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Best Selfie Sticks for your iPhone in 2020- Snap in Style

There is a kind of love-hate relationship between us and selfie sticks. But we cannot deny the fact that these have definitely left its impact on the modern generation and pop culture. They can be your favourite tool during a vacation or piece of your iPhoneography arsenal. These can have its creative advantages, and it seems like every other selfie stick has something special to offer. Here are some of the best selfie sticks for your iPhone in 2020 to check out if you want to snap selfies in style!

What you will see?

  • MPOW Selfie Stick- Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone
  • Selfie World Monopod
  • Cliquefie- Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone
  • Stikbox
  • Yoozon- Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone
  • MFW
  • Conclusion

MPOW -Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone

This is one of the best selfie sticks for your iPhone in 2020. It is pocket-sized, powerful, and perfect for selfies. The MPOW Selfie Stick selfie stick is a Bluetooth selfie stick makes taking pictures super easy and fun. It is super simple to use, you just need to pair it with your iPhone via Bluetooth, extend the stick to the perfect length, and click. The stick comes with a 270-degree adjustable head and folds up into a convenient 7.1-inch long making it portable. It extends up to 31.5 inches and comes with a wrist strap for additional stability. You can choose colors from pink, blue, or black for around $10.


  • Light and compact for easy usage during travel
  • Highly adjustable for capturing beautiful angle while taking selfies
  • Great battery and built in Bluetooth remote control makes it a better photo sight, along with easy usage
  • Handle has a great grip in case of slipping
MPOW Selfie Stick- Best Selfie Sticks for your iPhone in 2020

Selfie World Monopod

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This selfie stick will easily fit around your bulky iPhone case, will support your iPhone and get you the perfect mobile snapshot. This is the perfect selfie stick for your iPhone. Also, the mount is padded with soft silicone which keeps your iPhone from getting scratches or damages. The spring-loaded mount opens to over 4inches wide, so it will fit any crazy big phone case. It comes in both blue and black and works via Bluetooth and a small remote shutter that connects effortlessly with your iPhone. The best part is that you can use the remote separately to set up other cool shots and get creative!


  • Works with all photographic devices
  • WEATHERPROOF WITH NYLON CARRY BAG: Made from lightweight materials with comfort silicon rubber grip, it is the ideal telescopic accessory for hiking and outdoor pursuits
  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE SHUTTER & BONUS ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Includes wireless remote control shutter
Selfie World Monopod

Cliquefie- Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone

This stick is a blend of stylish and simple with the unique, minimalistic design. The Cliquefie comes with a wireless remote shutter and a durable, extendable arm, while the Max model comes with a built-in tripod that extends out of the bottom of the stick, and the mini comes with a standard tripod thread. You can connect Cliquefie via Bluetooth, slide in your iPhone and set it up. The remote shutter works up to 30 feet from the stick.


  • Simple and smart
  • Compact design
  • Ultra-portable
  • Lightweight aluminium steel
  • Supports your mobile phones
Cliquefie- Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone in 2020


The Stikbox is for the person who always needs their selfie stick on them at all times. Whether to snap a group shot at a party, an aerial shot of a crazy music festival or just for Instagram. It is the best selfie stick for your iPhone in 2020. At full-length, the Stikbox extends to around 20 inches, when it’s folded up, it fits the size of your iPhone. The stick portion has a fully automated Bluetooth trigger and is made from a tough yet lightweight aluminium. The case seems to be bulky but is considerably thin. And has a strong enclosure will keep your iPhone secure while taking a selfie.


  • PANORAMIC ROTATION & EXTENSION: It features a telescopic slider that extends your reach by 20 inches. The phone case is hinged specifically for angling your phone and is securely attached for 360 degrees of panoramic photo shooting.
  • BLUETOOTH ENABLED: The Bluetooth features a charging socket in the stick itself for easy remote camera activation. Activate your phone’s Bluetooth to connect your Stikbox, then take selfies/videos via the trigger button.
  • EASY STORAGE: You can quickly slide the extendable selfie stick back into your phone case for easy storage.
  • LONG LASTING: Made of high-tensile aluminium the best selfie stick for your iPhone in 2020. Strong and lightweight for the ultimate convenience.
Stikbox-Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone in 2020

Yoozon- Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone

It is an extendable selfie stick with wireless remote and tripod stand selfie stick for iPhone X /iPhone 8 /8 Plus/iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus. Has a perfect gadget that captures pictures easily and the most ideal one for every kind of occasions. Also, it is handy with a great extendable length, lightweight, foldable and rotates 3 different ways.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT– It is lightweight and foldable which separates this from others and is more functional.
  • TRIPOD INTEGRATED AS ONE– Gently slide the WIRELESS REMOTE from the stick. Just simply unfold the bottom part of the selfie stick. Also, the ingenious design which makes the tripod open or close in one step. A fantastic way to start your selfie happiness.
  • FIT VARIOUS OCCASIONS-Extendable length from 10 inches to 28.7 inches so you can choose your desired length. Compact pocket size design, which is easy to carry and has a 360°rotation.
Yoozon- Best Selfie Stick for your iPhone in 2020


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MFW (Bluetooth) comes with Bluetooth shutter remote for iPhone and tripod. The remote control is effective up to 30 feet distance and the iPhone compatibility makes it one of the best selfie stick for your iPhone.


  • Adjustable height from 15 to 59 inches elongation
  • Self-timer bar with the Bluetooth remote control shutter, the effective distance of up to 30 feet
  • A foldable selfie stick can be changed to a tripod for stable shooting
  • Anodized aluminium is used for the rod and anti-slip rubber handle for anti-rust

Conclusion- The best selfie stick for your iPhone in 2020

The above list of the best selfie stick for your iPhone in 2020 will upgrade your game of selfies. There are different choices with some of the best features that anyone would love to enjoy while capturing pictures without asking for anyone’s assistance. Also, each of the prices are nominal and gives the best quality selfie stick iPhone support.

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Which selfie stick is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below.

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