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The best encrypted messaging apps to enhance your privacy!


The finest encrypted messaging app can help you maintain your privacy. They make it challenging for anyone to listen to your private conversations and calls. While some apps are found and run by big businesses, others are operated by startups.

Even law enforcement and governmental organizations cannot access several of the finest encrypted messaging apps because of their powerful encryption. Signal, Threema, WhatsApp, and other services use end-to-end encryption. They ensure that only the sender and receiver of a message or call can view or listen to its content.

These seek to better the safety of consumers in an online environment. Marketing corporations are increasingly attempting to read users’ messages and track them. Additionally, private messaging saves copies of your chat conversations on the company servers. This compromised the privacy in a hack assault and made public online.



You must already know WhatsApp as one of the best messaging apps available. However, you may not be aware that it provides end-to-end encryption for your communications. In reality, WhatsApp employs Signal’s incredibly secure encryption system.

There isn’t much WhatsApp can’t do. Along with regular text-based communication, it supports video calls, group chats, location sharing, and file transfers of various kinds. With the Broadcast tool, you can ping many people at once, record voice memos, and do other things.

Due to WhatsApp’s enormous popularity, it is likely that many of the people on your contacts list already use it to communicate with friends and family. No way to turn off the complete encryption that all of those chats use by default.

The fact that this is the app of Facebook, which means you’re contributing to the data-collecting tactics of the largest social network in the world, may make you think twice before using it. End-to-end encryption restricts Facebook from reading your conversations. However, it can log other information about you for marketing purposes, such as your phone’s location.



For mobile users concerned about security, Signal is an excellent messaging option. It is an open-source, free solution for group chats, voice calls, and messages that use end-to-end encryption.

To your phone contacts, you may send text messages, voice calls, group messaging, media files, and attachments without fiddling with PIN codes or unique login information. Animated stickers and wallpapers have just been added as user-friendly features. Moreover, Signal group video conferences can now have up to 40 members.

One can set all Signal messages to expire after a specific period. One can also use Signal on desktop devices, thanks to a Chrome browser extension. You can move Signal accounts from one Android phone to another and from one iOS device to another. A recent upgrade allows you to change phone numbers while maintaining your Signal account data as long as you stay on the same device.

Because of Signal’s encryption system’s security, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger also use it.

With praise from privacy activists, Signal is a favorite of the security-conscious due to its simplicity of use and robust, open-source, routinely audited encryption. For consumers seeking an encrypted messaging and calling app, Signal is a terrific choice because it offers user-friendliness without sacrificing security.


Threema encrypted messaging app

Another secure texting service that tries to prevent governments and companies from accessing your data is Threema. The program allows anonymous use, and calls and messages can be securely encrypted.

Many messengers rely heavily on secure connections, but Threema guarantees that no contact information is stored on their servers and that all messaging data that passes through them is immediately erased after transmission.

Local files, therefore, stay on your phone rather than being exposed on external servers where hackers or data-collection organizations might access them.

Despite its security concerns, Threema is a fully working messaging program that enables you to create groups and conduct polls among trusted individuals. It communicates photographs, files, videos, and locations, among other things.

The required data volume is reduced because you don’t need to sign up using your email address or other personally identifiable information. Threema provides a reasonably secure experience while keeping users’ anonymity in mind.


Telegram encrypted messaging app

Users can connect their phone number to a Telegram account, similar to Signal and WhatsApp, to exchange quick, secure messages over the internet. Client-server encryption is used for regular chats.

However, Telegram is much more than a simple messaging app. It has developed into a global social media network with sizable user bases and broadcasts, allowing users to reach millions of followers instantly. More than just encrypted messaging can be done with it.

End-to-end encryption is not, however, turned on by default in Telegram. You must switch to the Secret Chat mode to obtain it. You may share movies and documents, set messages to self-destruct, and participate in group chats with up to 200,000 other users. However, end-to-end encryption will not be used for talks involving more than two people.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me

Users can send private, self-destructing communications (text, video,  photo, and voice) to other Wickr contacts using the free end-to-end encrypted Wickr Me app. Consider it a more secure version of Snapchat.

With the use of robust encryption and the deletion of metadata like geotags and message timings, Wickr takes user privacy seriously. The amount of time it takes for messages to self-destruct can be set by users. Users authenticate one another using brief bursts of encrypted video in a video-key verification system, which adds a new layer of security.

Wickr takes pride in the app’s security, and there is even a $100,000 bug-bounty program for anyone who contacts the business to report a security flaw.

Wickr Me for consumers is less adaptable than some other apps for encrypted chat, though. Only one-to-one audio and video calls are permitted, and group chats are limited to 10 participants.

Wire encrypted messaging app

Wire encrypted messaging app

End-to-end encryption is available with Wire for phone and video calls, as well as for instant chats. GIFs, audio and video clips, sketching, and local and Dropbox file sharing are also supported. Additionally, the program supports multiple accounts and multiplatform cross-device syncing, enabling you to divide conversations for personal and professional use.

The Proteus encryption system used by Wire, based on the Signal protocol, is open-source and susceptible to external security audits. The app is accessible and free on mobile devices and the web, with a paid tier for enterprises.

Silence encrypted messaging app

Silence encrypted messaging app

The uncomplicated, bare Silence prioritizes the security of your messages over other factors, such as animated animal stickers, which are far down on the list of priorities. Instead of using chat protocols that operate over the internet, it communicates directly with SMS and MMS.

It is a spin-off of Signal and employs the same open source, extremely secure encryption techniques. Security experts in plain sight regularly audit these methods to ensure that the code hasn’t been cracked or unlocked by any government agency interested in obtaining your conversation history. You could combine the use of Silence and Signal if you chose to.

So you get all the advantages of SMS/MMS, including the option to use it without Wi-Fi, as well as all the disadvantages, such as the lack of video calling and the limited support for group chats. Your phone network can identify who you are texting while using SMS/MMS, even though the encryption prevents it from understanding what you speak.

You must enter a unique passcode to keep the app locked to ensure that everything is secured as it should be. Additionally, it can prevent screenshots of your communications at the other end for added security.

Is WhatsApp encrypted?

End-to-end encryption is a feature that WhatsApp, which Facebook owns, has consistently incorporated. End-to-end encryption restricts anyone but the sender and recipient from reading the communications, including WhatsApp.

Is Telegram more secure than WhatsApp?

Nevertheless, just because Telegram is more well-known for being reliable than WhatsApp doesn’t automatically make your messages secure. End-to-end encryption is essential for keeping your messages private, but Telegram only provides this level of security in a few select sections of the software.


The encrypted messaging app offers privacy and security by ensuring that only the recipient of your messages can read them. Any third party who intercepts the messages will not be able to read them, thanks to the messaging apps’ robust encryption algorithms.

Encrypted apps are becoming more and more common as Android smartphones gain popularity.

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  1. I can recommend even the best alternative – Utopia p2p ecosystem. Blockchain and decentralization is the best thing about data security in 2022. Therefore, I recommend this application. This means that even far away from the PC, you can be sure of the reliability of the application.



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