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Best manual camera apps for iPhone- Show your photography skills!


Sometimes for creative photography, you need to focus on things that your normal camera might not offer. But you can always go to the App Store and check some good manual camera apps which can help you. Here are some of the best manual camera apps for iPhone:

1 . Halide Mark II – Pro Camera 

Halide- Manual camera apps for iPhone

Halide was designed by an ex-Apple designer and a former Twitter engineer. This camera app will give your pictures a big transformation. With tools in Halide, you can manually fix the focus for your picture as well as adjust the exposure. Moreover, with the professional tools, you can get a detailed histogram, adaptive level grid, RAW support and so on. Also, this app is easy to use and effortless.

2 . Manual


Manual is an easy to use Camera App which gives you advanced controls for your camera. With this, you can fix the ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure for your picture. You can adjust the aperture for your camera and check the histogram live while clicking the picture. Moreover, if you don’t want to keep clicking on your screen to get the perfect shot for the background and subject, you can set the aperture with just a click with Manual.

3. ProShot- Manual camera apps for iPhone


If you want to get a professional shot, you can go for ProShot. It gives you custom modes and advanced controls like exposure, white balance, ISO and shutter speed. Moreover, with the control layout in ProShot, you don’t feel like your screen is covered with the options and the shot becomes secondary. Also, you can customize the settings for your camera and save them for later. So you don’t have to start adjusting the settings every time you want to click a picture.

4. Hydra

Hydra- Manual camera apps for iPhone

If you want to play with lighting in your photos, Hydra is a good choice for the camera app on iPhone. With Hydra, you can balance the lights in your photo and click good HDR photos. If you are having a problem with noise in your picture, the Lo-light mode in Hydra can be quite helpful. It simply overlaps the photos and increases the lighting factor. With the high-resolution mode, you can click HDR photos and capture the minute details. Moreover, it supports ultra-wide, wide, telephoto, and front-facing photos.

5. ProCam 8

ProCam 7

With ProCam 7 you get it all, live filter, HDR photos and TIFF files. It comes with amazing tools as well as a layout. With the ProCam 7, you can control the exposure, fix the focus manually, adjust the shutter speed, ISO and white balance in a shot. You can choose from different live lenses and also export TIFF files.

6. ProCamera- Manual camera apps for iPhone

Best manual camera apps for iPhone- Show your photography skills!

ProCamera gives you manual controls for shooting your videos and photos. You can even export TIFF files and click vivid HDR photos. This app is good for your creative photos and has live filters for you to choose from. With ProCamera you can enhance and boost your photography skills. Not only this, you can manually fix the white balance in your shot and the selfie mode comes with a display flash. You can click Portrait mode pictures as well as manually fix the exposure.

7. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam- manual camera apps for iPhone

VSCO Cam is the best app for all your photos that you want to post on your social media. You can click photos as well as edit them and add some touch-ups before uploading them somewhere. VSCO Cam offers you manual control for adjusting the focus, white balance and exposure for your pictures. Moreover, you can choose from the different filters and edit your pictures. Thus, you don’t need to go for another app to edit your photos. You can even import the RAW files to edit them. You can even fix the perspective of the photo with crop and skew tools.

8. Slow Shutter Cam

Slow Shutter Cam- manual camera apps for iPhone

If you want to click slow exposure photos, you can go for Slow Shutter Cam. All you need to do is set your iPhone on a tripod and let the app do all the work. You can choose from motion blur, light trail, and low light modes. With high-resolution photos, you also get manually adjust the ISO. Moreover, you can check the real-time preview of the photos and adjust the focus and exposure.

9. Yamera- Manual camera apps for iPhone

Yamera- Manual camera apps for iPhone

With the Yamera camera app, you get full control over your pictures. You can quickly and easily adjust the parameters of the camera before you click the picture. Moreover, you get control over shutter, ISO, white balance, focus and exposure and if you place a gray card in the centre of the screen it will automatically adjust White Balance parameters. You can also set a timer for your photos and get a 6x zooming capacity. This app is not only good for shooting your pictures but also to record videos. You get a 4k video recording, slo-mo video recording, max frame-rate recording and you can also click a picture while recording a video.

10. Adobe Lightroom

Best manual camera apps for iPhone- Show your photography skills!

Not only Lightroom is a great photo editing app, but it also has its own camera. It has extensive features like manual exposure and focus control, RAW capture, Lightroom presets and watermarks. Not only this, you can edit your pictures after clicking them and get the best out of this app. It might surprise you that the app is available at free of cost in the App Store, but all you need is to register yourself to the app via iCloud or Gmail account. And you can use all the features of this Adobe app without paying anything. Although, if you want to sync your pictures via Adobe Cloud, you will need a subscription.

Conclusion- Manual camera apps for iPhone

If you are not satisfied with your iPhone’s camera and want something more for your professional photos then Halide is for you. It gives you the freedom to adjust the exposure and focus to click your photos. Although, if you want to click professional photos with custom modes and want advanced controls, ProShot is for you. You can manually fix the exposure, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. But if you want an app where you can click your photos as well as edit them, go for VSCO Cam. You don’t need to switch apps for clicking photos and editing them. With VSCO Cam, you can get great filters for your photos and fix the focus, shutter speed, white balance, and exposure for the photos.

Which is your favourite manual camera app? Tell us in the comments section below.

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