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How to know if someone blocked you on Snapchat?

blocked on snapchat
blocked on snapchat

Snapchat is a social media network where users may communicate with one another and share video snippets. You might be Blocked on Snapchat if someone does not react to your snaps or texts. Social media is a volatile environment. People can behave out of character or in anger without considering the repercussions. The impact of social media on our psyche is still being researched and understood. It is now connected to despair, anxiety, feelings of failure, and other adverse outcomes. Nothing worsens those bad sentiments than being unfriended and blocked. It elicits sentiments of rejection, which might result in despair or rage.

What Is the Difference Between Snapchat Blocked and Removed?

What is the difference between being blocked and being deleted on Snapchat? The former is much more devastating than unfollowed in that it may be rectified but is usually permanent. Being blocked automatically disconnects all connections while being removed does not.

You won’t be able to read stories unless they are set to Everyone if you have only been deleted from Snapchat. Nothing will display if you are blocked, regardless of the settings. However, the Discover menu does not reveal anything. You may have even been mute, which means they will not see your post, but you will still be friends.

Has someone on Snapchat blocked you?

Being blocked by odd people on Snapchat is part of the experience and is nothing to be concerned about. On the other hand, being blocked by a friend or relative is a different story. Because they know it might lead you to stop using that network for a while, social networks aren’t always the greatest at informing you if you’ve been blocked. A deleted account behaves the same way as one blocking you. There are methods for determining whether an email is closed or open but no longer visible to you.

Examine your Snapchat contact list.

Examine your Snapchat contact list.

Checking your contact list is the simplest way to see if someone has blocked you on Snapchat. You may have been blocked if they were present one minute and vanished the next. It’s also conceivable that you were just deleted as a contact, so double-check that. If you can see and re-add them to the Snapchat network, they may have deleted you but not blocked you. Ask someone about it whether they’re a friend. If not, cut your losses with folks who aren’t interested in you, or try re-adding them and then see what happens.

Check story

Check a story

Whether you believe the person who has banned you is a frequent uploader, check the Stories page to see if you can access any of their content. If you expect to see anything from them but don’t, this is a solid indication that they have blocked you. It is by no means conclusive, but it does suggest that something is wrong with your relationship.

Look up their name.

If you do a quick internet search for one‘s name, you will quickly discover if they have blocked you. Go to Stories & type in “search.” Enter their username here. Their profile will display in the search bar if you haven’t been blocked. If the name does not display, it signifies you have been banned or that they have left Snap entirely. Tap the + symbol next to their name if you see it. You may receive a notice stating, “Sorry, I Couldn’t locate that username.” This is not typical and might be another sign that you have been restricted.

Send them a message

Send them a message

If you’ve previously messaged the person and have conversations on your list, try texting them again. If you receive a notification that says Failed to deliver your message – Tap to try again, it might signify you’ve been banned. You have been removed from their contacts list when you see Pending and a grey icon rather than blue or pink.

Another way to see if someone has blocked you

Another quick technique to discover whether someone has blocked you on Snapchat is to switch accounts and see if you can see them. You can request that a buddy use their account to look for the profile in question. If you already have numerous Snapchat accounts, switch between them and try searching for their names. If you discover them on that account but not on your primary account, they have likely blocked your main account.

This method may fail if the individual in issue is already aware of your second Snapchat account. To get around this, establish a new account that you will only use to see whether they have indeed blocked you. If you don’t see them on any accounts, including the one you just created, they’ve most likely deleted your Snapchat account.

One thing to keep in mind about this approach is that, while it will notify you if somebody has blocked you, it does not provide you permission to bypass being blocked. If someone has stopped you, starting a separate account to try communicating with them might not have been the best method to address the matter. It is always preferable to speak with the person face to face. Politely inquire as to why someone may have barred you. However, don’t go out of your way to annoy someone, especially if they have blocked you.

What happens when you block someone on Snapchat?

Even if they search for you, blocked individuals will not be able to discover you on Snapchat. They can also not send you snaps, check your stories, or initiate a conversation with you.


How can you tell if someone on Snapchat has blocked you? Social media is a peculiar beast. Being blocked suggests a friendship is in jeopardy, although this is not always the case. Nonetheless, it’s natural to be anxious. What happens on Snapchat when you block someone? They are not alerted. Therefore, you do not need to be concerned. But how do they know they’ve been blocked? If you believe you have been blocked, please contact us.

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