These are the best PS5 accessories you should definitely buy !


If you’re one of the fortunate rare sorts of people who have snagged a PlayStation 5 despite the apparently interminable shortage, you’ll need to make the most out of your experience with it. Great PS5 accessories can take your gaming to a higher level—regardless of whether it implies visiting with friends while playing, further developing your storage space with a hard drive, or adding a regulator for multiplayer fun with friends or family. The best PS5 accessories will help with making your new system an amazingly better spot to play and can be custom fitted to your stand-out interests and gaming inclinations.

1. PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller

PS5 accessories

The PlayStation 5 DualSense controller is totally necessary to the PS5 experience and enhances the past DualShock 4 model in virtually each and every manner. The DualSense uses haptic feedback in a bid to offer actual physical sensations that compare with what you’re doing in-game, with double actuators rather than thunder motors.

These can simulate an assortment of actions and feel novel in contrast with what the DualShock 4 offered. Additionally, the controller’s adaptive triggers offer differing levels of pressure when pushed down. It can want to step a bowstring back or shoot an especially strong gun.

Furthermore, there’s a built-in microphone and headset jack just as a grippy texture that should feel great in any hand. While you’ll get a DualSense out of the box when you purchase a PS5, it’s mind-boggling as a matter of course to get an additional controller obliging for multiplayer games.


  • Striking design
  • Comfortable matte design
  • Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers


  • Can be difficult to find
  • Slightly short battery life


PS5 accessories

Since Sony has updated the PS5 to offer SSD development, you’re not restricted to the control console’s 825GB of built-in storage. The trick is simply ensuring you pick an SSD with the right specs to allow you to store and play PS5 games.

The WD_BLACK SN850 is one of the most amazing PS5 accessories choices out there at this moment. In addition to the fact that it is accessible with the exceedingly significant heat sink, it likewise offers strong execution and durability in a slick little package. To the place where it was suggested by PS4 and PS5 Lead System Architect Mark Cerny.


  • Fast read/write speeds
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Meets PS5 compatibility specs


  • Requires technical knowledge to install

3. Pulse 3D Wireless headset

PS5 accessories

A headset can be an instrumental piece of any gaming setup, and the PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset is seeming as though Sony’s best one yet. This is the official PlayStation headset from Sony and is designed to work with the PlayStation 5’s 3D sound capacities. Furthermore, similar to the remainder of the first crop of PS5 accessories, it looks very much like a genuine system.

With extravagant earcups and a portable head tie, it’s designed for long gaming meetings, outfitted with canceling microphones. You can change sound and chat settings directly from the headset, and utilize this appealing headset for as long as 12 hours wirelessly with its rechargeable battery, and even take it to your PS4 would it be a good idea if you really want a headset that appears to be sensitive on that system too. It can even be utilized with PSVR if you so want.


  • 12-hour battery life
  • Compatible with PS5’s 3D audio
  • PSVR compatible


  • Often out of stock

4. PlayStation HD Camera

PS5 accessories

If you anticipate streaming to Twitch or YouTube straightforwardly from your PS5, this HD Camera is an unquestionable requirement have. This more than proficient camera goes with a built-in stand that makes it look a lot like the PS5 accessories, with a comparative monochromatic color plan, and a set-up of devices that mean it’s promptly viable with the system as a piece of streaming equipment.

It accompanies extraordinary background removal tools to guarantee you can remove what’s around you when you stream also, just as the choice to broadcast through picture-in-picture. It can even crop or replace your background.

This is all that camera forthcoming streamers can add to their PS5 arsenal, and makes getting set up to share ongoing interaction an absolute breeze.


  • High quality video
  • Affordable
  • Great option for casual streaming


  • Not compatible with PSVR

5. Seagate Game Drive 4TB Portable HDD

The Seagate Game Drive PS4 4TB is an outer hard drive, made for your PlayStation 5. Thanks to the huge 4TB storage limit, you can store up to 100 games on the drive. You can likewise store game film, screenshots, game saves, and movies on it. The packaging has a similar matte black design as your PlayStation, so this drive matches your console. Moreover, you can see the value in a drawn-out internal sensation of the brain due to the included 2-year assurance and 2-year Rescue Data Recovery Services.

The insignificant storage space of the PS5 is an issue – with system files, players are left with around 667.2GB of usable space. The simplest and most reasonable method for fixing this is with this 4TB outside hard drive, which will store and play in backward viable PS4 games, opening up some genuinely necessary space.


  • This outer hard drive is reasonable for your PlayStation console.
  • You can store around 100 complete games on your external hard drive.
  • Since it’s controlled by means of a USB cable, you won’t require a power cable.


  • This Game Drive is reasonable for the PS5 and PS5 Pro.
  • The drive doesn’t have hardware encryption to secure your gaming records all the way.

6. DualSense Charging Station

The DualSense Controller’s battery endures truly a drawn-out period of time all things considered, yet it’s great all of the time to have a method for energizing another to have for backup, for good measure. The DualSense Charging Station allows you to charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers simultaneously, all without keeping them associated with the PlayStation 5.

This assists you with freeing up USB ports from the PS5 and holds your controllers securely in one spot. At the point when you’ve exhausted one controller’s battery, drop it into the dock, hear the snap to realize it’s appropriately situated, and afterward get the other controller for a newly charged controller so you can jump into your favorite game that much speedier. It’s moreover a mind-boggling decision for families who need various controllers charged quickly for multiplayer gatherings.


  • Frees up PS5 USB ports
  • Room for two controllers


  • 3 hour recharge time

7. Asus ROG Strix Fusion 700 headset

The ROG Strix Fusion 700 is a superb gaming headset and a large portion of its defects are minor, best case scenario. The dependence of the ASUS Aura app to control the more conspicuous aspect of the Fusion 700 is one of the last options. It is additionally a costly headset, however, it does make up for it with its quality design and sound. Accepting you are searching for a gaming headset that can be utilized on PC, the momentum console, and phones all the while, the ROG Strix Fusion 700 should be associated with your waitlist.

This Asus headset is the best gaming headset for players searching for a third-party option in contrast to the Pulse 3D Wireless headset. The sound is great, with thundering controlled bass, and you can match them with Bluetooth to a phone and listen to music in a hurry. The microphone isn’t the most ideal loyalty, however, is more than capable of delivering tactics to your teammates in Call of Duty Warzone. These headphones look the business, as well, shunning the childish flashing light displays now and then held for some “hardcore gaming things.


  • Great build quality
  • Great and comfortable design


  • Very expensive
  • Need app to control RGB Strips Finicky controls


Since the PS5 was released, the next-gen console has kept on taking off the shelves and delivering gaming goodness to the fortunate rare sorts of people who have sorted out some way to get their hands on it.

With the up and coming generation of PlayStation now immovably in progress, there are numerous new PS5 accessories accessible that guarantee to make your gaming experience surprisingly better. Accessories can significantly improve your delight in games or boost your console’s multimedia capacities, so it’s definitely worth investigating what’s out there.

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