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When you start designing your island in Animal Crossing, you need to have some plans and decide how you will implement them. And all of this will need large amounts of Bells, the in-game currency. So you if you want to quickly upgrade your home and build a getaway paradise you will have to earn money fast in Animal Crossing. There are different ways you can earn Bells in the game. Here is how you can earn money fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Hit the money rocks for Bells

Hit the money rocks in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Every day you will get a new rock on your island that will give make you earn money in Animal Crossing new horizons, every time you hit it, instead of mineral. Although, remember that it has a limited time after the first hit. So if you hit the rock at least 8 hits before the time runs out, then you can earn over 16,000 Bells. To get a maximum reward, all you need to do is dig three holes or place three objects in a row parallel to the rock behind your character. This will help your character to remain in place as you attack the rock. You can even use this trick for mineral rocks. If you maximize the number of hits it will increase the chances of getting a gold nugget. You can then sell it at a high price later.

Dig up and sell fossils

Dig up and sell fossils

Out of all the easy ways to earn Bells, one is to dig up fossils and sell them. If you sell three to five fossils each day, you can earn thousands of Bells each. So instead of donating them to the Museum, sell them. But remember to get the fossils to be accessed by Blathers before taking them to sell at Nook’s Cranny. Moreover, if you want some quick Bells, there are many things you can sell from your island.

Shake up the trees

Shake up the trees

If you shake up the trees you will find many items that you can collect and sell to get some Bells. When you shake the tree you can get fruits and if you are lucky you can get some rare items. Then collect these items and sell them at Resident Services. All you need to do is to go up to the trunk of a tree and press the A button on your Switch. Then your character will shake a tree and the items will fall down for you to collect. Although these items will not get you much money, still you can sell them for some fast Bells.

Moreover, each island has its own native fruit and you will get 100 Bells per piece. Also, if you trade non-native fruits from other islands you can get more than three times the value of native fruit. So collect up more non-native fruits whenever a friend is visiting. You can even grow them on your island and sell the fruits for more Bells.

Weed your island

Weed your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Another fast and easy way to get some fast Bells is by weeding out your island. When you start the game, you will find your island covered in weed. If you clear them all, you will get a good amount of Bells. After weeding them out go to Resident Services and talk to Timmy. You will be receiving 990 Bells for every 99 weeds you pull.

Catch fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Catch fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons

You can catch many different kinds of fish and sell them to earn Bells quickly. You can catch fish throughout the day, but remember what kind of fish will get what kind of Bells. The barred knifejaw is available from March to November and will get you 5,000 Bells each. Whereas the coelacanth can be found on rainy days and will get you 15,000 Bells.

You can gain proficiency with the shadow sizes of various fish to find out with regard to which to focus at one look.

When you catch fish, remember that some fish are found in particular seasons, times of day, and bodies of water. These rare fishes will get you more Bells. If you are not good at fishing, you can grab some manila clams. These are common and can be found all over the beach area using a shovel. When you get one, make them into fish bait and scatter them to catch the fish.

Catch and sell rare bugs 

Catch and sell rare bugs 

Not only rare fish, but you can also even catch rare bugs and then sell them for a good value. Tarantulas and scorpions will get you a whopping 8,000 Bells. If you have some patience you can definitely catch them. When you spot a tarantula and go towards it, it will stand up on its hind legs. Stop right away and wait for it to back down. Now, go slowly and drop your bug net on it when it is not standing.

Trade critters with special characters

Trade critters with special characters

If you are short of Bells and in urgent need, then remember about the special visit from Flick or CJ. If you sell your fish or bug to them you will get 50% more for each and you can easily maximize your income. CJ and Flick stay around the island until the day resets at 5 am. So you have plenty of time to sell your catches and earn a good sum of money.

Island excursions

Island excursions

If you want Bells but are left with no daily collectables on your island, you have another way to earn Bells. You can go to another island and loot the natural resources over there. With Nook Miles tickets you can fly to distant uninhabited islands. There you can collect different fruit, bamboo, and exotic bugs and fish. Then you can sell them to earn some Bells.

Trade turnip using the Stalk Market

Trade turnip using the Stalk Market

If you want to make a fortune, you can buy and sell turnips from the Stalk Market in the game. Every Sunday Daisy Mae will visit your island and will stay till noon to sell turnips at a very cheap rate. You can buy turnips from her and sell them at Nook’s Cranny over the week. But remember that the prices will fluctuate daily, so you will have to wisely sell them to earn a good sum of Bells. Also, the prices differ across players’ islands in all regions. So, communicate with your friends to know if they are getting a higher price. If so, you can go to their island and sell your turnips.


Animal Crossing New Horizons is all about earning Bells and pay off your loan to upgrade your island. With Bells, you can easily upgrade your island and built a paradise getaway. There are multiple ways you can use to earn money in Animal Crossing, amount of Bells. You can catch fish and bugs from your island and sell them. If you find a rare item the amount you earn will increase. You can shake the trees and money will literally fall from trees. There are other fun ways to earn Bells like buying and selling turnips in the stock market, going on excursions to different islands to collect exclusive items and sell them. You can even dig up fossils and sell them to earn a good amount of Bells.

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