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How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?


Do you battle to take incredible iPhone photographs when you take shots in the evening time? Shooting in low light can be challenging. Yet, with some basic tricks, you can dramatically improve your night photography. Read on to begin shooting sharp, high-quality iPhone photographs around nighttime. Here we will see how you can capture Night mode photos on iPhone.

You can utilize Night mode on supported iPhone models to capture photographs when the camera identifies a low-light environment. You can utilize Night mode on iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

We have the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max with the incredible Night mode feature. With Night Mode, our low-light pictures come out looking bright, clear, yet you can in any case tell that it’s night, or genuinely dark. While the iPhone’s Night mode photos on your iPhone highlight kick in automatically when it recognizes that there isn’t sufficient light, at times you might need to enable it manually, or even change the exposure time.

Use Night mode Portrait

Apple doesn’t offer a manual night mode as the iPhones are savvy enough to initiate the element when the user needs them. This additionally guarantees that even novice picture-takers can snatch some truly attractive shots on their iPhones.

As the name shows, it allows users to catch clear photos in low-light conditions or during the evening. With the iPhone 12 Pro models, Apple has empowered this feature for the Portrait mode also, which was so far restricted to simply raising rear-facing cameras.

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?
Night mode portrait photos on iPhone

  • Hit the camera app.
  • Keep and look to the right and choose the Portrait mode option to shoot photos in portrait mode.
  • But utilize this Use this mode only if you are going to capture a picture of an object or a person.
  • Hit the shutter button and your night portrait is captured.

For night portrait photography, position your subject so the light enlightens their face.

You could light up their whole face from the front. Or then again you could situate them side-on to the light. Side-lighting will bring about a portion of their face is lit up, while the other half shows up in shadow.

Keep your hand consistent

All together for Night mode to accomplish its amazing magic, it needs to save the screen open for a longer amount of time in order to pull in additional light from the scene and take several consecutive shots. The exposure time ranges from around one second to 10 seconds. All of the pictures that are captured during that time period are mixed into a single, great photograph.

Since the shutter needs to be open longer, you need to keep your hand as steady as possible during this process. Assuming your hand isn’t steady and moves, the resulting picture will be blurry. In case that there was slight development, the camera software can in any case attempt to correct it through computational photography by adjusting the pictures appropriately.

Utilize a stand for best results

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?

Night mode on the iPhone was designed to make it possible for everybody to take an gorgeous low-light photograph utilizing only their hands. In any case, at times it tends to be hard to keep your hand completely still for in excess of a couple of moments, so that is when a tripod comes in handy.

Using a tripod isn’t just incredible for keeping the phone totally still, yet it implies it’s likewise simpler to utilize the longer exposure time. Since Night mode can go as long as 10 seconds, having a tripod allows you to capture more light and detail than simply utilizing your hands for a similar amount of time.

The iPhone can likewise identify when it’s on a tripod(no shaking), and can automatically change the exposure time to be the longest possible.

When you utilize a tripod, your Night mode photographs will be the sharpest possible, in spite of the conditions you’re shooting in. So while it’s not required for Night mode, it’s as yet a smart thought in the event that you can get your hands on one.

Continuously have some kind of light source

Night mode photos on your iPhone

However stunning as Night mode seems to be, it’s anything but complete magic. So no, you can’t just point your iPhone 11 into complete and absolute darkness to take a picture of something even you can’t see. All together for Night mode to work, there should be at least some light source.

Any light source, as long as it emits some sort of light, will work and assist you with getting an incredible photograph. This includes lights, candles, streetlamps, enlightened windows and doors, decorative lights for the holidays, or even moonlight.

Lower the exposure!

Night mode photos on your iPhone
Night mode photos on your iPhone
Night mode photos on your iPhone

Night mode is brilliant enough to automatically kick in when it identifies that there isn’t sufficient light. At the point when the amount of light falls under a specific edge, you’ll see the Night mode symbol show up at the highest point of the screen. Simply tap it until the Night mode symbol becomes yellow to turn it on. In case you’re shooting in a darker scene, it turns on automatically.

Normally, the darker the scene is that you’re attempting to photo, the more extended the exposure time will be so the screen can capture all the more light. The iPhone does a very great job of determining how long the exposure should to be for what you’re shooting, yet you can likewise change it manually.

To change the exposure time yourself, ensure that Night mode is on first, and afterward swipe up from the mode selection (where you pick Photo, Video, and so on) Then tap on Night mode (crescent moon symbol), and drag the Exposure Time slider to the right to increase the time. The greatest amount of time that you can set it is determined by your present lighting conditions and how steady the camera is.

Use Wide or Telephoto lens 

Night mode photos on your iPhone
Night mode photos on iPhone

Sadly, Night mode just works with the rear-facing cameras, and just with the Wide and Telephoto lenses. This means you will not have the option to require Night mode photographs with the Ultra Wide lens since it needs optical picture adjustment and focus pixels.

There additionally isn’t a Night mode with the front-facing selfie camera either, so your selfies still need to utilize that screen flash highlight to get proper lighting in dark.

Capture Photos in Sunrise and Sunset

Maybe than always shooting when it’s totally dark, have a go at taking photos when there is a little bit of light in the sky.

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?

At the point when the sun is simply below the horizon, you’ll get the impact of a night shot yet with a hint of color and detail in the sky. Shooting around sunrise and sunset is particularly viable when you have clouds in the sky.

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?

The clouds will add brilliant visual interest and a lot of drama to your photos. You can likewise utilize the light of the sun on the horizon to make stunning outline photographs.

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?

At the point when you’re taking photographs during sunrise or sunset, the light and colors change rapidly.

While the sun is over the horizon, you’ll get the magical warm, orange glow of golden hour. Furthermore, when the sun is below the horizon, the light will be a cooler blue. This sort of light can add an eery environment to your photographs.

The tones in your sunrise and sunset photographs can be additionally improved by editing your photographs. Take a stab at boosting the color saturation or changing the warmth to capitalize on the amazing colors. Editing truly will make a huge difference to your photos!

Capture Photos in The Rain For More Creative Night Photos

Requiring night photographs in the rain probably won’t sound that appealing! However, it can really be a great fun experience. What’s more, you can capture some truly innovative photographs on a rainy night.

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?

In rainy weather, you can capture amazing photographs of water droplets on windows. Furthermore, the street lights will make reflections for added interest.

Here’s one of most loved techniques:

Shoot raindrops through a coffeehouse window or the glass sheets at a transport stop.

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?

Find a scene where there are streetlamps and people walking by, then, at that point hold your iPhone genuinely near the glass.

Tap to set focus on the water drops. The drops will show up sharp and the background will get blurred. Decrease the exposure if essential so the features aren’t over-exposed. Then, at that point wait for the ideal second when somebody walks past with an umbrella.

Rain consistently appears to make a romantic atmosphere. What’s more, it’s a reward in case you’re ready to capture people around night time with umbrellas.

How to get high-quality Night mode photos on your iPhone?

When shooting in the rain, remember don’t forget to look down at the ground too.

When the ground is wet, you’ll see stunning colored reflections from streetlamps and neon signs. These reflections will illuminate the ground, making mind boggling color and detail in your night photos.


Taking pictures around night time can be quite challenging for beginners. Night mode photos on your iPhone is an amazing feature of the iPhone that will assist you with getting the absolute best shots in low-light situations.

Before the iPhone 11 series, while the iPhone didn’t take terrible photographs by and large, it was incredibly hard to get nice pictures in low-light scenarios and pretty much impossible in darkness without flash.

You need to ensure you have sufficient light or that you don’t utilize your flash at the wrong time. Utilizing your telephone’s flash can accomplish more harm than great, and you could end up eventually ruining an image taken at night.

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