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Simplisafe alarm: A must-buy Affordable Home Security System!

Simplisafe alarm
Simplisafe alarm

SimpliSafe alarm is our Best Home Security System as well as Best DIY, Best With Outdoor Cameras, Best Self-Monitoring, Best Wireless, and Best for Renters. SimpliSafe is a low-cost DIY home security system that is simple to install and does not require long-term contracts. Its gadget selection will suit most homes looking for a low-cost DIY security system. But it offers a limited variety of some well smart home technology. Although more complete and complicated home security systems are available. SimpliSafe provides what most people require to secure their homes at an affordable price.

Plans and Pricing

Simplisafe alarm: A must-buy Affordable Home Security System!

SimpliSafe offers five major plans, providing clients with a wide range of options. The Foundation plan, which costs $244.96, includes four pieces of equipment. Their most expensive package, The Haven, has 14 items of equipment for $504.86.

SimpliSafe may provide lower and more flexible costs than its competitors. It’s a basic wireless technology that does not require expert installation. However, technophobes will be relieved to learn that SimpliSafe can send a professional to install it for you for a cost of $79. The Foundation is the entry-level package that costs $229 and includes everything you need to get a tiny flat.  Haven is the most expensive package, costs $489, and includes more sensors and cameras to cover a bigger area.

You are not required to pay a membership fee. However, SimpliSafe will professionally monitor your security system for $14.99 per month under the Standard Plan. This means that specialists at monitoring centers will be ready to respond 24/7 when your sensor is activated. So you won’t have to do anything. SimpliSafe subcontracts to COPS Monitoring, unlike famous products like ADT, which have their own monitoring stations. But the level of service should be the same. You will have greater control over your system if you pay $24.99 for the Active Plan.

If you take up a professional monitoring plan you may earn a 20% discount on the cost of the gear, lowering the entire cost. SimpliSafe also has a reasonable return policy, providing a complete 60-day trial period.

How does Simplisafe alarm work?

The sensors in the SimpliSafe Home Security system communicate constantly with the base station. This transmits everything to your phone through Wi-Fi. The base station also has a 24-hour battery backup and a free cellular connection to the company’s monitoring services. So it can still call for help if the power or Wi-Fi goes out. This mobile backup is one of SimpliSafe’s main features, and it’s one of the primary reasons the service distances itself from less costly rivals like Wyze and Ring Alarm. This doesn’t provide that extra level of security. 

SimpliSafe’s method also removes the most critical system parts from the keypad which sounds and requests a PIN if the alarm is ever activated. In many situations, the ringing keypad would be the first item a robber would try to shatter in order to shut down the system, but it would have no effect.

During operation, the system has three modes: Off, which is identity; Away, which arms the sensors; and Home, which leaves some sensors on but disarms others, such as motion detectors. So you may walk about inside without setting anything off. SimpliSafe provides you 30 seconds by default to disarm the system upon entering. 

To disarm the system, hit the off button on the key fob or on the app, or use the keypad to enter your code. You may give particular codes to individual users or guests. And you can also set a pressure code for situations in which you are being forced to disarm the system against your will. If you enter it into the keypad, the alarm will be deactivated and the system will be disabled. But SimpliSafe will still contact the police.

Base station works as the brain of the Simplisafe alarm

The base station works as the system’s brain. that’s located in the heart of every SimpliSafe system.
In a word, it linked all of the parts to the SimpliSafe app. They alert us to any activity (when we used the Standard or Interactive plans, of course). Also, it was linked to a professional monitoring center and blasted a 95-decibel siren. Whenever any alarms went off, making it almost as loud as a powerful, high-pitched blender in terms of noise.

However, this was not loud enough for us to hear on different floors of the home. So we also ordered the backup siren, which is mentioned below. 95 sounds are loud enough to scare away attackers if you live in a single-story house or flat.


Keypad: Simplisafe alarm

SimpliSafe was operated through the keypad, a wall-mounted device with keys and a touch-sensitive screen. Don’t be fooled by its ugly look. SimpliSafe’s keypad is actually pretty handy. One amazing feature is that it is tamper-proof, and breaking it will not disable the system. In fact, if the keypad is broken, the alarm will sound and you or SimpliSafe’s monitoring center will be notified. This is an excellent feature for rough robbers who may break in, shatter your security system panel to delay alarm response, and then go.


You can monitor your SimpliSafe system yourself. But for extra peace of mind, COPS Monitoring offers a 24/7 professional monitoring service that is also reasonably priced. For a monthly fee of $14.99, a team of professionals will be ready to respond to your alarm by messaging you and, if necessary, contacting first responders. SimpliSafe can confirm the alarm and send the police more quickly by including Video Verification in your monitoring package. The video footage captured by your cameras will be useful to the police.

Monitoring extends outside break-ins. Trained personnel are also on the lookout for floods, fires, and leaks on your property and will react directly. When a problem is found, monitoring employees will contact you and remain on the line until it is resolved. The Active Plan is the most expensive monitoring option, and it costs $24.99 per month. It lets you see and save video from your cameras while also giving you more control over the system via the SimpliSafe app.

Entry sensors on Simplisafe alarm

Entry sensors: Simplisafe alarm

These two-part sensors were installed on doors or windows and their frames to notify us when they opened or closed.
We established that the ground floor of our property was the ideal spot for our entrance sensors. After visiting our apartment for risky access points, as that was where attackers were more likely to enter. Of course, we tested the entrance sensors as well and found that they alerted us when they moved nearly two inches apart. Could a thief get through a two-inch gap and inside our apartment? We don’t believe so, thereby also our opinion is that the door sensor works.

Motion Sensors: Simplisafe alarm

Motion Sensors: Simplisafe alarm

Our SimpliSafe motion sensors performed just as expected. They spotted movement. Originally, we placed the motion sensors in the middle of the wall. When we went along the wall we put it on, it didn’t detect us. So we moved it to a corner. There, we discovered that the motion sensor had completely used its 30-foot range, and the blind areas had gone. They responded to us as soon as we went into our living room.


SimpliSafe creates wireless home security systems that need no drilling or equipment to install. SimpliSafe provides all-encompassing security with a rich variety of sensors and security cameras, as well as connected apps that allow system control from anywhere. It offers continuous 24-hour alarm monitoring without the long-term contracts and high rates of typical home security companies.

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