EufyCam E: Extra-long battery life outdoor home security camera!

EufyCam E
EufyCam E

A new security camera system from Eufy, a division of the more well-known Anker, is called the EufyCam E. Due to IP65 protection, a total of 16 cameras may be added to this package. It provides complete coverage of your home and its surroundings. This particular package includes two cameras, the necessary hub, and a mounting kit.

The up to 365-day battery life of this wireless system is impressive. Additionally, the free mobile app for remote live streaming and push notifications. As well as the built-in support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT, are all appealing to us. It’s quite simple to stay updated on events at home.

With a 140-degree wide-angle view and 1080p quality for daytime recordings, you can clearly see what’s happening. Built-in night vision lets you keep an eye on things after dark. You can talk with folks who are being recorded on camera while also hearing them thanks to two-way audio.


EufyCam  design

In the UK and the US, you can get this two-camera system directly from Eufy or Amazon for £209.99 and $278.98, respectively.

This security system’s price is all-inclusive, unlike many other smart camera systems. It is also considerably less expensive than similar systems like the $549.99 (with two cameras) Arlo Pro 2. It has many of the same capabilities.

Without a subscription, the video is recorded to SD using the 16GB microSD card that is included in the package. If you want to add more cameras, you can replace this with one with a bigger storage capacity, but with only two cameras connected.

Additionally, if you have a NAS disc that supports RTSP, you can record straight to network-attached storage. But the geeky choice is this.

Configuration and Performance


When first installed the EufyCam, it ran into a few problems. This time, the EufyCam E system installation went without a hitch. When downloaded the app, made an account, press Add Device, and from the list Then choose HomeBase. Simply connected the hub to my router and turned it on by following the on-screen directions.

The HomeBase was ready for setup when the voice prompt said so, so tapped Next, waited a few seconds for the hub’s LED to start blinking white, and then pressed the Sync button. The hub was promptly identified and added to the app once clicked Next once more. After giving it a name and waiting a little while for the firmware to update, the hub installation was finished.

When picking Add Device on the home screen, chose the EufyCam E. When requested, tapped the sync button on the camera to add the cameras. Just tapped Next when the camera beeped, and it was promptly uploaded to the account. The installation was complete after You assigned each camera a name. 

The EufyCam E cameras produced superb 1080p footage. Black-and-white night vision footage had good contrast and appeared sharp out to around 30 feet. The live daytime video quality was colorful and distortion-free. The quality of the recorded event video was just as good as the live feed, and motion alerts arrived swiftly with very few false triggers.

The quality of the two-way audio was uneven. The audio was clear and loud when it functioned. On numerous occasions, it would briefly stop working or become so choppy that it was impossible to understand. On the plus side, when asked Alexa to broadcast live footage to an Amazon Echo Show, the cameras easily complied.

EufyCam E setup

All users may easily set up the system. The free Eufy Security mobile app guides you through the entire procedure step by step. Instead of sharing your app login with other family members so they can access your cameras, as only one device can be logged into this app at once, encourage them to form their own accounts with admin or guest access.

The hub must first be Ethernet-connected to the router before each camera may be separately paired once the hub’s front-facing LED glows white. Before you do so, it will automatically download and apply any necessary firmware upgrades.

The software will then walk you through assigning each camera to a room, giving it a name, and setting up the camera’s basic settings, such as changing the duration of each clip to save battery life and motion sensitivity. Cameras are paired by pressing and holding the sync button for two seconds. Additionally, it will assist you in ensuring that the selected camera location has a strong enough wifi signal.

Since the EufyCam E is not intended to be constantly connected to mains power, it loses some functions of the Arlo Pro 2 in this model, including continuous recording and a three-second look back.

It is advisable to fully charge each camera before mounting it in place. This can be done over USB using either the connector on the back of the hub or a regular USB wall charger.

How to Use?


Video clips can last up to two minutes, although 20 seconds is the maximum length for the best battery life. It’s important to keep in mind that longer clips will use up more storage and that you won’t get a push notification or be able to watch the video until it’s finished.

The microSD card, which ought to be inserted into its slot on the hub, will by default be used to store recordings. But before the hub would recognize this card, we had to format it on a laptop. You can also choose cloud storage (paid) or set up a NAS disc in the app’s settings if you’d like.

Since you’ll probably disregard the notifications if the camera is near a lot of traffic, this rapidly becomes obnoxious and isn’t really helpful. Through the app, you can lower the motion sensitivity, change settings for when you’re at home or away, and access a simple scheduling option. It will still record motion, but it won’t notify you of it.

Simple settings allow you to decide whether EufyCam E should capture video, send push notifications, sound the camera alarm, and sound the hub alarm when motion is detected while you’re at home. When you are away from home, you can use the same settings. You can simply indicate when you are at home or away using the scheduler.

Support with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT is a good aspect of this system. By simply asking “Okay Google, show me [camera name]” on our Google Home Hub, users can view a live stream from either of the connected cameras. Although it says “live,” there is actually a 10-second delay. Simply enter your Eufy Security app login information in the Google Home app to make this work.

What is the difference between Eufy 2C and E?

Despite having many of the same functions, the EufyCam E is more affordable than Eufy’s Pro 2 or 2C Pro camera versions. This camera comes with a 16 GB microSD card in the Eufy HomeBase E for safe local storage, a long 365-day battery life, and no wires.

Is the Eufy camera E any good?

Most of the time, eufy cameras are the second choice rather than the first. They provide dependability, superior video quality, several power options, cost-effective options, and compatibility with smart homes.

What Eufy cameras work with HomeBase E?

HomeBase and HomeBase 2 are also compatible with the eufyCam E/2/2C/2 Pro/2C Pro series.

Does EUFY CAM 2 work with HomeBase E?

Sure, you can link the home base to the camera 2.


EufyCam E is a simple-to-install, set-and-forget security camera system that is inexpensive and without any additional fees. Long battery life and a wireless design make it more convenient, while features like built-in night vision, 1080p resolution, and a 140-degree wide-angle lens ensure that the recordings you make can be used.

It has a wider lens and a longer battery life than the rival Arlo Pro 2 and is less expensive. The Arlo substitute, on the other hand, comes with some pleasant additions, like continuous recording, motion zones, and the capacity to record video three seconds before motion is detected.

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