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Nacon Revolution X Pro: Excellent Xbox & PC gaming controller!


The Nacon Revolution X Pro controller retails for $99.99. It has a tonne of customization options and excellent audio support. This could easily make it one of the most excellent Xbox controllers you can find at this price point, in addition to being one of the best PC gaming controllers.

Competitive gamers who desire the security of knowing they are connected to your Xbox or PC are the target market for this controller. However, anyone who values a programmable controller should discover that the Revolution X suits their requirements.

The Nacon Revolution X Pro controller aims to disrupt the market by expanding customization possibilities. Numerous customization options are available, from famous ones like swappable thumbsticks and repositionable back buttons to less obvious ones like removable controller weights and thumbstick shafts.


In keeping with the notion of virtually unlimited customization choices, you can fine-tune your settings for practically every feature of this controller using the free Revolution X program for Xbox and PC. Four predefined profiles are by default, but you can alter or replace each with your choices.

You can adjust the left and right thumbstick response curves and the travel distance for each trigger on your game. There are also vibration settings and equalizer settings for the music. Also, options for the RGB ring light up around the right thumbstick.

For any of your wired headsets, the headphone connector supports Dolby Atmos in addition to the controller customization possibilities. Even though less than 50 officially supported games exist, adding spatial sound to your games and movies without buying a new headset is never wrong.


With one noteworthy exception, the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller closely matches the standard Xbox Wireless Controller. The right analog stick’s big RGB light ring, which surrounds it. It lends a feeling of intrigue and individuality to what would otherwise be a rather generic gamepad. However, there is no way to account for taste.

A delicately carved line connecting the left input stick and the face buttons gives the controller a rough, almost military-style appearance. Despite being somewhat modest, it looks fantastic.

The pattern on the rear of the controller’s rubber grip is equally modest in contrast to specific controllers, which might become slick in your hands. This texture ensures that you always have a firm grasp on the device. Nobody desires a slippery fingerprint magnet. There was no glossy black coating on the Nacon Revolution X Pro controller.

You can switch between the controller’s Classic and Advanced modes via a switch on the back, allowing you to swap between profiles and use the advanced highlights. You should probably leave it in an advanced way. The Revolution X will operate like a typical Xbox gamepad if you switch it back to Classic mode.

Naturally, as this is a wired gamepad, you’ll have to attach it to a console or computer using the 9.8 foot braided cord that is provided. Wireless support is not available.


Now, if the controller weren’t fun to use, it wouldn’t matter if it had all the bells and whistles in the world. Fortunately, one of the top gamepads recently is the Nacon Revolution X Pro controller. The input from the face buttons, bumpers, and triggers was enough without being either very spongey or overly clicky, which is a delicate balance. It was rather heavy in the hands as well.

Everything operated as intended when changing profiles and mixing the buttons on the device’s back. It was easy to switch between several software configured options quickly.

Similar to the Revolution Unlimited Pro, the Nacon Revolution X Pro does not support wireless technology. People prefer the Revolution X’s rear buttons over the Elite Series 2’s four rear paddles, partly because they are easier to press and partly because you can permanently remove some or all of them.

The Revolution X feels almost as lovely as the Elite Series 2 and is over $100 less expensive. This is an appealing value.



A few physical modification possibilities make the Nacon Revolution X Pro controller unique among its contemporaries. Among these are actual weights for the grips, interchangeable thumbstick heads, and a set of metal shafts. These may be used to loosen or limit the motion of your analog sticks.

However, suppose you examine the controller more closely. In that case, you’ll see several features that aren’t out of place on other esports-focused gamepads, in addition to two sizable programmable buttons on the back of the device. These can be configured to perform anything you would like them to. There is a dedicated key for changing profiles, of which four are saved at any time.

These minor changes can significantly improve how comfortable the controller feels in your hands. That, in turn, can significantly alter the experience over extended game sessions. Unfortunately, there are still some issues with the program. Either the online marketplace on your Xbox Series X console or the Windows Store on a computer is where you may download the Revolution X application.

Sadly, the program continues to have some problems. You can download the Revolution X application from either the online store on your Xbox Series X gaming console or the Windows Store on a computer. The application allows you to create a custom controller profile or edit an existing one. The definitions of phrases like “FPS,” “Stealth,” and “Action” remained primarily unchanged.


Despite the Revolution X Pro controller’s many customization options, users weren’t pleased with its performance. It was by no means a bad experience. Still, it never really stood out in a way that would make me recommend it above the many choices available in the controller market’s very competitive market.

The thumbsticks were extremely smooth. Because they are made of metal, they move with you perfectly. Additionally, the face buttons are pretty large, making it simple to press them. It’s a significant controller, but once you get the feel, you don’t notice it because everything is precisely sized and spaced out.

The back buttons on the controller were quite fantastic looking. These are the first buttons on the backside used for anything other than just reviewing them. They are placed well and are at ease in my hands. They also don’t need a lot of pressure, making long-term use of them very effective.

Moving left, right, and 180 degrees is primal when trying to outwit your opponents in games like Warzone because this controller is wired, meaning there is no lag. This model, it is thought, makes connecting to your console worthwhile.

Can you create your own game profile on the Revolution X Pro controller?

Players may design their game profiles with the Revolution X software. This includes comprehensive button mapping, stick and trigger response curves, 4 or 8 D-pad directions, vibration motors, audio settings, and more.

Does nacon revolution work on Xbox?

The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is a beautiful, reliable, and incredibly responsive controller consistent with the most recent and oldest Xbox console generations. It will function as soon as you plug it in. However, there are other customization options available if necessary.


The Revolution X Pro controller from Nacon has many customization possibilities. It includes swappable thumbstick shafts, detachable controller weights, granular software settings, and several user profiles. Buttons’ plastic quality and feel are often disappointing for a high end smartphone.

A difficult gameplay experience is created by the inconvenient placement and extreme ease with which the customizable rear buttons can be wrongly pressed. The Revolution X Pro doesn’t live up to its name aside from the many customization choices.

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