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Philips 65OLED936 65″: Philip’s latest Ultra HD HDR Smart TV!


If you only care about visual quality, LG OLED TV is the way to go. If you want something more and are ready to pay for it, opt for one of Philips’ fully-featured OLED TV.

Quick glance:

The Philips 65OLED936 – is available in 48-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch sizes. This features the newest and best higher brightness ‘Evo’ OLED screen. Moreover, has a lot more to offer than excellent image quality.

Yes, the colors are vibrant and the motion is fluid. Also, the blacks are as dark as you’ll ever need them to be. The Philips 65OLED936, on the other hand, offers three features that your regular OLED TV lacks. This includes a sharper panel, an installed Bowers & Wilkins sound stand, and Philips’ brilliant Ambilight system.

The OLED 936 is the sequel to the Philips 65OLED936. This comes with updated amplifiers, a stronger Dolby decoder, and a subwoofer. Its pictures are equally as amazing as its acoustics. Its panel, which is the brightest OLED available, has exceptional contrast and black levels while also displaying brighter highlights within the same image.

Then there’s Ambilight, the other attraction, which sprays constantly shifting colors across your home that mirror what’s on-screen. It also perfectly recognizes HDR – in all of its varieties – and offered a unique image setting. Such as Dolby Vision Bright, and Philips’ slightly adjusted, brighter version of the picture standard.

Yes, adjusting with picture menus – which aren’t always easy to discover – is a must. But the OLED 936 is capable of tremendously dramatic visuals that place it at the peak of the OLED Television picture performance table.

Price and release date

Philips OLED 936 65 inch

The OLED 936 Series TVs provide the foundation of Philips’ new OLED TV lineup for 2022. The OLED 936 Series comes in three sizes: 48-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch. All of these are high-end options with an installed Bowers & Wilkins speaker stand and a 4-sided Ambilight.

48” Philips OLED 936: £1,489

55” Philips OLED 936: £1,899

65” Philips OLED 936: £2,499

Operating System

Philips OLED+936 smart tv

The OLED 936 runs on Philips’ slightly out-of-date Android 10 TV operating system, which is as smooth as you’d expect. In a sea of color, it also comes with Apple TV +, Youtube, Disney plus, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Rakuten TV, and a slew of other popular apps. You need to use a Google account to sign in. This will give you access to the Google Play for Android TV app store, where you may download apps.

You can sign in by scrolling down on the main screen of any streaming service such as Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, or Disney Plus. You get suggestions in the form of a ‘content discovery’ area.


Despite the fact that the applications are front and center on the Philips OLED 936, there are some issues with the picture, sound, and Ambilight settings. While most big streaming applications permitted everyone to make changes without watching (albeit while stopping the on-screen action), others, such as the BBC iPlayer, didn’t. When you use the Quick Menu while in one of the apps, the TV goes to the home screen. Although everything appears to be in good working order, there are still a few issues in the UI.

Audio of Philips 65OLED936

Audio of Philips OLED 936

Whether you want to wall-mount the OLED 936 or otherwise, the Bowers & Wilkins speaker stand is an important component of its overall design and appeal. If you place the OLED 936 on a TV table, it functions as the set’s desktop stand. But if you wall-mount it (using the VESA mount included in the package), it just stretches out from the wall.

This 70-watt, 3.1.2-channel speaker is incredible. It ranges from hi-res lossless recordings on a USB stick to compressed music through DAB radio, and it consistently delivered accuracy, depth, and plenty of bass within a broad, warm, and very well soundstage.

There are three settings on the speaker stand: Dialogue Mode, Music Mode, and Movie Mode.

The orchestral music of Star Wars: Rogue One on Disney Plus in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos is handled well by the left, right, and center channels in Movie Mode, throwing it into the room impressively, though the upfiring speakers were producing many height effects besides the lifting of dialogue to the center of the screen. In any case, the soundstage is expansive, well-balanced, and full of deliciously nuanced details.

The stereo system (left-right) Music Mode highlights the speaker stand’s bass capabilities, which are smooth and distortion-free while never overpowering the mix. Yes, you can and many will add a subwoofer to the OLED 936, but we’re not persuaded it’s essential. Meanwhile, Dialogue Mode is useful for viewing television, mainly because Movie Mode tends to blur voices.

The speaker stand, like the television itself, lacks ultimate utility. It was, for example, unable to make any audio adjustments while listening to music on the OLED 936 using the BBC Sounds app. As a result, we couldn’t move from Movie Mode to Music Mode.

Why buy?

The Philips OLED 936 rarely puts a foot wrong with visual quality, giving sumptuous black depths, gobs of detail, and gorgeous colors across the whole screen thanks to its extra-bright OLED display.

The Bowers & Wilkins speaker stand is fantastic, delivering 70 Watt of 3.1.2-channel sound that is impressive in terms of clarity, depth, and bass in both movies and music. There are no connections or hassle to deal with, unlike third-party soundbars, except for a one-click wire around the rear of the TV.

Philips is the only company that supports all types of HDR, from HDR10+ Adaptive and HDR10 to Dolby Vision and HLG. As a result, services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ can provide you with the highest quality content.

Why not buy?

Although we admire the Bowers & Wilkins speaker stand’s built-in, integrated design, there’s no escape from the reality that individuals who are totally satisfied with their current soundbar will be just reproducing components by opting for the Philips OLED 936. The same goes for people who have a surround sound speaker system.

One of the most appealing features of the Philips 65OLED936 6 is its four-sided Ambilight – Philips’ exclusive bias-lighting technology – which bathes your living area in vibrant colors. It’s worth checking out before you buy, and it can be turned off easily if you don’t like it, but it’s one of the main reasons to buy a Philips TV.

The Philips OLED 936 is not a budget television. With the inbuilt Bowers & Wilkins speaker base, Ambilight system, and faux leather-clad remote, you’re spending as much for design, style, and build quality as you are for visual quality.


Philips 65OLED936 comes with an extra-bright OLED display. This provides rich black depths, tonnes of detail, and brilliant colors throughout the whole screen. Albeit, it is not that affordable. So, if you are ready to pay that much amount you have to give it a try as it is one of the best recent OLED Tv on the market.

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