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Crux 8 Cup Food Processor: A Slim, Modern, and Compact design!


A Crux 8 Cup Food Processor seems to be a low-cost model with a small footprint. It has a distinct look thanks to its modern styling, and it worked admirably with the majority of users. Because of its compact size, it’s a fantastic choice for basic preparing food, and it combined cookie dough exceptionally well. The machine’s dial controller is large & easy to operate, and it’s quite light, making it easy to transport and store.

As you’ll see with the Crux 8 Cup Food Processor, it’s extremely loud and only comes with a few attachments. However, due to what it offers in terms of results, it remains one of our top food processors.

Price and availability

Crux 8 Cup Food Processor: Price and availability

This Crux 8 Cup Food Processor sells for $84.99 on Amazon. It comes with one-year warranty coverage and comes in a stylish grey & copper finish.



It Crux 8 Cup Food Processor has a sleek design with copper accents and striking grey color. It takes up very little counter space, spanning 13.5 x 9.4 x 8.4 inches. The machine is only 4.4 pounds, while other versions, such as the Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup, are 17 pounds.

This machine is lightweight, but the base has suction cups that keep it firmly attached to the surface during usage. It has a 500-watt motor that produces a lot of power, and it didn’t strain during each of our tests. The pulse, low, high, but of settings on the dial control give you some control over the machine’s power without being overbearing or confusing.

The machine has a three-inch feed tube built-in, but it is narrow and requires a lot of pre-slicing. It has a foldable shredding and slicing disc, as well as measures in the bowl for ease.

The food processor’s design is simple, and it would benefit from greater attachments such as a dough blade or discs with varying shredding & slicing thicknesses. It does, however, have some good fundamental functions that can meet the needs of many people when it comes to food preparation.


Crux 8 Cup Food Processor: Performance

This Crux 8 Cup Food Processor gave us mixed results. On high, it chopped onion in 7 seconds, and the pieces are evenly cut. When pureeing hummus, it also turned out well. While the combination was not fully smooth, it was well blended and outperformed several other models’ puree outcomes.

When it came to mixing cookie dough, this machine performed admirably. The dough fit perfectly in the eight-cup mixing basin, as well as the machine mixed it well. Almost no scraping of the bowl sides was required when mixing, and the final dough looked light and silky.

When it came to slicing and grating meals, we had some challenges. Because the food processor’s chute is so narrow, we would have to slice a russet potato in thirds. The resultant slices were uneven, with some thin and others thick, and even after letting the machine run, a few of the potatoes stayed on top of the blade.

When slicing a carrot, the slices were more uniform. Although the operation only took eight seconds, some carrots remained on the blade.

The machine struggled once more when grating a 13-pound block of cheddar cheese. The majority of the cheese grate in 10 seconds, although some trap on the blade. Letting the machine run longer eventually drove the last of the cheese through the blade. The cheese was eventually shredded consistently, but still, it took longer than anticipated.

This machine had a noise level of 93.5 dBA, giving this one of the loudest in our lineup. Tasks that want more time. Such as pureeing hummus and preparing cookie dough, were made unpleasant by the volume.

Ease of use and cleaning

The compact and lightweight design of the Crux 8 Cup Food Processor makes it simple to lift, handle, and store. It comes with a restricted number of accessories, but those that it does have are simple to install. However the machine is intuitive, and the instruction booklet is clear and extensive. The dial has only three operations, and the machine is simple to set up and operate without depending on the handbook.

The lid & bowl align readily, but latching them together is more challenging. The procedure necessitates a forceful push, which may be difficult for people with reduced hand strength or arthritis. The machine will not run if the lid or bowl is slightly out of alignment, which happened five times.  

It’s simple to clean this food processor. All removable parts & attachments are dishwasher safe, and the base may be wiped clean with a damp paper towel. While the sticky feet keep the machine firmly on the counter, it’s simple to rotate the machine up and break the suction.


While a Crux 8 Cup Food Processor price is reasonable at about $100, it isn’t for everyone. It performs admirably especially when it came to making cookie dough, but there were some discrepancies. More crucially, because locking the bowl & lid into place needs strength and precision, this machine isn’t suitable for anyone with limited hand strength and stiffness, or for anyone who prioritizes ease of use.

A Crux 8 Cup Food Processor may be ideal for you if you don’t care about a louder food processor and seem to be ready to practice and perfect the procedure of locking the components in. Its sleek style appeals to a wide range of people, and it’s a great option for some basic preparing food, especially if you need a machine to make the cookie dough. This Magimix Food Processor 14 Cup, has more power, versatility, and reliable performance. The Magimix is also simpler to put together, as the parts lock in place without requiring the same level of strength as the Crux’s bowl and lid.

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