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watchOS 9: Apple now has all these new updated features!

watchOS 9
watchOS 9

WatchOS 9, the next significant upgrade to the Apple Watch operating system, was unveiled by Apple. It has newly updated watch faces, improved sleep tracking, and a new medicine reminder app. The various choices for customizing watch faces on the Apple Watch set it apart. You may modify the colors and add additional complexities to view them when you lift your wrist, in addition to picking different designs.

Apple has added new watch faces to watchOS over time, but the previous ones remain unchanged. With the release of the Apple Watch Series 7, it is evident that these watch faces were not designed with the latest Apple Watch models in mind. Apple launched three new watch faces with watchOS 9 and updated some of the existing ones.

Availability: watchOS 9

Availability: watchOS 9

Fortunately, all the new watch faces will be accessible for Apple Watch Series 4 and later, and there will be no Apple Watch Series 7-exclusive watch faces. WatchOS 9 is available for developers as beta software via the Apple Developer website. The public beta will be available next month, with the official release scheduled for this fall.

If Apple follows its usual release schedule, WatchOS 9 will be available in September,2022. In 2021, Apple normally released new software, especially a new watch model. Although waiting until September, Apple will likely reveal WatchOS 9’s new features at its Worldwide Developers. It will also likely issue a public beta software shortly after to allow watch owners to test it.

Older Apple Watch versions are also compatible

Older Apple Watch versions are also compatible

Apple’s latest two software updates are compatible with watches dating back to the Series 3, but that might change in 2022. Ming-Chi Kuo, a TF International Securities analyst famed for his Apple forecasts, believes the Series 3 will be phased out since it cannot handle the upcoming version of WatchOS. That implies WatchOS 9 will likely be functional with Series 4 and subsequent devices.

In 2017, Apple released the Series 3 as the first model featuring built-in cellular connectivity, allowing it to function independently of the iPhone. Apple continues to sell the Series 3 for $199, in addition to the $279 Apple Watch SE and $399 Apple Watch Series 7. However, do not purchase the Series 3 in 2022 since its specs are becoming obsolete. Its small storage space also makes updating difficult. There are better solutions for the price.

Lunar face in watchOS 9

Lunar: watchOS 9

One of the new watch faces included with watchOS 9 is Lunar, which Apple defines as a watch face that “depicts the link between the Gregorian calendar and the lunar calendar.” It is essentially inspired by old timekeeping techniques based on moon phases. This watch face, which has the moon in the center and the time surrounded by the lunar phases, is compatible with four complications. Additional to hand colors, analog or digital time, or Chinese, Hebrew, & Islamic calendars, there aren’t many other customization possibilities.

Apple collaborated with specialist designers and “people from all around the world” to create the Lunar Calendar watch face in watchOS 9. The chosen lunar calendar is, of course, prominent on the new watch face. The link with the Gregorian calendar is also indicated so that people can see how the calendars align. Like the Metropolitan face, Lunar Calendar integrates the digital crown to the encounter, allowing you to spin to travel backward or forward in time. For those interested in timekeeping, it’s a pleasant interaction.


Metropolitan: watchOS 9

Metropolitan, which resembled a modern clock while encouraging interactivity, felt like it had always existed just on Apple Watch. “We wanted to build a watch face that was extremely adaptable while celebrating the heritage of typography and watchmaking,” Chen explained. “Because we have the digital crown, users can spin the digital crown and play and wrap with the typography, something ordinary watches and even our rivals couldn’t do.”

Metropolitan is a more traditional watch face since it looks like an analog watch. Nonetheless, it provides several customizing possibilities. Like other current watch faces, Metropolitan enables up to four corner complexities. The user may alter the color of the backdrop and the time in the middle of the watch face from this screen. The numerals become more or less stretched when the Digital Crown is rotated, creating even more distinctive appearances.


Astronomy: watchOS 9

The final new watch face in watchOS 9 is Astronomy, although it’s a remaster of the Astronomy face launched with the original Apple Watch in 2017. “As technology improved in the Apple Watch,” Chen explained, “We saw this as a chance to offer it a bit more realism & detail that we couldn’t accomplish previously.”

In Astronomy, Apple recreated the Earth and moon using new graphics techniques to increase the amount of detail. The new face provides “never before shown on Apple Watch” viewpoints and angles. It also mimics real-time cloud data, allowing you to follow real-world cloud patterns worldwide. You can monitor the existing cloud cover in your area and see where the clouds will travel during the day. Discuss how you might organize your pool days properly.



Joi Fulton, an illustrator, and artist, collaborated with us to create Playtime, a participatory watch face. It has a more playful mood since it displays the numerals in the shape of plush animals. This watch face has no complications. However, it does let users alter the background color and add or remove ornamental items from the backdrop. As you move your wrist, the time appears on the screen inside a parallax effect, and you may interact with numbers by touching them.

Which Apple Watch will get watchOS 9?

The WatchOS 9 public beta has become available for any Apple Watch Series 4 and later models. You must also have the iOS 16 public beta loaded on your iPhone. Both upgrades are free from Apple, but you should proceed cautiously when installing beta software.

What’s new with watchOS 9?

watchOS 9 includes several new running analytics and workout perspectives. You can now see your running form, step length, ground contact time, & heart rate zones for the first time. Apple has also included triathlon support and the option to construct bespoke routines.


Apple appears to have a lot planned for WatchOS 9, but there are a few additions. More thorough sleep tracking features promoting relaxation and recuperation after a workout, the flexibility to change activity objectives for different days of the week, and more applications for the U1 chip are among the new features. Some of these functions, notably sleep monitoring & workout recovery, would help the Apple Watch catch up to Oura and Fitbit competitor devices.

If these allegations are correct, health and fitness will again be important themes of Apple’s software upgrade. It’s yet another indication that the Apple Watch has progressed into a smart health tracking gadget capable of more than just collecting workouts and activities. The upgrade will go well with the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8, which, according to Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal, will be the first to have a temperature sensor.

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