold Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminum.

 New Color Space Black Titanium, Gold Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminum

New faces innumerable approach to modify your face

Look over the newest faces ever, at that point modify them to coordinate your temperament and style or most loved activity-for a face that is pretty much as remarkable as your own.

 New Face Ever

Now you can without much of a stretch find and offer custom appearances for whoever you are and whatever you’re into with all the data that matters generally across the board place.

For water lovers: Get riding estimates and conditions, in addition to information for your cruising, kayaking, and more from water speed.

Apple Watch Series 6 for Water Lover

Sun and stargazers: See a perception of the day and night cycle while the Night sky shows you stargazing conditions.

 Sun and Stars

For travellers: Know what course you’re confronting, where the sun is, and your present assessment in this extraordinary face for wayfarers.

Apple Watch Series 6 for Adventurers

Weather nerds: See itemized gauges and climate information, including stickiness, barometric pressing factor, and more with climate.

Apple Watch Series 6 for Wealth nerds

For Planners: Plan you’re date, keep organized, and stay focused.

Apple Watch Series 6for Planners

Photographers: Capture your best pictures with Lumy, which allows you to follow dawn and nightfalls, lighting conditions, and climate.

Apple Watch Series 6 for Photographers

The Map Guides: Get a tap on the wrist revealing to you when to turn. In the vehicle or your bicycle, by walking or on travel.

Apple Watch Series 6 Review- The Conclusion

Apple Watch can possibly change and upgrade the phone market.

The new top-end Apple Watch Series 6 is somewhat quicker, more brilliant and less expensive with another sensor – and does barely enough to remain the ruler of smartwatches. Accessible in two sizes, 40 or 44mm, and in an assortment of case materials and shadings, it begins at £379 in aluminium. The Series 6 follows the magnificent Series 5 from 2019, which presented a consistently in plain view solidifying the Apple Watch at the top and making it a truly challenging demonstration to follow

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