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Best iPhone podcast apps of 2024!


Generally, the Apple podcast app is an in-built app in Apple devices which is a good part for Phone users. But some other alternative podcast apps are easily compatible with iOS. Some well-known podcast apps for iPhone are Spotify, Apple Podcast, Castro, etc. However, they can help you arrange and sort your playlists. Some permit you to deal with your memberships and make the playback experience more proficient.

Many rivals of Apple podcasts give you the best listening experiences. Talking about Spotify, in 2020, it will be one of the most popular apps commonly used for podcasts in the United States. Also, around 25% of podcast users were aged above 18. However, users of the Apple Podcasts app are less than Spotify, which is 21%. Because Apple Podcasts can only be accessible on Apple devices, Spotify is accessible on Android and iOS. Maybe this is the reason why Spotify is more acceptable than Apple Podcast. Let’s see, apart from Apple Podcast and Spotify, the other rival podcast apps are accessible on iPhone.

What is the meaning of Podcasts and the benefits of Podcasts?

A podcast is an assortment or series of podcasts made accessible for downloading or listening through the Internet. Every individual sound recording is known as a podcast episode. Podcasts are regularly facilitated by individuals or people who lead a discussion, share stories, or report the news.

Benefits of using Podcasts:

  • It’s not difficult to get everything started.
  • They’re very enchanting.
  • Build more brand authority
  • It’s an option in contrast to video.
  • Increment traffic age.
  • Develop change.
  • It’s advantageous.
  • It’s a different structure and association through-composed content than visual or sound.


Get two in one Spotify = Music + Podcasts!

Best iPhone podcast apps of 2024!

By integrating digital podcasts for different audiences and retaining listeners for longer, Spotify uses podcasting to help the business grow. Additionally, these elements may put Spotify ahead of its competitors, such as Apple Music and Tidal. Throughout 2018, the audio series “Spotify Dissect” was available. Using your Spotify account, log in to Spotify for Podcasters, or choose Sign up to create one. The feature that deserves the most attention is Spotify’s 30-day free trial of Spotify Premium. All mobile users can access it.


  • Solid conveyance.
  • Download and share podcasts without any problem.
  • Pay attention to music and podcasts.
  • Stream podcasts segment along with loved ones.
  • Many content classes.


  • It contains ads for free plans.

Apple Podcasts

Millions of shows; more ways to listen; now we’re talking!

Best iPhone podcast apps of 2024!

The most substantial and well-liked selection of shows across all genres may be found on Apple Podcasts. Every voice matters in this discussion, from well-known figures on the global stage to the most honest free thinkers. After attending several free performances, you may support a sizable portion of your favourite podcasters by subscribing. A few examples of the premium memberships that can open include Bonus episodes, ad-free tuning in, early access to new series, and straightforward access to the files. Ask your most important person to connect to Apple Podcasts so that Siri can access all of that and play whatever you want to hear.

Every podcast on the app can be played on any of your Apple devices, allowing you to carry on the conversation whether you’re operating a motor vehicle, exercising, or cooking. You might listen to broadcasts offline by downloading them to your Apple Podcasts collection.


  • Download digital broadcasts and access them without the internet.
  • View top digital broadcasts in your locale.
  • Tune in across all Apple gadgets.
  • Channel content of various types.
  • Dynamic stories.


It doesn’t follow or recommend the listening trend.

Podcast App 

The best and easiest way to listen to and save the podcast!

Podcast App for iPhone

Finding, storing, and listening to all of your favourite podcasts is made simple with a podcast app. Discover new podcasts and get knowledge about any topic, including news, education, politics, and societal problems, as well as religion and wrongdoing. Usage-based premium subscriptions with a 7-day trial period are available on the free app. The free version includes a few promotions. In any event, those are quite worthwhile and do not interfere unreasonable. A subscription grants you access to features like listening history, premium educational content, and many more in addition to zero promotions.


  • Firstly, it contains extra educative essence.
  • The free variant contains respectable advertisements.
  • Searching and filtering make conceivable


  • Most personalized highlights are accessible on a subscription premise.


Try out most of the powerful Podcast apps for iPhone!

Castro podcast app

Castro has a brilliant approach to board membership. You subscribe to the shows, but once you do, the shows are handled through a line structure. As new episodes are released, you may choose to line a programme or archive it. However, if you continue to watch shows with daily episodes, this component will still work. You may assign your favourite shows to the automatic line, if you have them, to ensure you don’t ever miss them. One of its additional features is the ability to import MP3 files using iCloud Drive. You may side-load lectures or book recordings without DRM thanks to this component. For $18.99 a year, Castro Plus is an extra premium membership (a one-week trial).


  • It monitors dates and the amount of an episode you’ve paid attention to.
  • Simple to-explore interface.


  • Only accessible on iPhone.
  • Compulsory to buy into Castro Plus for specific highlights.

Pocket casts

Customize and organize the filter for your podcast!

Best iPhone podcast apps of 2024!

For the audience of digital podcasts who need to make better use of their time, Pocket Casts is designed. ShiftyJelly PTY LTD designed Pocket Casts with a trim silence highlight that eliminates silent pauses in the episode so you can go through your playlist more quickly. Additionally, various paces enable you to adjust the playback speed between.5 and 3x. Additionally, you may create a filter that provides you with the precise episodes you’re looking for, regardless of the situation. A podcast player offers robust options for discovery, search, and listening in. On our carefully curated list of podcast recommendations, discover your next addiction.


  • Simple interface with a desktop edition.
  • Make custom filters to arrange your favourite podcasts.


  • Restricted search highlight.
  • To pay attention to an episode, you should buy into a podcast.

Player FM

Try out the smarter one!

Player FM podcast app

A breakthrough in digital broadcasting, Player FM or PlayerFM was created in 2011 by software inventor Michael Mahemoff. Maple Media, a mobile media company, found the assistance. For a quantity cataloguing service that was made public in May 2020, podcasts were made available on a number of webcasting websites. One of the best podcast players and libraries, PlayerFM encourages users to search for, discover, save, and listen to more than 20 million free podcasts. Find your favourite programmes and learn about fresh programming on topics including music, humour, sports, business, news, and training.


  • A helpful web app that imparts settings to Android apps.
  • Offline support is provided.
  • No ads.


  • The playlist of the podcast sometimes becomes uneven.

What is the most used podcast app?

With 25% of podcast listeners who are 18 years of age or older reporting that they use Spotify to listen to podcasts, Spotify is the most widely used application for listening to podcasts in the United States as of 2020. In the meanwhile, 20% of adults, down from 21% the year before, used Apple Podcasts.

What is better than the Apple podcast app?

Additionally pre-installed on Android smartphones, Google Podcasts is the default podcast app for those devices. The software includes a sizable number of shows that are comparable to Apple Podcasts, and its user experience is friendly to both beginners and experts.

Is Apple music better than Spotify?

One further significant advantage that Apple Music has over Spotify is lossless and high-quality audio. When songs are compressed from their original source using lossless audio, a significant portion of the information loss is avoided, providing you CD-quality sound from a digital file.


As a result, if you prefer a default podcast app for your iPhone, you may try the Apple podcast. There are many other solutions available. When it comes to the best applications, Spotify is a good choice because it offers a number of advantages. You may also make a playlist, after which Castro is created for you. Choose the Pocket cast if you wish to test out all the app, which really is available for iOS and Android.

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