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Facebook might soon let you create multiple Facebook accounts!


Under part of a new test, Facebook allows a select group of users to have up to five distinct profiles to entice users back. According to the first reports, the trial is only accessible to a few people in a few countries, such as the United States. The core profile here on the account must have the user’s actual name associated with it. These additional four profiles can each have a different username, so they won’t all need to use the same real name. They each have a separate news stream, too. It should be emphasized that Facebook still prohibits the use of Multiple Facebook accounts. Accounts and profiles are viewed as being distinct.

The main goal is a better organization because users can create various profiles for various functions. You may have a profile for your job, your family, a gaming group, a cycling club, or to organize a trip, for instance. In addition to reducing account clutter, Meta aims to do so with these many profiles.

Multiple Facebook Account: Account security

The spokesman went into great depth on community norms and account security. The rest of your profiles will impact if you break the rules on one. Let’s say you pose as someone. This can lead to the account ban or that specific profile being deleted. Facebook seems to have a Counting Strikes system to determine which profiles to ban. Usernames must still adhere to Community Standards and refrain from using numerals or other unusual characters.

Availability is still uncertain because Meta “may roll out this function more widely in the future,” according to the statement. We also requested a complete list of the nations that use the multiple profile exam from the spokesperson. The representative only stated that they had nothing further to add.

Can I have many Facebook accounts?

Facebook prohibits users from having more than one personal account; this is against the company’s Terms of Service. This is the main reason. They will close them down if they learn you have two personal accounts.

Facebook has the ability to detect numerous accounts.

Facebook can still identify several personal accounts by using digital fingerprints during account registration and when you are actively using these accounts. These are recorded each time you use the internet and can reveal your web browser’s identity.

Can I use the same phone number to open several Facebook accounts?

You cannot log into two separate Facebook accounts using the same phone number. Because when you sign up for Facebook using a phone number or email, Facebook stores that information in its database.

Can two Facebook accounts have the same email address?

You need different email addresses if you wish to establish personal and business accounts on Facebook. You can only have one Facebook account per email address. However, you can open a second account with a different email address and make your primary contact’s email address the account’s original email address.

Can I start a new Facebook account with the same email after I delete my current one?

First, its terms and conditions prohibit creating multiple personal accounts on Facebook. Second, you wouldn’t be able to open a new account using your previous email address and user name. Third, rather than being able to do it yourself, you would have to rely on Facebook to validate and deactivate the old account.

Multiple Facebook Accounts

 Facebook’s reputation has declined due to several mistakes. It fell when Facebook experienced its first dip in daily users in February. Its everyday usage decreased from 1.93 billion to 1.929 billion. While the decrease may appear comically insignificant, a million people are still leaving. It’s also crucial to consider that Facebook isn’t particularly popular among youngsters. Snapchat and TikTok tend to be favorites among younger users.

With Facebook Protect and two-factor authentication, the platform has attempted to increase user security. All the adjustments in the world won’t matter, though, if a software behemoth like Meta is duped into giving hackers access to private user information. Additionally, Facebook’s frequent data breaches, which have damaged the company’s reputation, cannot disregard on top of everything else.

They wish Facebook well in recovering user confidence. It will be interesting to watch if the ability to create several accounts will be sufficient to entice users to return.


You can create up to five separate profiles, all subject to the same rules.

Under part of a new test, Facebook allows a select group of users to have up to five distinct profiles to entice users back.

The test is reportedly only accessible to a few customers in a few nations, including the United States, according to the first reports from Bloomberg. With the user’s proper name associated with it, one profile on the account must serve as the main profile. Since they might have unique usernames, the extra four profiles won’t necessarily need to utilize your person’s real name. In addition, each of them has a different news stream. Also worth mentioning is the fact that Facebook still forbids having numerous Multiple Facebook accounts. Accounts and profiles see as distinct.

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